Doors Mod

The Doors Mod adds five new doors to the game. All doors function the same as the default doors in Minecraft the difference is only how they look. The five different doors come in varied styles. Two of them can be seen through and the other three are more heavy looking doors, suitable for castles and alike.

Creator: TaQuItO, Twitter Account

Door IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Spruce Door (427) – 6 spruce wood planks
  • Birch Door (428) – 6 birch wood planks
  • Jungle Door (429) – 6 jungle wood planks
  • Acacia Door (430) – 6 acacia wood planks
  • Dark Oak Door (431) – 6 dark oak wood planks

doorsmod doorsmod2


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49 Responses

3.55 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. FDGod says:

    If this mod didn’t existed, there will be no this 5 kind of door in this game. Mojang got inspired by this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Boring, the doors are the exact same

  3. ShutUpDarkGlade says:

    this aged well welp

  4. dantdm says:

    god is real!

  5. TheMysterisSteve says:

    Why do you need this? Doors have been in mcpe for ages – 0 stars.

  6. OPOLO says:

    Already there’s doors! But the best thing if Iam on The oldest version then I can download this cuz I was very bored on the oldest version

  7. Bongbong says:

    Bruhhhh Its Now Here You Dont Need That Anymore

  8. Phoebe says:

    Uhm… I Already Have Doors Lol

  9. Anglena says:

    If I download a mod is it free or no?

  10. Kimberly says:

    You can get those doors already so the mod isn’t useless now

  11. Mareph says:

    I can download everything like gun mod

  12. Sandra marr says:

    I can never download ANY of them. It NEVER works.

  13. Richard says:

    I love this mod sooooooooooo much thank you so so much for the mod.

    • Yeetus deletus this mod says:

      You do realize that 10 days before you posted this, they had already been added to the game?

  14. jeffy says:

    does this mod work on 0.12.1 ?

  15. FollowKevn says:

    How long does it take

    for it to download? :-: plus

  16. Tatyana says:

    Cool lol omg

  17. EJGamer4 says:

    Hey thisis totally cool!

  18. Johnny says:

    how to install mods

  19. Tommy says:

    please tell me how to install mods on minecraft pe

  20. Guillermo says:

    I am new to this I have iOS but I don’t know how to download mods in minecraft

  21. Lisa says:

    i didn’t get the mod??????btw I’m new here.

  22. Arihant says:

    how do I install the mods bc the link doesn’t open and I don’t know how to install it…..

  23. Kevin says:

    Hello my name is Kevin and I don’t know how to install the mods to my Minecraft PE

  24. Renz Lobiano says:

    Please Help Me ! How can i use the Mod ??

  25. Amizingcraft says:

    I can’t download???

  26. aiken says:

    Wow Thank Dude Your Mod Is Very Cool

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