Don’s Mini Blocks for Bedrock Edition!

DVT- Dons Mini Blocks includes miniature versions of one hundred  and twelve minecraft blocks. You can purchase them at random from the wandering trader for 5-65 emeralds depending on rarity and version. 

Dons Mini Blocks includes miniature versions of one hundred and twelve minecraft blocks. You can purchases them at random from the wandering trader for 5-65 emeralds depending on rarity and version.

This addon makes a fantastic addition for builders, decorators, mini game makers and more! Add it to your realm for some interesting shop displays or maybe make a collectible trading game, the options are endless! 

+Future Plans*

– Adding the remaining colors of wool, concrete, terracotta, Glazed terracotta & Coral.

– Adding a block crusher work station so mini blocks can be crafting in game. 

– Changing some textures.

-Adding light sources to mini light blocks.

– Adding collection tracker GUI.

If you plan to review this addon please credit me and link my website or youtube channel @donthecanadian in your discription!

If you come across any bugs contact me on discord!

Showcase & Installation Tutorial  

Changelog View more

Added- 1.16 Blocks

Added-  Missing Blocks

Fixed- wandering trader *mysterious spawn egg*

Fixed- Textures

Fixed- Prismarn

Removed- Crouch to interact 

Removed- Despawn at y level 1 & 255

-Updated addon description on MCPEDL

-Created Showcase & Installation Tutorial guide video and linked it to page.

-Updated Discord Link,



Supported Minecraft versions


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50 Responses

4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Domz mi Monz says:

    Also, can I use this on a map I am making? I will make sure to give you credit.

  2. Domz mi Monz says:

    Hi, can you NOT remove the other wandering trader trades? But still, it’s very good

  3. Skiwie Piwie says:

    Can you make a addon with more mob heads and you can get the mob heads from the mobs

  4. Guest-4266674106 says:

    Will it work on console? Whenever i try to place it it spawns but i cant see it.

  5. Guest-8980800245 says:

    Awsome addon. I think you forgot sea lanterns. Also, for some reason the dark prismarine doesnt even show up in creative inventory.

  6. Guest-9229411739 says:

    When are you going to finish DVT Red Core?

  7. Guest-3295826660 says:

    does it work in 1.16 when it comes out ?

  8. Guest-4948077840 says:

    Hi 🙂 can u help me? I cant download foxy’s mob head addon 🙁 and all of his addon

  9. Guest-2196199980 says:

    Awsome addon, love it. I’ve been looking for something like this forever. Ive also found a mob head addon too. It’s made for truly bedrock. Go to foxynotails website

  10. Guest-3196964781 says:

    Download link for Mobile (IOS) please!!

  11. Guest-7687042934 says:

    If you are having trouble downloading try clicking on the link then tapping on the three lines in the top left corner and click addons then you just have to find the add-on you want to download

    The add-on is great btw if I could rate it would be 5 stars

  12. Guest-6349442883 says:

    How do you break them?? I can only get rid of them with commands so far

  13. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:

    Obvious Suggestion:
    – MOB HEADS!!

  14. MrDiamond says:


  15. Guest-6634657046 says:

    can you make chizel’n bits

  16. Guest-1571094476 says:

    Can you add a download button?

  17. Guest-6530720466 says:

    Can you make a download link to MediaFire? Or adfly? Please?

  18. Guest-7288930353 says:

    Do u think you could do something with the stonecutter?

  19. Guest-6105861676 says:


  20. Guest-6506294318 says:

    how do you DL it it just sends to STUPID discord

  21. donthedev says:

    To use simply place like any normal block, To pick it back up again crouch and click! *forgot to mention that opps*

  22. Guest-8480339451 says:

    Hey, I was wondering how to spawn them? I use the spawn eggs but when I try to spawn them in, they just flash and disappear!

  23. MorbidNoob says:

    Please add so you can put them on your head.

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