Domestic Addon V2.0

This addon adds the function of being able to domesticate the hostile mobs now you can use them to attack other mobs or have them as pets. In this addon, two exclusive creepers are added: the fire creeper and the ender creeper are more powerful creepers

Creators: Team Infinite Minds and Fernancraft



In this addon you can now domesticate the hostile mobs with different items like taming a creeper with powder. the hostile mobs will not attack you but if you attack them they will attack you. The domesticated mobs will attack the undomesticated monsters.


  • Two new exclusive add-on mobs were added: fire creeper and ender creeper
  • Added the function of ordering a domesticated mob to stand still without moving or attacking

Domestic Mobs

Totem – Evocation, Vindicator, Vex.
Rotten meat – Zombie, Shell, Zombie Pigman, Witch
Rope – Spider, Spider Cave.
Ender Pearl – Enderman, Endermite, Ender Creeper
Bone – Skeleton of Wither, Skeleton, Stray.
Gunpowder – Creeper.
Blaze Road – Blaze.
Tear of Ghast – Ghast.
SlimeBall – Slime, Magma Cube.
Stone – Silverfish.
Raw Fish – Guardian, Elder Guardian.
Fireball-Fire Creeper

Mobs indomable

  • Zombie Villager
  • Ahogue
  • Fantasma
  • Shulker

If you want a mob to stay still and not attack other hostile mobs you should give it a block of land and stay still in one place. This also applies if you want the mob to attack or move again.

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  • Two new exclusive add-on mobs were added: fire creeper and ender creeper
  • Added the function of ordering a domesticated mob to stand still without moving or attacking

the link was changed due to errors in the previous


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.9

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  1. Aquaflame8 says:

    The link is taking me to discord,I want the download link pls

  2. DUSTDream says:


  3. DUSTDream says:

    can u make it so we can tame pillagers

  4. ii_g4hst says:

    omfg i love this please add more tameable stuff

  5. Guest-9943558975 says:

    Pls add a new link pls i want that addon so much 🙁

  6. Guest-6870086253 says:

    Pls put a different link.The current one is too sensitive.

  7. Guest-5649323055 says:


  8. XPThug says:

    Can you add villagers and also add code that allows them to pick up items

  9. Steve Craft says:

    Solo ay entrada a discord

  10. Fayte says:

    Can you please make it so they don’t attack unprovoked? I’d like them to follow peacefully XD

  11. DeadlyRose says:

    How can i download it?

  12. Junko says:

    Amazing ! I have the cute mobs add on so they are like family! I could make a city with this thanks so much!

  13. Anonymous says:

    i have a skeleton lord skin so i can take control of the skeleton and wither skeleton

  14. Gabriel says:

    I recommend add a friendly wither (and ender dragon too),bacause,will be coll have a boss on your side.
    (sorry for the poor english,im brazilian)

  15. Jerome says:

    Fix the link

  16. Anonymous says:

    It takes me to discord
    Please fix
    Looks great

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it so you can download this with mediafire

  18. Jeff says:

    Link just takes me to discord

  19. Anonymous says:

    fix the link! Have you seen what people have been saying? It’s sending them to discord.

  20. Mary says:

    Umm… It sends me to discord. Somethings wrong with this i guess..

  21. ken20 says:

    pls fix the link it leads to discord

  22. LimeLemons says:

    Why is the download link sending me to discord?

  23. Blü says:

    Erm.. can someone help me please??? I click the download link but it takes me to this “” place.. and there’s no skip ad button.. or anything. I’m really confused.. but this looks good! I would just like to download it…


  24. Anonymous says:

    Im hving trouble with downloading through the given website… I really wanna try this addon.. Please help

  25. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download this! The link was apparently having an error

  26. Stavinair says:

    I don’t appreciate having to fight dozens of redirects and back page hijacks in order to get to where I want. Disgusting.

  27. Soggy says:

    please for the love of god make a dupe pack with all elemental creepers and no pets….either that or ill take this and mod to replicate it for my personal use… i have been waiting on a pack i can edit with more creepers..

  28. loltroll29000 says:

    its the best mcpe mod ever but plz make it possible to tame pillagers

  29. Angelo says:

    You can actually tame the drowned. But you can’t leash it.

  30. Kelsea bays says:

    I want it pls and please please sub to me

  31. Herobrine says:

    Whats happening with this??It wont let me download the addon

  32. dangxuanthong says:

    The link is having an error

  33. Ismael says:

    This addon makes it so monsters are no longer naturally hostile towards you

  34. Darknight says:

    Please fix the addon so that they only attack mobs if you hurt the or you get hurt because every time i spawn a mob the tame mob will attack it so the will end up fighting so its hard to tame another one

  35. Cany0udance says:

    This mod makes it so monsters are no longer naturally hostile towards you.

  36. Wweew says:

    Can you make enderdragon tameable?

    • Blü says:

      Yes, PLEASE!!! That would be AMAZING! I keep looking for addons where I can tame the ender dragon but the only one I’ve found as of now is glitched ?
      So please make it tameable <3

  37. Jacob says:

    I can’t get past “captcha I am not a robot”. The box checks but it doesn’t change the website to the actual downloading

  38. Jaren Darkwolf says:

    So it is updated. What about it is updated? Where’s the changelog?

  39. Realms says:

    AYE FAM IMA BE ANGRYYYY, if u dont make the shulker tamble and phantoms.BRUUUUUH

  40. Thiago says:

    Well, you could add a way to let the tamed monsters stand still so they do not attack thehostile when I go to domesticate them.

  41. Brayden108 says:

    It would be nice to have a sit/stand button, but other than that it is the only mod I can find that make creepers adorable for the first time.

  42. Neos says:

    This is a good add-on, just needs a sit and stand function so the tamed monsters dont attack the wild ones, it gets really annoying because when I try to tame other wild mobs, the tamed mob will attack it and kill it.

  43. Stavinair says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any bugs, however for your next revision I suggest implementing a sit command like wolves have. Otherwise it seems to work as advertised.

  44. Jesse says:

    Um it doesn’t download just takes you to a description page

  45. Calimary says:

    No thanks, I don’t want to have a bunch of vanilla mob files edited and put into a Behavior folder. Thank you Bedrock 1.8 for added entities!

  46. jailman says:

    They still attack me… 0/10

  47. looloololpop says:

    I’m sure i’m not the only person to notice that in the list of what items you tame things with, the item to tame the slime and magma cube say’s sline instead of slime

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