Dragon Mounts 2

Dragon Mounts 2 aims to make once useless dragon eggs useful, and making the once amazing Dragon Mounts Addon even better. Dragon Mounts 2 adds 22 new dragons, 14 new swords, 3 custom items, 4 biomes, and cannons! This addon took a very long time to make, so I would appreciate it if no one uses any code or textures, or models from this addon. Please do not repost this addon in any other websites. Hope you enjoy Dragon Mounts 2!

A very big thank you to Dex and Dad for the fly function. And thanks to Machine Builder for making the amazing custom structure generator. Note, to breed dragons, use salmon. Not any other fish! Only salmon! Please enjoy this addon. I worked very hard on it. Thank you for playing Dm2!

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changed link to adfly. Please use the adfly link, it supports and helps me


Enable Experimental Gameplay!! 


Supported Minecraft versions


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414 Responses

4.35 / 5 (153 votes)
  1. Origin says:

    I feel like this is the best Dragon mod I have ever used and I would like to see it get finished someday soon. As of right now I can give you a list of issues to help you identify and resolve them in your future update.
    1: Dragons born from dragon eggs do not seem to be tameable. Thy just grow up into untameable dragons. Though I have only tried hatching the eggs using diamonds and not using the time feature.
    2: The abyss dragon seems to kill himself with his own breath.
    3: The breath causes too much lag in even the pc version of the game and is very buggy. I suggest dialing it back a bit, like maybe a single blast instead of beams.
    4: When a mob gets to the middle of the dragon, it just stands there and lets the mob hit it.
    5: When a dragon takes damage and you feed it to heal it, it will never stop eating fish, making it impossible to breed that dragon anymore.
    So I hope this short list helps and I would also like to suggest setting the dragon king as something we can summon in c mode so we can test him out. Also I suggest giving us seeds somehow for the biomes so we can test them out as well because I have yet to find any. Other than these issues, it’s a really well made mod and I hope you can follow through with completing it because it has a lot of potential. Also I hope you’ll work on the swords more and give the crystals a purpose.

  2. I recommend using linkvertise instead of adfly

  3. Sakura808 says:

    I have a problem with the tameable sunlight dragon. When i try to spawn the male version, it doesn t appear and instead of it appeares a fog. Pls repair it. I only have this problem with the sunlight dragon

  4. I cant put chest on the dragon

  5. Guest-6444912840 says:

    please give me the new biome seed

  6. Guest-5011531018 says:

    I love the ad on but after a while a dragon can’t fly so I was hoping can you fix that also since it’s 1.16 can you add nethrite dragon armor that would be cool it also fix The biomes they don’t work

  7. Guest-7928629554 says:

    Fire breathing doesn’t work on Xbox please fix

  8. Guest-5061826657 says:


    • Guest-3914438707 says:

      Sorry no offense but this addon sucks but can you update it the names of the items and eggs and entities are random and entities are invisible

    • Guest-3226319530 says:

      Plz update to 1.16 plzzzz I love the mod!!! I HOPE U UPDATE IT SOON!!!! :/

      PLZ AND MAKE IT SO THERE IS A NEW villager in villages that trades eggs for emeralds Plz Plz

      I dont care if u dont add the villager but Plz Plz Plz Update

    • Guest-8320238726 says:

      I really love this addon but the missing feature is can you add something while your riding a dragon just like do rightclick while riding the dragon and then if you right click now the dragon will block fire from there mouth or lightning or ice and more breath from those elemental dragon thats important feature and I dont know how long is the egg will hatch and somethings wrong tameable dragons wont fly if there attacked by other flying creatures they just walk and they are not using there breaths

  9. Guest-3460662996 says:

    what do you use the skeleton or zombie gems for

  10. Guest-5351296517 says:


  11. Guest-9274791828 says:

    When will this be updated so booms and all the dragons spawn???

    • Guest-7321193249 says:

      he wont update cus this addon already sucks and idk why maybe the dragon head facing up like the creator head lol LegitDragonBoy you know what your just making addon for fun and leave with no update except for your dumb update only for helping and support you lol cya loser

    • Yeeter hshehshs says:

      I played this mod acouple months ago and the dragons naturally spawned in but now when I create a new world they don’t naturally spawn and I do have experimental gameplay on

  12. AdventureKing123 says:

    When you updated it you broke the fly function!!!!! Please fix!!!!!!

  13. Guest-8563485625 says:

    The non tamable dragons r invisible, and they keep killing me and my group. It’s rlly annoying, especially when we get killed by a nether dragon in the nether. FIX THIS

  14. Guest-9027185932 says:

    Guys i can’t download on minecraft pe. its says “unkown zip”.

  15. Guest-1785585107 says:

    I love this addon but how do you make the dragons breath fire?

  16. Guest-7741525724 says:

    come on boy update it you suck at updating addon and your good at stealing addon

  17. Guest-1061876755 says:

    bro can your remove none tameable dragon they are annoying flying around and shooting plus please low their heart its blocking my screen and maybe low dragon tameable spawn rates and to get the you need their egg which you will make structures nest 🙂

  18. Guest-7534318468 says:

    Are there dragon amulets? If not please add it! These amulets will carry the dragons easier.

  19. Guest-3747901493 says:

    Nothing! I don’t see any dragons anywhere! Please fix this for the updated version of 1.16 of minecraft!

  20. Guest-1877572835 says:

    hey, is it just me, or does the male version of the sun dragon not spawn? please fix this if so

  21. Guest-3217174950 says:

    Hey I just want to say dragons spawn way too much. Also, you should make them kind off rare to find and make nests where the rare dragons are with an egg in the middle that would make this add-on perfect . By the way i still don’t know how to get the babies off your shoulder.

