Dragon Wing Add-on ( Beta Only)

Add new wing to your game that allows you to fly up and down with infinite fly without using fireworks or any other item.             

You can get the wing from creative inventory on the weapon section, the crafting recipe has some materials that hard to get but the this wing gives some good abilities that make sense to crafted.

The features and abilities of the wing:

How to craft the wing:

Features and effects of the wing:



Strength and Regeneration

Explosion protection:

How to use, control:

Tell me on the comments if there’s any bugs or problems on the add-on to updated later, thanks!


After downloading the .mcaddon file applied to your game, then apply the add-on on your world and make sure you activated the experimental gameplay button before use the in your world.


Supported Minecraft versions


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17 Responses

4.5 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Great addon works great on mobile but when i tried it on pc it did not work please update this to pc also if you can add a color changing wing that would be great!

  2. FalconRepublic says:

    I feel kinda let down. When I put the r and b pack in the world, the wings don’t show up when I craft them. They don’t even go on my back. Could you fix this please? Thanks!

  3. Shadowfury6 says:

    Hiw do I pit it on mc

  4. Pikachu151 says:

    Dosent work :(((

  5. cross guardian says:

    good mod you did a amazing job. but i really wish there was a cool way to control when to fly, there also no wings on my back when I’m in creative or survival.

  6. SKRRT says:

    Lol this looks amazing

  7. Redstone_Pro says:

    Am I the only one checking if this is a mod and not a texture pack?🙃

  8. White eye says:

    This is very good addon, but when I go to creative and taxe the wings I saw it hasn’t a texture, it’s Invisible!! But it’s cool and love it 😊😊

  9. SKA says:

    If it’s real, do it on youtube

  10. Killer Wolf Z says:

    Very good mod

  11. TheOddOne says:

    This terraria mod looks good.

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