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Published on September 20, 2016 (Updated on September 20, 2016)

Door Dash [Minigame]

Door Dash is a short but challenging minigame where you have to run through an obstacle course and try to get past as many doors you can. You can always retry by returning to the lobby and press the reset button. It's a great map to train your running skills in Minecraft but it can also be used for competing against friends, even though it isn't specifically designed for that.

Creator: TeamRamen, Twitter Account

How to play?

It's quite straightforward. Once you've spawned simply start running through the obstacle course. As soon as you run over the pressure plate the game will be started and you will only have so much time to reach the finish line.

Even though I admittedly didn't succeed in completing the map it should be possible to complete it if you are really good at running in Minecraft.


  • Make sure difficulty is set to peaceful
  • Time starts as soon you stand on the pressure plate

Installation Guides

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The most innovative map I've played in years!
Is it that Hard?