  22. Guest-6812289070 says:

    Please update 1.16 and make wings of Fire add on. I love your add on

  23. Guest-7253658529 says:

    Hey, can someone help? I’m not sure exactly where to find the paradise biome. Do you fly up to get to it? Or does it just spawn in vanilla mass? Thanks

  24. Guest-9363265729 says:

    This was the best addon ever! Plz make a 1.16 update that includes new nether dragon variants. Also, please make a Wyrmroost addon because it has the same creators as DM2.

  25. Guest-2313413633 says:

    Please update this for version 1.16. It does not work, but when minecraft was in 1.14, it was the greatest addon ever!

    • Guest-1460184140 says:

      oh.. it still works for me in 1.16. the biome’s don’t work and the male sunlight dragon is invisible, though, which is a problem…

  26. Guest-5682460692 says:

    How do you download and get this stuff to work on Windows 10? I really want to play it, and it looks super cool, but it sin’t working for me… thanks! 😀

  27. Guest-9097620339 says:

    I haven’t tried the mod yet but i have seen people use it

  28. Guest-1445686624 says:

    can you please update it some things are a bit broken

  29. Guest-2527840129 says:

    What does everybody mean by baby dragons going on your shoulder, are the baby dragons the ones that hatch from a egg?And what does everybody mean by the king of dragons?

  30. Guest-3905182458 says:

    i cant find the behavior pack

  31. Guest-3594891347 says:

    Hey creator can I use your addon to make a modpack. Don’t worry I will give you credits

  32. Guest-9491313452 says:

    Can someone please give a link to 1.0.6 of dragon mounts 1? That is the only version that works properly for me. After I updated it I lost the file…

  33. HonestShark42 says:

    haven’t tried this mod yet i hope its great!

  34. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    Plz update it to 1,16.0

  35. Guest-1442500935 says:

    Please fix the spawning. The nether dragons sqawn WAY too much. No more then a minute into the game there are literally hundreds of the and the game lags. When I play multiplayer my buddys get kicked out because the shear amount of lag. I don’t want to turn off mob spawning because that means no other mobs will spawn. It makes it impossible to have fun with this addon with no mob spawning. I’ve been waiting for a good dragon addon to play with my buddys but this needs work.

    • Guest-9712682872 says:

      Vou fazer um addon assim de httyd 3d bem modelado mais vai demorar não sou o creador desse addon por que o meu vai se chamar “O Retorno dos dragões “

    • Guest-6421725336 says:

      I have the same problem. I am gone for no more than 5 minutes and come back to my nether base project and there are over 10 dragons all over my base. Its really really annoying. I am taking it off until this issue is fixed. I am tired of spending most of my time in the nether clearing the dragons and spawn proofing it.

  36. joe847802 says:

    when you update the addon to 1.16, can you make it so the nether dragon and dragons in general dont spawn to much? especially the nether dragon? In a single chunk, there were 4 dragons around an area and they just destroyed the whole thing. For 250 health, thats kinda insane. making them rarer spawns would be better since your nether wont be decimated by them especially in 1.16

  37. Guest-3267921803 says:

    Anyone got any seeds for the new biomes I can find any

  38. Guest-2075706827 says:

    It looks really cool, but I can’t open my inventory while on my dragon, if I try i get kicked off, also, male sunrise dragons are invisible. I need you to fix the inventory bug so it doesn’t crash minecraft.

  39. Guest-7217219919 says:

    Hey the ranged attacks aren’t working for me

  40. Guest-5500178962 says:

    can u make youre mountians+ mod into a ice and fire and c hange the models and add the fly funtion and add armor and make them bigger (PS can u make ur mods work for beta

    • Guest-6164722124 says:

      When you update this to 1.16 please reduce dragon spawns (Amazing mod btw)Also can anyone give me a seed to one of the biomes I can’t find any

  41. BAI says:

    what a cool addon!

  42. DLV26 says:

    Wow! Very nice and cool add-on :O!!
    Suggestion:can you add futuristic, mechanical themed dragon? (Lmao).

  43. Guest-4161073328 says:

    Ok so the fire storm dragon only spawn in white. the lava one is better but it never spawns even in creative mode with infinite spawn eggs

  44. Guest-5208087929 says:

    For those who have bugs did you remember to turn on experimental gameplay? Keep up the good work spiky boi!

  45. Guest-6224350371 says:

    Please update

  46. Guest-7584529039 says:

    Can you please make a ice and fire addon for mcpe 1.14

  47. Guest-9661332856 says:

    The Addon has a bug, when I enter the inventory to equip the saddle, the game closes, how can I solve it???

  48. Guest-5279052269 says:

    Can you fix sunlight dragon male pls

  49. Guest-6373865394 says:

    I have orespawns resurgence and the addon looks really good so I am gonna download it on my Xbox one s.

  50. Guest-6060929323 says:

    I appreciate you making this add-on, but I have a small suggestion. Can you make it to where if your dragon is wearing armor, they won’t take fall damage?
    I can’t imagine how long this took you to make this add-on, so I thank you for making this add-on.

  51. Guest-9013707773 says:

    como se usa el mod

  52. Guest-9656524435 says:

    A. What do you need to breed each dragon?
    B. Do you need E.P.G.?
    C. How do you activate the fire breathing?

    • Guest-9574309729 says:

      you use raw salmon to breed the dragon. and, to activate fire breathing, use a dragon whistle on it. and yes, you need to turn on experimental gameplay.

  53. Guest-9772001471 says:

    Can you fix the look of the male sunlight dragon because it shows up white on my screen thanks this really needs an update but I love it I want more dragons but the sunlight dragon is either white or invisible.

  54. Guest-3408524323 says:

    When you are you going to update? If you do, add custom dragon armor for players, fix swords, and fix dragons. Thanks for this awesome addon!

