DqrkBlue [32x] (NEW DISCORD)

This is DqrkBlue…

A hobby I couldn’t get out of at the start of my project and now we are here!

This texture pack is nothing special it’s just a symbol of beauty and care.

I was inspired by two packs (Bedrock Broke 16-32x and Java Bliss ?x).

From there i learned a lot about designing and wanted to continue my passion of being a texture pack maker and make people happy with a solidly built texture pack.

– Swords and Tools

– Armor

– Armor Models

– Food and utilities

– Wanna get faster updates? Suggestions? and Discuss? Join our Discord Here

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Finally I Added a discord for the mcpedl page horray!


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  1. KOCreeper243 says:

    What is that addon.mcpack for??

  2. Gargantunuts says:

    Seems like a very cool skin pack but it sucks that you had to link such a sketchy site where you have to download and run something in order to get it, please use adfly if you want money or take us straight to mediafire because I don’t want a virus on my device. Also because of that website, you cannot get it on Xbox so thanks very much. Very disappointing

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