Dragon Block Saiyan Saga Add-On

I know you’ve been waiting for a Dragon Ball add-on to come to mcpedl, and so have I! This is no skin pack, this is an add-on! Grab your friends and come along in this wonderful Adventure! Who knows what you will find… Only time will tell!

Dragon Block Bedrock Edition 

Brief explanation about this Addon update:

Almost a month ago, I released the Addon “Dragon Block Saiyan Saga” which had featured the Saiyans and a Saibaman. Due to high demand, I decided to revamp the addon. Reasons being, for one, I had gotten complaints that for whatever reason players weren’t able to find the addon features. So I made a new addon for Dragon Block which replaces the older version, starting with Dragon Ball the Original Story. Every single update I will be covering saga per saga, so the next update will be a rework of the Saiyan Saga Addon. I hope this clears some confusion, anyways let’s get on with the addon! 


I added 20 New Mobs that can all spawn Naturally in the world, some more often than others, and all of them are unique to each other! Mob types include Masters, Allies and Enemies, Bosses, and Animals 
Here is a list of all the mobs I added in order from Weakest to Strongest 
  1. Bulma
  2. Bandit Pirate
  3. Bandit Ninja
  4. Giant Fish
  5. Emperor Pilaf
  6. Bandit Yamcha
  7. Masked Man
  8. Grandpa Gohan
  9. Master Korin
  10. Master Roshi
  11. Great Ape Goku
  12. Roshi (Full Power)
  13. Tao Pai Pai
  14. Tien
  15. Tien (Clone)
  16. Tien (Master)
  17. King Piccolo
  18. Mr Popo
  19. Kami
  20. Piccolo Jr 
All of these mobs also have Unique Drops. Masters will not drop items but instead will reward you for completing their tasks. Mobs like Bulma and Korin, who don’t have Character Specified Emblems, are not masters but they still reward you for tasks. 

Items and Materials: 

I have collected over 85 Custom Items which can all be aquired in Survival mode and Creative. Some are common, such as Cutlass, and some are rare, like Roshi’s Kamehameha. These items include, but are not limited to, Master Emblems, Technology, Dragon Balls, Ki Attacks, Techniques, Armor, Power Ups, Food, and so much more! 
The following is a list of some of the items available in the Add-on 
  1. Senzu Bean
  2. Kamehameha Level 1-3
  3. Emblems
  4. Dragon Balls 1-7 Stars
  5. Technology Chips
  6. Wish and Wish Amplifiers
  7. Onigiri
  8. Chicken Leg
  9. Bunny Treats
  10. Cooked Giant Fish
  11. Sacred Water
  12. Giant Diamonds
  13. Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl
  14. Magazines
  15. Ki Fist
  16. Ki Blast
  17. Power Pole
  18. And so much more!! 
As the list says, there is also Ki. Finding Spirit and Energy will allow you to craft Ki, and with Ki you will be able to do more damage to powerful enemies like Piccolo Jr. You can find Recipes to help build up your Ki in the “How to Play” section attached to this addon. 

Dragon Balls: 

At the moment there are 2 methods for obtaining Dragon Balls. Trading and Defeating Enemies (Some enemies spawn less often than others, such as King Piccolo). Dragon Balls are used to create wishes, combine them together in a Crafting Table to create a Wish (Custom Item). The Wish combined with Wish Amplifiers will make the wish that you most desire. 
The following is a list of all the Wishes you can get in this add-on 
“I wish to get the Power Pole!”
“I wish to learn Master Roshi’s Kamehameha!”
“I wish to have a supply of food!”
“I wish to have a bundle of Ki!”
“I wish to have a Pure heart!”
“I wish to regain the evil in my heart!”
“I wish to have Eternal Youth!” 
All of these wishes differ in strength. You will need more Amplifiers depending on how powerful the Wish should be, for example you’ll need 8 Amplifiers to have Eternal Youth, and 2 Amplifiers to have the Power Pole. In addition, I also added a secret bonus wish! 