  55. Guest-1172405673 says:

    The mod on java is super good and has more features please add them to pe as well

  56. Guest-1640031368 says:

    I can’t put a saddle on it every time i try it makes me get out from minecraft

  57. How do you get a dragon off your shoulder?

  58. Hello LegitDragonB0y, I have a suggestion! Can you add things like dragon tools and armor and stuff? Even ore? I love this addon! It’s awesome! It’s what I was finding! So can I use it for a survival series on YouTube? I will credit you in the description! Please answer soon (Because I’ve already have done all the settings and if it’s then EEEEEEE-)!

  59. Guest-7154077835 says:

    It won’t let me download says that there is no zip file

  60. Guest-6825363762 says:

    Put this on the app addons for mcpe

  61. Guest-7550911032 says:

    Fixed Bugs and nether dragon

  62. Guest-6797013391 says:

    This add-on mod looks awesome, and I really want to try it, but it won’t work every time I try downloading the packs… Is there any way you could please either do a mediafire-type thing (they somehow always seem to work for me), or please tell me how to make both the packs in the original zip folder work so I can try it? Thanks!

  63. Guest-8983821058 says:

    Can tame a dragon?

  64. Guest-7349663997 says:

    Can you make dragon amulets pls and make dragons a little bit bigger like the sameness size of dragons in dragon mount 2 mod thx! Anyways this is the most greatest addon i have ever seen keep up the great work!

  65. Guest-2570884999 says:

    to everyone, don’t use the dragon whistle on your ender dragon when it is attacking a mob close to them, or their breath will kill them. if that happens, make sure to have healing potions and keep on spraying healing potions on them.

  66. Guest-6096278374 says:

    I cant mount my dragon please help

  67. Guest-2217580500 says:

    How do you get the dragons off your shoulder

  68. Guest-7497513393 says:

    It doesn’t work. I turned on experimental gameplay but it is still vanilla Minecraft 😔

  69. Guest-8535904474 says:

    Honestly this is the most creative Addon I’ve ever seen. The mythology is pretty neat too.

  70. Guest-9039809581 says:

    how can I make the tamed dragon breath in xbox?

  71. Guest-9093461657 says:

    Hey dude. I just want to say that I love your first mod and I am more than willing to try it. But if it doesn’t work, I will let u know.😊 but it looks good nonetheless.😊

  72. Guest-8500471265 says:

    What kind of folder does it need to be in… I’ve tried resource, and I’ve tried behavior… neither one shows up when I boot the game

  73. NitroDragonBoy says:

    Great addon dude! Keep up the great work!

  74. Guest-1516594906 says:

    Hey legitdragonboy, can you make the tamable dragons able to fly around? (Like take the non tamable version and make it not hostile but keep the non tamable version still hostile. Hopefully you get what I am saying also.) thank you if you think you maybe would want to put this function in your addon ‘ω’

  75. Guest-1419609166 says:

    Can u respond to these suggestions OK so suggestion #1 can u fix bugs with invisible dragons and fly function #2canu make reactive dragon eggs so the dragon turns into the area around it #3 can u make a mode where u can hover #4can we add banners to are dragons #5can u make the dragons bigger #6 u should make it so we can cross breed dragons so we can get rare dragons thank you. Like if u agree

    • Guest-2336380923 says:

      I’m disapointed. i download it for orginal mcpe. Always when I tame a dragon and sit on them and try to add a saddle or aempur to them game crash helpp

    • Guest-8759334178 says:

      I agree with some of the things just not where the egg depends on area since it’s gonna be like the other dragon mounts 2 on pc.

    • Guest-9753161425 says:

      Great suggestion but he should also take out hostile dragons and make a dragon amulet use the dragon whistles for different things

  76. Guest-5394947398 says:

    Amazing add-on but only thing is… Dragons spawn way too much, I played this on Xbox and I got demolished as soon as I spawned 😂

    • NitroDragonBoy says:

      I agree because it lags my game so much and I have to /kill and turn off mob spawning and I just want the dragons to have a little smaller spawn rate.

  77. Guest-4699318473 says:

    hey amigo gracias por el complemento siempre quise un addon con dragones pero podrias actualzar las animacion un poco mas es que me gusta mas fluido con en minecraft de pc y con la cabeza un poco mas abajo muchas gracias.

  78. Guest-7701515065 says:

    Hey man, how you programed the dragons? I want create a addon of planes

  79. Guest-4027448810 says:

    How do you download this on iPad it just doesn’t work.

  80. Guest-1799324450 says:


  81. Guest-3560667584 says:

    hi send me the following error how do I correct it? and I can’t do things like armor or scissors

  82. Guest-5853903821 says:

    I absolutely adore this mod and hope to see it continue, there’s a few bugs but I’m not here to complain but rather to congratulate on making such a astonishing add on. While I’m here what’s the gems for?

  83. Guest-5648705892 says:

    how to do you tame them

  84. BlockMasterKid says:

    Amazing you turned the ender dragon into a awesome lovable pet!

  85. Guest-9278266831 says:

    When I shear dragons no matter what dragon it is it will only drop aether scales

  86. Guest-4707471173 says:

    Can you make a dragon fire addon

  87. Guest-2246465377 says:

    can someone pls tell me how to put this mod on my mac, it looks amazing and i really wanna try it out!

  88. Guest-7634131315 says:

    I love this mod but I have a few questions about some things I’ve come across, firstly when I kill dragons and even skeletons and zombies I get gems what are these? And what do they do?, secondly me and my friend bred Some babies and somehow they got onto our shoulder how do we get them off?. Also I think the spawn rates are a bit ridiculous although it will make for some interesting gameplay could you please lower this a bit. Other than that one of the best mods I’ve come across so far.

