Trophies Stand (1.8+)

Showcase your achievements in Minecraft using stands. The stand is an entity which supports a wide range of different trophies. It’s a great way to make use some of the decorations in Minecraft which previously didn’t have much use.

Creator: In NovaTwitter Account

How to use the stand?

  1. Enable experimental mode (in the world settings).
  2. Spawn the stand. (You can buy them from Villagers or by getting them as a spawn egg in creative mode.)
  3. Right-click with the item to put on it.
  4. Right-click with any other item or your hand to turn it off.


  •  dragon egg
  •  nether star
  •  diamond
  •  totem of undiying
  •  grass block
  •  eye of ender
  •  creeper head
  •  zombie head
  •  skeleton head
  •  wither head
  •  diamond sword
  •  diamond pickaxe
  •  golden apple
  •  trident
  •  mojang logo

Creator’s Note

More items will be added, which item would you like to render as a trophy? Tell the creator in the comments below or on Twitter.


  • Added more trophies
  • And some other features


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world in-game.
  3. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings.
  4. Create the world.

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58 Responses

4.67 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Guest-2549561156 says:

    What kind of villager sells it?

  2. Guest-5822614444 says:

    Says can’t download there is a error

  3. Abdul Raafi' says:

    How to get the mojang logo?

  4. Mike says:

    Add the crossbow

  5. Me says:

    How do you get the pack I WANT THE PACK!!!!!

  6. bob says:

    i looked at every spawn egg and i havent found it…

  7. BCProductions42 says:

    end crystal, and I mean the entity one, not the item

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you add command blocks

  9. DarCkraFT says:

    Holaaa amm la verdad me gusta la idea pero por k no mejor poder craftearlo para k así aya más facilidad de tenerlo en survival

  10. RV says:

    Armors , Swords Or All Weapon / Tools

  11. pupet says:

    I want lucky block

  12. Killer cat says:

    Вы чё там совсем дебилы я уже 10 мин ищу где кнопка скачать

  13. Ahsan says:

    (add them to the trophy pls)

  14. Anonymous says:

    What does it replace?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Я бы хотел самих мобов виде трафея.

  16. Cassia Taylor says:

    Wait nvm, there’s already a diamond

  17. Cassia Taylor says:

    Maybe you could put a diamond and emerald on the stand complete with a 3D model? That would be awesome 😁

  18. Karlo Ledesmanino says:

    Ummm I think you should add a command block and a eye of Ender and can Mcpedl plz make figure cases mod plz

  19. Benjamin says:

    Try to do anything and everything to be able to put on the stand…. And when you right click with a mob egg that mob will be on the stand!

  20. Lel says:

    Add a shulker box trophy

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sponge would be cool

  22. Nicolo' says:

    hey, how can i find the egg to spawn theese stand?

  23. Brink Beaulieu says:

    Ender Dragon Head

  24. Anonymous says:

    Make a ghast tear trophie!

  25. PizzaBurgerMan8 says:

    Make a Creator head Display

  26. dekaazergames says:

    can u make a cheese trophy for the cheese lovers 😀 -add sponge to rare block but CHEEEEESSSEEE-

  27. Jburrow01 says:

    The link takes me to nowhere near a link….just a site trying to hack my device…

  28. Nobody says:

    Please make it so all items can be used. Yes ik this will probably take a very long time if their different spawn eggs. It probably wont take too long if you just click/tap it. The reason i want this is for… well for buildings. Ok bye!!

  29. jobetyk says:

    A turtle would be great

  30. Bruce Jacobs says:

    I would like a player head stand

  31. Rob says:

    Add crafting of stand

  32. Jaarel says:

    You should add a diamond dword in a stone

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dead bush 100%

  34. Anonymous says:

    Dead bush 100%

  35. Redstoneminer68 says:

    Do Mob Skulls.

  36. gamingstats says:

    Nether star would be cool

  37. Plasmapug says:

    Add diamonds and golden apples

  38. GiftedPlays24 says:


  39. Write name here says:

    Nether star! ,make it 3D

  40. Rasel says:

    Please make a dragon mount addon.i really need it to defeat the ender dragon

  41. Cheesey125 says:

    Sounds cool! first comment!

  42. Sans says:

    Idd elytra please

  43. Jely710 says:

    Nether star should be displayable

  44. GMB says:

    Добавь новые трофеи и новых мобов(боссов)а то так скучно просто я
    с подставкой

  45. dekaazergames says:

    Melon and lapis block 😀

  46. Space Boat Joe says:

    Please make a little Iron Golem trophy. You get it by right clicking with a stack of iron blocks

  47. Anonymous says:

    i want to see a nether star and a command block

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