The New Informational Dragon Block Bedrock Edition “How to” section: 

To make things easier for everyone, I created a custom “How to” section, which can be viewed at anytime while playing Minecraft, that way it’ll be easier to find Recipes and Information for over 100 custom items and entities! Here’s how you can find it.
After you download and install the Resource and Behavior packs, go to Global Resources in your Minecraft Settings 
Activate the Dragon Block resource pack and exit the settings to allow the Resource Pack to load 
When you go back to Settings, you will find the new How to Play button! Click it to find all the Recipes and Information you will ever need!

Join my Discord Server to get access to Betas, secret content, memes, suggestions, help, and more! You are more than welcome to join, and you will get to check in on the progress of the addon daily!

Dragon Block Bedrock Edition Discord

Changelog View more

I revamped the addon, so here's what's been added

  1. Fixed bugs
  2. Added 20 New Mobs
  3. Added Over 85 New Items
  4. More ways to get Ki
  5. Ki Attacks were nerfed
  6. Enemies were buffed
  7. Mobs spawn naturally
  8. Players can learn new techniques from Masters
  9. Trades with mobs is added
  10. New custom UI has been implemented
  1. Added Future Update Notes
  2. Added Discord Link
  3. Fixed bug with download links (MediaFire downloads ran out of memory, new links are provided)
  1. Added Raditz
  2. Added Saibaman
  3. Added Nappa
  4. Added Vegeta
  5. Fixed Great Ape Vegeta
  6. Added Materials
  7. Added Armor
  8. Added Ki Attacks
  9. Updated Ki Blast
  10. Updated Description

1. Updated Mod Thumbnail

2. Provided video gameplay of the mod

3. Added more descriptions and information about the mod and Dragon Ball lore


1. Click your required links

2. For mcaddon, Open the file using your File Manager, and open using Minecraft

3. For .zip, extract the zip file and move the folders into Minecraft's behavior/ resource folders

4. When import is successful, Turn on Experimental Gameplay options and activate the packs. 

5. Press Play!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. foxy235y says:

    wow no pc sadddddd

  2. Magnetic duoYt says:

    How to use the attacks? When I long press them they do nothing.

  3. Reeper231320 says:

    Please add spirit bomb and different forms, and please make the textures of the items and powers better, other than that, its a good addon

  4. Lwop says:

    This mod doesn’t work on Xbox does it ? Because I tried this one and the vampire one and it doesn’t work I was looking forward to playing this too

  5. xxTinyTrooperxx says:

    does it have 3d forms?

  6. PoorSpyder says:

    Does it work on version 1.16.100+?

  7. SverdHerre says:

    Does this addon work for Windows 10? Cause that may be the problem.

  8. Newbie22 says:

    Planning on adding any structures?

  9. LambDPro says:

    If anyone is wondering, yes I’ll be updating the addon. I’ve been hearing issues about it, so I will completely revamp this addon and start from scratch

  10. AmirMarthos says:

    Make sure to join the Discord Server if you have questions or issues about the mod! The creator also leaves updates in the Discord server, so go ahead and join us for some cool discussions!

  11. Acethrone says:

    Cool but the behavior pack keeps failing to import

    • AmirMarthos says:

      I am the tester of the add-on, It does work. Delete any previous versions of the mod, if not then open the mod using a File Extractor or use the zip version

  12. SverdHerre says:

    Looks cool, but I can’t get any of the items.

  13. fastmen22 says:

    can you reupload the resource pack

  14. This_Guy says:

    Pls i can download the behavior pack but not the resource pack it says that there’s a problem with the upload.I don’t know why.Can you reupload it or like I don’t know but please fix it

  15. Reeper231320 says:

    Pls add Kamehameha and maybe spirit bomb…btw nice addon

  16. LambDPro says:

    Thank you so much for accepting this addon, mcpedl!

  17. NitroFX says:

    can you add super sayian form if you didn’t already because this addon is already super cool but I feel like it’ll be cooler with the forms

  18. Flufles says:

    Nice could you add the angels as support and and senzu beans which heal you 99 percent great mod keep updates coming hope you see this 👍

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