  89. Guest-3327127628 says:

    Hey, I like this mod but I want a version where only enderdragon which hatches from egg is so I can prank friends, is there a way you could release a version with just end dragon and what comes with it?

  90. Guest-1177209052 says:

    Good idea. Maybe a little less dragons. Also if that’s not a problem, this make my mobs drop weird gems, like zombies drop a zombie gem. It’s broken. So are the bows. Swords and mobs are pretty good, but didn’t try to tame any.

  91. Guest-8149504588 says:

    Hey this is super cool! Thank you for giving me the link in the letter! Super good job! Your Friend, Ry

  92. Guest-4073382201 says:

    It’s a really great mod but a couple of problems… the sunlight dragon is invisible, the swords don’t quite look right in third person (check it out) and it will be really nice if you could look down a little bit more without the dragon starting to fly down.

  93. Guest-3008140431 says:

    how do you breed dragons? i keep feeding my 2 tamed lightning dragons (one is female and one is male) but nothing happens. and can you get the dragonslayer sword in survival (i got mine with commands)

  94. Guest-4071395707 says:

    This addon is not compatible with expansive fantasy, please fix that!

  95. Guest-2608706476 says:

    Hi, i really like your addon but let me tell you a few problems i had. There is a crazy spawn rate for each biome. Plz make it a little harder to find, because i can’t get through one of them without being blown up. Also I want to know how high you need to go to above the paradise biome to find the nest. That’s all, thanks!

  96. Guest-7306557612 says:

    The add on is great it every-time when I sit on the dragon and go into inventory I crash is it because I’m on iOS please tell me why

  97. Guest-3631878414 says:

    How do I use dragon breath?

  98. Guest-7797022791 says:

    Yap, King dragon defeat all kinds of dragon
    But poor king dragon Cant fly 😂😂😂
    This add on is SUPER GOOD AS IN 1000000%
    But my problem is the Bow, Armor is not complete
    Only Fire and Aether Bow is showing
    And chestplate, god its a food cant be Wear
    No Amulet
    No banner
    No Carriage
    No Emerald Dragon armor
    That was the problem 😔

  99. Guest-3682767534 says:

    Please can you Update this?
    Im on 1.16.59
    Some crashes
    And items are not complete
    The chest cannot be putted in 3rd slot
    But i love this add on really

  100. Guest-9884356579 says:

    I love the Moonlight the atmosphere and crystal
    They’re cute
    Still ridable even sitting 😂😂

  101. Guest-3003431008 says:

    the special Dragon is only Tamable,not wild and they can’t attack some breathe but only biting i guess. But that’s okay and i cant put a chest in third slot

  102. Guest-3329557039 says:

    Can this work on iOS devices I really want this mod so unfair please make it for iOS devices:/

  103. Guest-4764245147 says:

    I cant craft the diamonds shears

  104. Guest-7222823971 says:

    Can you add a fly function so the can fly i really like the dragons to fly pls add a fly function ok by the way love your addon totally loved it its my second best addon ever my first is the scp addon made by bendythedemon18 so pls add a fly function

  105. Guest-9134322606 says:

    So. An you add a fly functions so the dragons by the way love your addon

  106. Guest-8102366412 says:

    Can u make this mod work for 1.15 beta version cuz I really want to play it on beta cuz this is my favorite mod

  107. Guest-5704750050 says:

    Please fix the way other tamed dragos fight each other becuase they just go inside of each other

  108. Guest-9415671068 says:

    Please make tamed dragons be able to fly against flying enemies because the wither and wild dragons just wreck them because they cant fly.By the way Awsome addon dude

  109. Guest-6446909531 says:

    Is this compatible with windows 10? if not, could you make it to be?

  110. Guest-8900862626 says:

    pls help i relly liked the dragon mounts 1 addon but in this one i can tame but i can’t mount or ride the dragons how do i ride i shift right click and click but nothing works. And they won’t sit. And my items don’t work. how do i solve this problem?

  111. Guest-7396310428 says:

    I am really happy that you made this mod. It’s fantastic, amazing, and over all, my dream come true. But one main big problem. Well, a few. First, I can’t tame baby Dragons, second, I can’t see the male Sunlight dragon, three, the Texture looks so freaky forth, it’s amazing and made my dream come true and can you add Hybrid Dragons after you breed two different Dragons, like for example: a Female Nether dragon and a Male Ender Dragon, it could make a Nether/end hybrid, same health as the Ender Dragon and all that. Hope we can talk about this cause I’m the best at Dragons and their hybrids ^^. Thank you for making my dream come true

  112. Guest-6832869836 says:

    how can tell the difference between a girl skeleton and a guy skeleton

  113. Guest-6850871612 says:

    Game keeps crashing when I press e while trying to ride a dragon. Dragon won’t fly, not sure whats wrong.

  114. Guest-2925513557 says:

    The addon is pretty cool! it was awesome spawing for the first time and being surrounded by dragons, but I think they spawn too much, is there a way to decrease spawn rate? like I was planing to play on a realm and I don’t want to encounter a dragon every 100 blocks

  115. Guest-9120240015 says:

    i cant tame the dragons from eggs. huhuhu. why?

  116. Guest-3836942765 says:

    Can you make it so space is to fly up and backwards is to fly down please and can you decrease the spawn attend make the wings more compact thank you for reading and this addon

    • Guest-8113322582 says:

      To Everyone who’s saying to make separate keys for up and down movement, if you want that function to happen don’t bother the creator of this add on but rather the person who created the mechanics in the first place which is mentioned above the download link, the creator of Dm2 made the dragons not rits flying mechanics

  117. Guest-1304200120 says:

    yeahhhhhh 🙂

  118. Guest-7743142245 says:

    how can you ride them?

