Expansive Fantasy (1.0.6) Compatibility Update

Want your own fire breathing dragon then this is the addon for you soar through the air and go wherever it will take you. Take on any enemy that comes your way. Become one with your dragon and show everyone that the bond you share with your dragon is unmatched . Do you have what it takes to become a dragon master?

Sorry it took us so long to update this addon thats because we have added a bunch of stuff to improve this addon

Lets start with entities

  • Dragons

They are very hostile and very powerful, dragons have 4 variant skins, and they spawn on extreme hills, tamed dragons collar can be dyed, tamed dragons can carry 2 players, 

  • Wyverns

Wyverns have 3 types the fire wyvern, ice wyvern, and poison wyvern they spawn on custom biome hills like dragons they are also very hostile and very powerful so make sure before fighting them you have a complete gear and have the stong weapons

now if you manage to defeat the wyvern or the dragon they will transform into dead entity both wyvern and dragons have their own drop items and a 50% chance of dropping eggs when dragon and wyverns are in their dead form you will need to hold an orc axe (a.k.a draxe) to get their loot 

  • Dragon and Wyvern Eggs

all eggs only hatch on their respective blocks 

dragon eggs takes 2 minecraft days to hatch

wyvern eggs takes only 1 minecraft days to hatch

Dragons and wyverns from eggs are tameable use salmon to tame them

as minecraft time goes by baby dragons and wyverns will grow or you can speed up its growing by feeding them salmon

take note that baby dragon and wyverns like to eat chickens so dont forget to leash  or make them sit and they loved to sleep most of the time,

as requested by some members on my discord we have added a riding behavior for baby dragon and wyverns, now they will ride on the shoulder of the player, to make them go down simply just hold salmon or sneak and jump

When baby dragon/wyvern becomes adult you can now ride them and fly with them but you will need a  dragon saddle to control them also take note that adult tamed dragon/wyverns will attack all hostile mobs like zombie, creeper, and all so if you take out its saddle you need to leashed them or make them sit unsaddled dragon/wyvern will not follow its owner to make them sit you need to sneak and interact with the it adult dragons/wyverns also loved to sleep you cant ride them while they are sleeping  to wake them up put or remove its saddle or make a mob go near the sleeping dragon/wyvern, 

you can breed two tamed dragon/wyvern using golden apple after a successful breeding event they will lay egg and hatch to a untamed baby dragon/wyvern

  • take not that we have added gender to dragon and wyvern

Flying mechanics are the same as the old version except the command_block now has been removed

While flying look at the dragon body and tap the look around to idle mid air

Tap fly mode to disable look around and starts flying again

When on ground you can disable the fly so you can look up without flying the dragon

Enable fly to start flying again

Look up to fly and look down to fly down

Now for fireball attack you need to fly with the dragon and you need to idle mid air or the look around interaction button then you need to hold a blaze rod and interact again to the dragon/wyvern

You have 2-4 seconds to aim where the dragon will shoot its fireball

Take note that you need to practice and calculate the fireball XD 

  • The Orcs

There are 3 types of orc and they are the very important entity on this update because they have all the recipe for custom items weapons and armors

neutral orc spawned underground throw  raw angler fish infront of them and they will open a trade for you for a limited time, give them diamond pickaxe and hold an orc axe (a.k.a draxe) to make them go mining

orc follower spawned everywhere they are very hostile and always have an orc sword

if you manage to kill them theres a 100% chance of dropping its sword this sword is upgradable through stone cutter

orc captain spawn everywhere they are also very strong and very hostile they have the draxe and they wear armor orc captain always spawn riding ravager and have 2 orc follower on his side theres a 100% chance of dropping its axe when you kill it

heres a video for orcs:

  • Sea Serpent

this entity have been introduced last update but we have change its behavior it has now 2 AI and they now have their own drops

  • Angler Fish

this entity is the second important entity because the item it drops is the key to open the orc trade

  • Dracolyte Forge

this entity is also important because all weapons and armors are in them, see crafting recipe for this below, when you place the dracolyte and you want to remove it simple just sneak and clicked remove

now lets move to new custom biomes

  • scorched
  • on this biome hills you can find fire wyverns

  • frostbitten biome

on this biome you can find ice wyverns

toxic biome

poison wyvern spawned on this biome

now lets move to crafting

  • dragon saddle

  • fire dragon armor

  • ice dragon armor

  • poison dragon armor

  • fire wyvern armor

  • ice wyvern armor

  • poison wyvern armor

  • dracolyte forge note blame lusciouskneez and darkastromed they are the one who made this over priced recipe xd

