Dragon Block Frieza Addon

Frieza is one of the mysterious races in the Dragon Ball manga series. Most members of the race are incredibly strong and they are also believed to possess an abnormal level of cruelty. And that’s probably why they are sometimes referred to as the Frost Demons. This addon brings some of those characters to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Creator: Jgmods
Models/Textures by: JinRyuu (original PC mod)

How does it work?

Five of the mobs in-game have been replaced by ones which originate from the Frieza race in the Dragon Ball manga series. All of them are very strong and can be found roaming around the world both day and night. I’ll admit already that I don’t know much about the Dragon Ball manga series so please excuse (and correct) any errors I make!

  • Frieza 1st Form
    • Replaces stray
    • Health: 75 hearts
    • Immune to fire
    • Shoots modified snowballs
  • Frieza 2nd Form
    • Replaces husk
    • Health: 90 hearts
    • Immune to fire
    • Melee attack damage: 4
  • Frieza 3rd Form
    • Replaces skeletons
    • Health: 90 hearts
    • Shoots small fireballs
    • Immune to fire
  • Gold Frieza
    • Replaces zombie pigman
    • Health: 90 hearts
    • Immune to fire
    • Melee attack damage: 4
  • Final Form Frieza
    • Replaces wither skeletons
    • Health: 110 hearts
    • Melee attack: 4
    • Shoots modified snowballs
    • Immune to fire


  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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19 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    why do they look nothing like the ones on screen?

  2. Milan van buren says:

    good mod i love it

  3. KhGamer says:

    Golden frieza must be the strongest

  4. Ali says:

    What I meant to say after you was made

  5. Rambo Edwards says:

    This is the best mod ever

  6. Rambo Edwards says:

    This mod is awesome I love it

  7. Crystalflame says:

    This addon is amazing but it makes the zombie glitch and the Creeper looks like bb-8 but with the creeper texture, please help

  8. anime retard says:

    Frieza Gold is stronger than his final form in the anime.

  9. DankDanielo says:

    Yo as a huge dbz fan this looks like a plastic surgery gone wrong i under stand that you probably dont watch the show so ill give you the names

    Frieza first form : small one
    Frieza 2nd form : tall one with 1 pair of horns
    Frieza 3 rd form : tall one with 2 pairs of horns
    Final form frieza is the non glold one that looks like the gold one
    Gold frieza is the golden one
    Hope this helps

  10. DarkMatter says:

    Make all the dragon ball characters and I will download

  11. Jack Atrax says:

    What about frost?

  12. ExxicuteGamingYT says:

    I like it

  13. Rick says:

    Put on armor and powers

  14. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    I have Cooler’s card!

  15. FixDis says:

    Hello editor! I know this is really really off topic but i am sorry. The Faithful PE texture pack (32×32) resolution is laggy and crashed my game from time to time. I have a low-end device (iPad 2) and i am using MCPE 1.0.4. I deleted all of my texture packs, mods and stuffs and it is still laggy. Pls help and respond immeaditly.

  16. Omar Gomaa says:

    Its not working
    Its giving me unknown pack name, unknown pack description, unknown pack ID, unknown pack version and unable to find manifest in pack so please fix it and do more dragon ball stuff.
    Like saiyan battle armor or goku’s gi, or even a helmet that looks like super saiyan or super saiyan blue

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