  119. Guest-8274414040 says:

    awesome. just awesome haha.

  120. Guest-7573942461 says:

    Make an ice and fire addon please

  121. Guest-7650608666 says:

    HI can you please add hybrid dragon breeding to this addon or create a new addon that has dragon hybrid breeding also can you fix it because each time I attack another dragon it would fly up in the air and my tamed dragon would stay on the ground and look up, and not do anything pls can you fix this thanks. Also what are the gems used for when you kill a zombie or skeleton.

  122. Guest-3856000447 says:

    hello, i have problems with the texture that is blurred what can i do to improve? and also i wish we could breed hybrids would be top

  123. Guest-4528125301 says:

    does this work on bedrock edition as well?

  124. Guest-7627866949 says:

    Can you add fossil dragons that you can only get by getting a dragon fossil which gives you an egg for the dragon

  125. Guest-9921745085 says:

    i have a dragon on my head and i dont know how to get them off, please help

  126. Guest-2270795741 says:

    How do I heal my dragons one is at low health and I’ll have to never use him again because I don’t know how to heal him. 😞

  127. GalaxyAshWolf1 says:

    I keep forgetting how you breed the dragons. Which item do you use to breed them?

  128. Guest-4244728641 says:

    Here’s a suggestion; you should make lightning dragons and if they breed with water dragons you get a storm dragon egg

    • Guest-3464308923 says:

      Hey can you make the male Sun dragon visible. Those are my favorite kinds of dragons. I got a female. But I also want a male one pls fix

  129. Guest-8648336834 says:

    how can i get dragon eggs i can’t even hatch a ender dragon egg i try to speed it up but it does not work

  130. AdventureKing123 says:

    Hey I love this Addon but there are a few small problems when I shear a dragon it only gives me aether dragon scales the male sunlight dragon is invisible I can’t summon or spawn the King of Dragons I can’t find the nests the spawn rate is two high, you should totally add more eggs, and I can’t speed up the water dragon egg.

  131. Guest-8841212820 says:

    I have a suggestion
    Can you update the wing animation its not realistic at all the wings dont flip as the wings of the ender dragon looks like
    And second thing the dragons head is always looking up when no one is riding its so annoying..when im bored i love to stare to my dragons everytime but the mistake is the dragons head is looking up everytime please fix it!!!🤦‍♂️

  132. Guest-4899705386 says:

    Yeah definitely make the dragons a lot more rare, some of the items aren’t full sized in 3rd person I also dont think bows work

  133. Guest-6968195474 says:

    I have a suggestion, there can be a way where our tamed dragons can roam by themselves when we go explore or when we use a different dragon. So if I put them in a secure place where they can fly or walk around but not get out while I’m gone.

  134. Guest-4175979361 says:

    there’s to many dragons spawning a the same time!!

    • Guest-7759743761 says:

      Same there is an insane amount it has really good potential if the rarity of finding a dragon was increase, when I spawn there is about 5-10 dragons around me and when I move there is way too many

  135. Guest-6750228847 says:

    I can’t download it it says that the zip archive is not valid does anyone know how to fix that or is it just me

  136. Guest-1606099466 says:

    How do I get a storm dargon

  137. Guest-4139196637 says:

    Please fix the spawn rate of the dragons and whenever I use the dragon whistle, it doesn’t work. Also can you fix the spawn rate of the biomes, they are way too common when it seems like they could be rare.

  138. Guest-2300534754 says:

    definitely keep updating this mod, Maybe add Knight NPC’s you can find near villages or in the wild that fight dragons using Swords, Bows and Magic. Knight Gear for players to craft or an armor overhaul, weapons to show stats and be able to be enchanted same for gear, cool mod +1

  139. Guest-5917389353 says:

    hi I love your addon. Just can you please decrease the spawn a bit. Can you also add mix-breeding in an update or new addon. Thanks

  140. Guest-2618680912 says:

    i love it but i would like it more if there was a dragon scale armor thing.

  141. Guest-3468204727 says:

    Why does it crash your game whenever you try to mount a dragon?’ Can you please fix this but the dragons look amazing btw great work

  142. This is great and all, but were you allowed to copy dragon mounts?
    You do know you need permission from the original creators, right?
    Otherwise, this sadly counts as plagiarism.
    The bedrock edition community doesn’t pay much attention to plagiarism, especially not in dragon-related work, because more kids can use these add-ons, because they are more simple to install, and pocket edition is cheaper.
    Kids do not care if something is stolen or not, but please consider legal issues.
    We’re talking about minecraft content here, but still, please do not copy other’s work without permission.

  143. Guest-6963610263 says:

    this is funny but i found a male sunlight dragon but every time I want to tame it ,it starts to glitch pls fix this but overall I love this addon

  144. Guest-1163639007 says:

    I really loved this addon. It just slowed down my graphics a bit, but overall, it was awesome! One thing is that I can’t craft the emerald armor, the crafting recipe seems to be broken.

  145. Guest-8829650844 says:

    Hello, this mod is fantastic! I really love it- it’s such a neat mod ( esp for Bedrock edition ). My only gripe with this mod is the fact the probability for Dragons spawning ( within dragon-specific biomes and outside of dragon-specific biomes ) is way too high. Especially if you’re unlucky enough to spawn in a dragon-specific biome ( or just in general spawn nexts to a group of dragons ).
    Please do consider lowering the limit of spawn probability- it definitely does make the game harder to play in survival- which I presume this is supposed to be a survival friendly mod.
    Thank you for reading!