What’s new?

as requested by so many players we have added PEGASUS modelled by XdemigodzX right now it has only 1 skin variant im still thinking if i will add more variants to it

sorry for those who are in minecraft beta i will add pegasus soon im just kinda busy right now i will try to add it on beta version possibly next week

  • Pegasus

  Pegasus is a passive mob so dont kill them they like sleeping XD almost all mobs like to sleep anyway wild pegasus spawn at plains and savanna biome they are kinda rare ,wild pegasus will avoid standing players ,so if you want to get near them make sure to sneak and wild pegasus will randomly drop feathers but not by killing them remember dont make them sleep if they sleep move close to them but not too close just wake them up and yes they are tameable , you can tame them by feeding them golden carrots and yes you need to sneak too, 

once you tame them they will no longer drop feathers but yes you can ride them you will need to equip them with normal saddle to control tame pegasus, you can also equip chest to pegasus for extra inventory, fly? yes they can fly like dragon and wyverns you know the drill look to its body enable fly look up to fly up look down to fly down and you can heal them by feeding them wheats or apples

now lets move to another new feature for this update that darkastomed finally convinced me to add wings for this addon so here it is 

and yes they are functional right now we only added pegasus wings but it has 3 color variants black, red, and white how to fly? its simple you will need to use wing orb then look up to fly up look down to fly down i recommend changing your camera view to third person back view when flying as we added animation for flying when you are flying look down and sneak to idle mid air but be careful flying has limited time i recommend bringing atleast 2 wing orb so you can see how much time is left for your flying i swear i died many times falling in a high place XD .

now lets move to crafting recipe 

  • Pegasus White Wings

8 pegasus feather

1 phantom membrane

  • Pegasus Red Wings

1 pegasus white wings

1 red dye

  • Pegasus Black Wings

1 pegasus white wings

1 black dye

  • Wing remover

1 fermented spider eye

1 ender pearl

  • Wing orb

7 pegasus feathers

1 ender pearl

1 potion of slowness

heres a tutorial video 

the griffin update(1.0.5)

  • Griffins

Griffins are aggressive creatures they resemble the cross between a lion and eagle. They’re dangerous and are able to manipulate wind with their wings, forcing powerful gust of air. Able to fly at head spinning speeds, they can snatch prey in a blink of eye. They can be tamed and are a good choice of mount if you want a companion that won’t freeze, melt, or burn your house down. If so, be my guest.

  • spawn at mesa biome and plains biome

new weapons and items

  • ripper spear
  • craft using stick and wyvern claw

  • code spear
  • craft using stick and dragon claw

  • mana candy
  • craft using any kinds of essence, bucket of milk and sugar

  • grappling hook 
  • craft using lead, stick and iron ingots

  • fire staff
  • craft using stick, iron ingot and fire essence

  • ice staff
  • craft using stick, iron ingot and ice essence

  • poison staff
  • craft using stick, iron ingot and poison essence

  • wind staff
  • craft using stick, iron ingot and wind essence

  • griffin wings
  • craft using phantom membrane and griffin feathers

  • griffin special food
  • craft using porkchop and beef

essence are new drops for 

  • dragons(wind essence)
  • fire wyvern(fire essence)
  • ice wyvern(ice essence)
  • poison wyvern(poison essence)
  • griffins(wind essence)

you will need to stun a griffin to be able to tame it ,you will need 

bow or crossbow and arrow of weakness use the special griffin food 

to tame a stun griffin.

Heres a tutorial video on how to tame a griffin:

 this update is only to make 2 addons compatible to Expansive Fantasy watch the video on how to setup the addons to work properly

-take note-

Expansive-fantasy behavior should be on the top of the list

Tinkers Legacy by HaxTheCharizard


Loot Bag Addon bt Iemotionless 

Tinkers Legacy:

Loot Bag Addon:

special thanks to

  • hawf
  • jannis
  • Zarkmend_ZAN

Video trailer:

Do not use your own link, use the appropriate link in MCPEDL

If you want to use this for your content, at least credit Dragon Force Studio .

