Domestic Mobs Add-on (1.14)

This add-on allows you to domesticate mobs and it allows them to yield more drops and gives them more variants. There are male and female mobs, so keep a loo out on their distinct features. The male mobs can retaliate except for the rooster, the bull and the hog WILL knock you off! The domesticated mobs also drop manure.. as they do in real life because this will give them a solid purpose for domesticating, don’t step on them!

👉Crafting recipes!👈 


Vanilla mobs

Pigs, chickens, and cows are now unmodified. They’re not buffaloes, dodos, or boars anymore because no one asked for that.


Domestic mobs will drop manure from time to time (except for the domestic chickens) so watch out for that.

Domestic mobs drop more loot than their non-domesticated counterparts.

To domesticate the mobs mentioned above, use the following items:

  • Chicken – Golden carrot
  • Pig – Golden apple
  • Cow – Golden carrot

The domestication process will take 5 seconds and the mob will start to shake as soon as you feed them the items mentioned above.

Domestic cows

Breed them using wheat.

To speed up the growth process, feed the babies wheat.

There are 127 variants.

You can milk the female cow.

A bull has no horns when it’s a baby, but they will grow up eventually.

The bull’s behavior is ‘neutral’, meaning they will relentlessly chase and attack you if you hit them.

You can get knocked back when you get attacked by the bull.

Babies and female cows are peaceful.

Special feature: Bulls knock you back

Domestic chicken

Breed them using seeds.

To speed up the growth process, feed the chicks bread.

There are 5 variants.

The hen can lay eggs.

When domestic chickens are bred, the hen will spawn the egg entity.

The egg entity will either hatch or despawn between 3 to 5 minutes.

When the egg entity hatches, it spawns a chick.

The domestic chickens are all peaceful, they won’t attack you.

Special feature: When bred, the hen lays an actual egg and it spawns a chick after it hatches.

Domestic pig

Breed them using carrots.

To speed up the growth process, feed the babies potatoes.

There are 19 variants.

Hogs have tusks on the side of their snouts.

A hog’s behavior is ‘neutral’, meaning they will retaliate if you hit them.

When the domestic pigs are on top of the block ‘Podzol’, they will become muddy pigs, a small reference to Minecraft: Earth.

To clean the pigs from the mud, splash them on water. Meaning they should land on top of the water first to be able to remove the mud.

Special feature: Muddy pigs!!

How to breed domestic mobs


Dropped by domestic pigs and cows.

When stepped on by the player, the manure will pop and will give the entities in a small area nausea, slowness, and poison.

When left out for about 3 to 5 minutes they will POP with the effects in a small area of effect.

When killed by the player, it will pop.

You can collect manure using shovels by interacting with it.

Once you collect the droppings, you can either craft them into a block or convert them into bonemeal.

Blocks of manure

These are made up of 9 items of said material and can be converted back to the singular item.

Creator’s notes:I literally had to make pixel art of pig and cow waste with their block versions! I had 2 images for reference as well. I was gagging and almost vomited half-way from doing the pig waste because I have relatives who take care of pigs (they still do to this day) and I know what they smell so long story short, I can smell my screen knowing what I’m making.

You can also place them!

To place them, use the “Item ground ( Domestic mobs )” and interact with any item from the add-on to display them.

Changelog View more


Converted blocks to 1.16 format

You can now use netherite shovels to pick up manure


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
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  1. Dark Angel says:

    Could you add horses on here? I know there’s already horses in minecraft but I mean like different breeds/speeds/colors and maybe add something for genetics? Maybe just add more joints and more realistic jumping and running animations?

  2. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I use this in my modpack?

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    Can I use this in my modpack? Also, can I use your helpful blocks addon and cargocraft? I will Credit you in the description.

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    May you please make a texture pack for just the crafting table?,also great addon five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    I couldn’t download the pack due to the link/website that was assigned, but the pack looks really nice and people seem pretty happy in the reviews they gave!

  6. Guest-2633291164 says:

    hey can u please update this to 1.16 please

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    please add sheep, I hate having to see just the regular sheep looking at me with their stupid and derpy eyes

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    Please Add some things for horses! Maybe more detailed horses and trailers that they can pull. Also more textures! ^_^

  9. Guest-8575401087 says:

    What a good Addon it really deserves a 5 star. Btw can you update it to 1.16+?
    I would really appreciate it

  10. Guest-9032436784 says:

    Hey can you add a 10% chance of when domestication you can get a dodo

    • Guest-9886591567 says:

      Can anyone help me out? The cows, chickens and pigs won’t eat the golden apple and carrot. I already activated the resource pack of this

  11. Guest-2290974041 says:

    You are the best add-on creator I kne that since I first downloaded “place me” btw I’m not logged in rn but I am your 400th subscriber (sorry I didn’t subscribe earlier) and congrats on the iron creator metal

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  14. And Roosters are incluided in this addon?

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    Would you do a Realms’ edition?

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    Very good mod, kinda want the bull model to be better but its great

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    Great addon!

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    Thank you so much for updating this addon! Maybe in the future you can modify and improve the domesticate mob models? Anyways great addon and thanks for being a trooper and making the manure blocks.

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    Cool 💙💙

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    Pretty cool if didn’t work but I would be been really fun if it worked it’s nice looking at the pictures

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    I dont like how you use adfly in your addons, But i think i will like it and still download it!

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    Make domestic sheep. Sheep will turn into a domestic sheep, horned sheep or goat.

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