  146. Guest-7357922858 says:

    I love this addon but can u fix glitches like not being able to the male sunlight dragon and the tameable king dragon can u give it the the fly function and give the fly function to nether dragons and add back dragon armor and can u make the dragon bigger and Imake a mode when ur flying like u can hover or like fly in a straight line and make them faster

  147. Guest-3817470158 says:

    not trying to put pressure on you but can you also add griffins and wings. Also I cant find the undead hills biome and the place where the special dragons spawn above the paradise biome.

  148. Guest-3286840488 says:

    what are the gems used for after you kill a zombie.

  149. GalaxyAshWolf1 says:

    Hey This addon is the best, in my mind. I love the fact that you have dragons in Minecraft now, due to this addon. It made me think Minecraft wasn’t boring anymore!! Thanks so much. I mean I don’t care what people say about this addon It’s so good!!! I mean there are problems but I managed to figure out how to stop them from happening!! For some odd reason my message will not post. If there’s a duplicate sorry about that then.

  150. GalaxyAshWolf1 says:

    Hey This addon is the best, in my mind. I love the fact that you have dragons in Minecraft now, due to this addon. It made me think Minecraft wasn’t boring anymore!! Thanks so much. I mean I don’t care what people say about this addon It’s so good!!! I mean there are problems but I managed to figure out how to stop them from happening!!

  151. Jesus7668 says:

    nice addon but the male version of the sunlight dragon is invisible there may be more invisible dragons plz fix that

    • Guest-3330699471 says:

      how do you get the baby dragons off your shoulders? it happened to me with the king dragon’s baby and it kept growing until it became a full sized king dragon on my shoulders please help

  152. Guest-1312199951 says:

    It’s a great add-on! However, there are drawbacks. Please lower the probability that the dragon will spring!

  153. Guest-4561931616 says:

    I cant find the Paradise biome

  154. Guest-5553775206 says:

    it says not a valid zip archive

  155. AdventureKing123 says:

    How to collect the dragon eggs to move them around?

  156. Guest-9399706241 says:

    I cant find any of the other items all i can find are the dragons i have experimental gameplay on and everything active

  157. Guest-9827893334 says:

    Can soneone plz tell me why i cant find any dragon armor at all nor can i use chest on my dragons

  158. Guest-7415142289 says:

    It won’t let me download. It says it’s not a valid zip

  159. Guest-6930854527 says:

    Plz lower spawn rate I love this addon but the dragons spawn too much

  160. Guest-5433920076 says:

    Tamable with?

  161. Guest-9175545338 says:

    I really like this addon, Please add Griffin addon too. That would be so cool

  162. Guest-8446854670 says:

    I can not let water dragon bloom fast with diamonds?

  163. Guest-6698963853 says:

    orespawn resurgence for the winnnnn!!!!!!

  164. Guest-3335499900 says:

    This is one of the best addons except the dragons spawn to Much please lower spawn rate

  165. GamekillerYT says:

    So toy do you tame the dragons?

  166. Guest-8275477674 says:

    Bạn có thể tạo add-on ice and fire ko,nếu bạn làm được điều đó tôi sẽ thích

  167. Guest-8275477674 says:

    Bạn có thể tạo add-on ice and fire ko

  168. Guest-7867073566 says:

    Great add-on but can you please lower the spawn rate and also I am confused about why every time I kill a normal zombie or skeleton there is like this diamond shape thing that droops??

  169. Raptorman67 says:

    This is a good addon but it is not original you copy and import the models even for the Godzilla addon for yours.Fix the models they have missing parts to it you model stealer I’m going to tell the f and I about you.

    • Guest-6070327318 says:

      Did you know, its impossible to port models from java 1.12? I had to edit the ender dragon model to make it. SO the model is orginal

  170. Guest-7931916048 says:

    Can i suggest an update?
    Please update na wing animation…when it flies it looks like not realistic

  171. Guest-2818128842 says:

    Why the Latin. I like it but why

  172. creeper-aw-man says:

    bruh how do i ride em 😐

  173. Guest-5337171518 says:

    I would like for you to add some custom dragon armor that isn’t just a helmet, but a full set of armor. Thanks for reading and I love your addon!🐉🐲

  174. Guest-8597497301 says:

    Everything is good for me except the king dragon is invisible and I know it works for other people and I have tried redownloading it,I don’t know if anyone can help in a way

  175. Guest-6016457996 says:

    How do I mount a dragon? It will not let me ride it. Please, I love this add on, but this is the main part of it, so i really need it to work. Thanks!

  176. Guest-7066147266 says:

    How do you get the dragons off your shoulder, and keep them off your shoulder.

  177. Guest-3810190739 says:

    it kepps crashing

  178. Guest-4344223005 says:

    Can you fix the sunlight dragon and nether dragon I can’t see the dragon

  179. Guest-8046583933 says:

    I need to ask a question, what heck is item, and what is it used for?

  180. Guest-4837596234 says:

    Love this addon a little slow on the device I am using but still really good! Love it.

  181. Guest-6005156273 says:

    The models and animations were ok, but I can’t even open the dragon’s inventory! And the king dragon that’s tameable has an awful flying mechanic! I don’t know if it cause im on IOS but in deleting this until you update it.

  182. Guest-8367752981 says:

    hi!! i really love this addon a LOT but i have one problem,,, the male variant for the sun dragon is not tamable for me?? i try to spawn in the tamable version and it just disappears. and in the wild it wont land on the ground for me to tame either, just keeps flyin around. how do i fix it?

  183. Guest-6639593203 says:

    No offense but the flying functions are really bad they barely move when flying and they are too hard to control and they just don’t feel like dragons I love the textures and movements on the ground but all that’s wrong is the flying pls fix it and make it perfect

  184. Guest-9300554508 says:

    The male sunlight dragon are invisible please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Guest-4593907386 says:

    And how are you doing with the Godzilla add-on

  186. Guest-4668726073 says:

    Can you make a fire and ice mod pls

  187. Guest-4668726073 says:

    Can you make a fire and ice mod

  188. Guest-8866113502 says:

    So is there somewhere I missed where it said doesn’t work for iOS

  189. JustinGamer0090 LOL says:

    Can I use your dragon mounts addon for a Minecraft Bedrock Edition modpack?

  190. JustinGamer0090 LOL says:

    Can I use your dragon mounts addon for a mcpe modpack?

  191. Guest-2040397784 says:

    It seems it affects the other mobs? I can’t tell the other mods to sit or get up. My cat doesn’t even follow me.

  192. Guest-3756212142 says:

    What’s the gems for after killing skeletons and zombies

  193. Guest-7835973449 says:

    The male sunlight dragons are invisible!!!! Yes experimental game play is on

  194. Guest-1739628423 says:

    THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Guest-8036137324 says:

    I love this addon, its just that the dragons spawn way too often.

  196. Guest-2829920747 says:

    Why are my tamed dragons going on my shoulder and not coming off? But overall, has really good graphics, but there are some problems mounting and crafting special items

  197. Guest-9447534114 says:

    Pls make a how to train your dragon add-on that adds night fury

  198. Guest-5980473526 says:

    Your addons are excellent. Please leave your email address. I want to talk about a business cooperation with you, thank you!!

  199. Guest-1028507083 says:

    Não gostei muito das animações e dos sistemas de voo,achei que superaria o expansive fantasy,mas ta quase.

  200. 4kGaming says:

    How do u tame the and ride the dragons
    And u didn’t put what the dragons need to be tamed is??

  201. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    Please Update for Tameable Dragons
    New Size to Tamables for the Wilds Dragons is more Big that the Tamables Dragons

  202. MinerCrafting01 says:

    Yess, are you gonna update the orespawn addon now?

  203. Guest-3019201513 says:

    Hi I love this addon. Its super cool just there is two things, one is that the dragons spawn in so much at the beginnig of the game and then two is that if I go to a different biome there are no dragons at all. Can you please fix it thanks.

  204. Guest-7838157186 says:

    Oh my god, oh my god, that is amazing! Thank you!

  205. blood eye says:

    how to turn off the low detail mode it says low memory. and all of the dragon spawns everywhere it works though but tell me how to turn off low detail mode pllssss reply im begging you guys

  206. Guest-6684866129 says:

    Plz help!!!!!
    I can’t get into dragon inventory either via pc and via xbox!! I enabled experimental mode. By pc I tried to click shift and right click mouse and it doesn’t work. What are the buttons on xbox one?!?

  207. Guest-7209780724 says:


  208. Guest-8146822396 says:

    Guys tame a Dragon and ride on it and where ever you look it will fly there if you like it to go faster hold a fishing rod with a carrot on it and right click or long press when on mobile

  209. Erroman says:

    Your addons are excellent. Please leave your email address. I want to talk about a business cooperation with you, thank you!!

  210. Guest-1074078099 says:

    This add-on is amazing, but I can’t help but notice peculiar similiarities to a Java edition mod of the same name.
    Did they give you permission?

  211. Guest-2960640831 says:

    Can you make the king dragon fly when your on it like the other dragons pls and can you make other big dragons like him that would be nice if you can and I love this addon

  212. Guest-4103012845 says:

    I want to tame the King Dragon!

  213. Guest-4465943590 says:

    Can you plz make a ice and fire addon thank

  214. Guest-3150146412 says:

    Great addon can you add the dragon amulet in the next update plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. Guest-3755969008 says:

    The Male Sunlight Dragon doesn’t work

  216. Anonymous says:

    When is orespawn being updated??

  217. Guest-3632554922 says:

    How do I find the paradise Biome? I tried flying really high but I still can’t find it
    Love the add-on 👍

  218. Guest-6254013227 says:

    How do u instsl it after i installed it i dont know how to import it what file should i put it in ?

  219. Guest-6105681540 says:

    For some reason i cant craft the diamond shears or dragon whistle, any advice? Experimental mode is on.

  220. Guest-4818747253 says:

    Im on xbox and it wont let me download the addon

  221. KMTrager says:

    Hehehehehe i saw this on discord legitdragonb0y server

  222. -TGHQ- says:

    I forgot to rate so here.

  223. -TGHQ- says:

    Ok so this addon is already amazing the fact that the dragons are fully functional, but right off the bat as I loaded into my world, the spawn rate of the dragons were way too high. Prob like 2 dragons every sec (OverExagerated). If you could please tune down the spawn rate by a lot, I’m sure this can be an even more successful addon.

  224. Cookiesnug says:

    Please add other dragon species such as drakes (maybe they could act like the ones in ark), wyvern (make them easier to tame than dragons but weaker than them too), hydras (at the end maybe you could get an egg from it and hatch a less powerful version of the boss), and finally eastern dragons

  225. Guest-8536009323 says:

    OOOOH i have a problem. the male sunlight dragon is invisible. it is a bug. but all dragons work in 1.14 except male sunlight dragon, nether dragon. it is a bug but greatest and my favorite dragon it is aether dragon, moonlight, female sunlight, crystal, abyss, atmosphere, ender, ice. and that’s it. i love this addon ever and Ever again Cheers!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Great! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Cool!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  226. Guest-4001836887 says:

    I love this addon. this models their head is facing upwards for me. Nice one

  227. Guest-3952289479 says:

    It seems the nether dragon and tamable terra dragon doesn’t have any textures, when I spawn them in they’re invisible but I can still hear the sounds. Also what are the Gems for?

  228. Guest-7202686097 says:

    Plz make separate addon which only have ender dragon​

  229. Guest-2334504479 says:

    Can u make the all the same size that bothers me and make the king of the dragons tameable plsssss

  230. Guest-4029035785 says:

    I download on windows 10 but its no working 🙁

  231. Guest-1502999224 says:

    everytime I press E it instantly closes minecraft.

  232. Guest-1410795087 says:

    Items says the info on it like tile._______:_______ and stuff

  233. Guest-5845874653 says:

    The nether dragons dont have a texture

  234. Guest-2260835647 says:

    Water dragon hatches quickly with what?

  235. Guest-4454650656 says:

    There’s an error when trying to import the resource pack. I then tried manually placing the resources into the Minecraft resource folder but it didn’t show up. Do you have a twitter?

  236. Guest-4641515892 says:

    Can you add a function where you can fire the dragons breath while ridin it?


    Can you add a behavior where the dragons would frequently attack, hostile mobs, dragons while riding it?


    Can you reduce the their projectile explosive rate,?


    Can you increase the horizontal flight speed of the dragon while riding it.?

    The King of the Dragons, do not show,
    Its invisible.

    It’ll really help a lot,

  237. Liam TDP says:

    So cool I love the new particle effects on the Wild Dragons and also Is the paradise biome where many dragon spawn becouse i found it and so many powerful dragon spawn But anaywaysI also have sone ideas if you wanna made it First add animation when you make dragon sit Add different types of dragon armor like gold and iron Also can you make them rare to find becouse theres so many sunlight dragon spawn in desert I see that bug on v1 of this addon but i dont know if thats fix on v2 for short deincrese the dragon spawn rules so they rare to find But anayways thats all I love the new update Its much better and much fun

  238. Guest-1824957982 says:


  239. Guest-9810316399 says:

    Ummm why does the armor not show?????

  240. Guest-1199718310 says:

    Does it work on mcpe 1.16?

  241. Guest-7426151931 says: your addons but when is Orespawns Rssurgence being updated ive waited for so long and i really want an update.. Please respond!

  242. animemilytdm says:

    Loads of them spawn at the same time its crazy is that normal or can u decrease the spawn rate.. I started a new world and got killed immediately lol. For those asking, u can tame them with salmon like the description says. Can u make saddles craftable .. its kinda hard to find one innit.. x

  243. Guest-4745143549 says:

    Hey big question, do the biomes spawn in already existing world or will it only work when you start a new world?

  244. AJ Studios says:

    Plz fix the bug that makes my game crash when i open the inventory of the dragon

  245. Guest-5456155232 says:

    If you die how does your dragon come back to you?

  246. Wufflesvn says:

    Fix the armor >:(

  247. Guest-8539975321 says:

    Here’s an idea:
    poison dragon – shoot poison breath,
    ground dragon – shoot evokation fangs,
    shulker dragon – shoot shulker bullets,
    melee dragon – swooping attacks,
    ancient dragon (boss monster) – the ancestor of dragons can do all types of attack, second strongest dragon,
    robot dragon (protects villagers) – shoot arrows.
    Also can you make the cannons not shoot tamed dragons?

  248. Guest-5715906338 says:

    Seems like there’s a problem with the resource pack…

  249. Guest-5715688542 says:

    How do I fly? I don’t know if you need the saddle, but when I mounted on the dragon, I pressed the three dots in the actionbar to maybe put a saddle on, but then the game crashed, it also happend in dragon mounts 1, I don’t really know what to do, do I use a saddle?

    • Guest-9397377472 says:

      This is legitdragonb0y. If your game crashes when opening the inventory while riding a dragon, make sure experimental gameplay is on. Not many others have this problem.

  250. Guest-2939733908 says:

    Love the mod, I downloaded on my laptop windows 10 and I cant seem to craft a saddle or the whistle

  251. Guest-9622728061 says:

    YESSSSSS I’ve been waiting soooo long for this

  252. Guest-3857278767 says:

    Plz make this mod look like ice and fore,plzzz!

  253. MorbidNoob says:

    I can tell you like dragons. The only 2 addons of yours without dragons are the Logdotzip Addon(great idea BTW) and the aquatic++ addon, but I haven’t used them yet so I cannot really say if they have dragons.

  254. Guest-2565015123 says:

    Please godzilla legacy 2

  255. BlueWolf2006445 says:

    How big can the dragons get?

  256. Guest-9290801196 says:


  257. Guest-3261448925 says:

    Hooray i got it so happily and their animation are like Java mod. so very nice

  258. Red Fan says:

    Well done! It’s a well done remastered erosion of the first one! Great Addon!

  259. Guest-8925345176 says:

    Your addon are amazing!!!!!

  260. GalaxyAshWolf1 says:

    Hey, um how do u tame all the dragons.

  261. Guest-2560010431 says:

    Hello my friend you should probs make a YouTube explaining how the addon works

  262. Guest-4160460666 says:

    Hello creator just to let you know the custom flying does not work it just jumps and glides

  263. can you make a mod where the king of dragons model replaces the normal ender dragon model?

  264. Guest-4482728942 says:

    Hi interesting Addon!!!!

  265. Guest-6613110878 says:

    OOOOOOH Thank you so much @Sunckaw LegitDragonB0y!!!!!!

  266. Guest-6667722409 says:

    Thank you!!! ive been waiting a while.

  267. Guest-5912089337 says:

    I agree please work on orespawns resurgence..

  268. Guest-7813594387 says:

    So now please can you work on orespawns resurgence , ive been waiting weeks!! Please..

    • Guest-7800108689 says:

      I can’t download it, says It’s not a valid zip archive. I’m on minecraft pe on an iPad mini 4, version 1.6.

      Kinda upsetting, I made YouTube videos about the original dragon mounts mod of yours, and this just looks incredible. 🙁

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