My youtube channel:

My discord server:

My twitter

Changelog View more
  • added compatibility to tinkers legacy by HaxTheCharizard 
  • added compatibility to loot bag addon by iemotionless 
  • fixed the duplication bug on grappling_hook and spears
  • reduced orc captain spawn rate
  • fixed the bug for scorched biome where fire wyvern doesnt spawn
  • fixed the bug for toxic biome where poison wyvern doesn't spawn
  • updated icon_pack.png
  • added support for 1.16
  • fixed mobs not spawning at poison biome
  • optimized code
  • fix some bugs
  • optimized animation
  • reduced orc spawn rate
  • optimized the codes
  • added some story books by code_error#6844 and crackerjack96#5250 
  • added new mob (griffin) modelled and textured by demigodz 
  • added new wings(griffin wings) modelled and textured by lusciouskneez 
  • added staffs textured by JustinMN#2409 
  • added grappling_hook modelled and textured by ripper123456789#7140 
  • added ripper spear modelled and textured by ripper123456789#7140 
  • added code spear modelled and textured by code_error#6844 
  • added new mob drops(essence)
  • added pixel art on books by twiggy, ripper123456789#7140 and carlito
  • converted wing orb into mana candy
  • retextured some items by JustinMN#2409 
  • new flying mechanics 
  • new attacking mechanics 
  • optimize the code
  • added new mob griffin modelled by demigodz 
  • added staffs textured by JustinMN#2409 
  • added ripper spear modelled by ripper123456789#7140 
  • added code spear modelled by code_error#6844 
  • retextured some items by JustinMN#2409 and ripper123456789#7140 
  • added some story books
  • added grappling_hook modelled and textured by ripper123456789#7140
  • added griffin wings modelled and textured by lusciouskneez 
  • added mana system
  • new flying mechanics for player and rideable mobs
  • new attacking mechanics for rideable mobs
  • added taiwan language by @kingkingsley400#7364
  • added some pixel art to story books by carlito, ripper and twiggy
  • added pegasus
  • added wings for players
  • reduced hatching time for dragon egg from 5 days to 2 days
  • reduced hatching time for wyvern eggs from 3 days to 1 day
  • reduced blocks breaking time
  • reduced captain orcs spawn rate
  • increase wyverns spawn rate

enjoy guys XD

added support for minecraft 1.15(beta)

updated description for dragon

added dragon collar dyeable 

added 2 players can ride the dragon

dragon can have chest

  • added wyverns
  • added custom blocks
  • added custom biomes
  • improved dragon behavior
  • added orcs
  • added custom items
  • added custom weapons
  • added angler fish
  • improved sea serpent behavior
  • change pack icon
  • updated discord link
  • icon pack have been change by [twiggy]
  • added three variant skin for the dragon
  • added new mob sea serpent
  • added gliding wings animation for the dragon
  • new gliding sound for the dragon
  • replaced the function fly_system to function dragon_addon
  • added dragon egg
  • added baby dragons
  • added saddle for the dragon
  • added sleeping event and animation for dragons
  • added sitting event and animation for dragons
  • added leashed locator for dragon
  • added collar for tamed dragons


download the addon and activate to your world

Enable Experimental Gameplay 

we recommend making a copy of your world

and removing the old version of the addon before activating the new version


Supported Minecraft versions


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977 Responses

4.54 / 5 (511 vote)
  1. Metalpaddyb1844 says:

    It seems like such a cool mod!! I just can’t figure out how to download it, because when I click on the downloads it brings me to a website called dragon force studio and then I don’t know what to do 🙁

  2. chairocchi says:

    You guys are awesome! Really great addon! Also, can you guys add a call/follow command or something like that.. A whistle would be great! ^^)/ <3

    • FalconRepublic says:

      Hello! Since regular commenting isn’t working, I’m talking in a reply! Dear creator, could you PLEASE make more dragons! Like elemental dragons maybe, like fire, ice, water, or like storm dragons maybe? Also, could you make the existing dragons larger? It would be super cool if the dragons were like huge and it would definitely be more impressive! Like in the fire and ice dragon mod for the other minecraft edition! Thank you!

  3. SverdHerre says:

    You guys should add in different races like elves and dwarves. I might’ve already said this, so sorry if I did. And maybe you could add in more biomes that are just for scenery instead if having a use. Great addon!

  4. Nogood says:

    Great addon and everything, but there’s a bug and instead of letting me tame baby wyverns/dragons it just makes them untameable adults so I have to use commands! And every time I use commands I get only one variant! Please fix this bug

    Overall, Great addon! Except for the bug I love it!

  5. WyvernNation1456 says:

    Plz add a lightning Wyvern

  6. ShimmerStrike says:

    I had the previous version, but this one won’t load the page after Adfly to download.

    • minecrafter8759 says:

      Now this is awesome but the only problem now is the dragon saddle and there are no new biomes showing up om playing on android

    • ShimmerStrike says:

      Now after a few second (in the Adfly page) it tries to download something. My computer says it blocked the download because it detected a virus. I don’t know what this is, but the old version downloaded smoothly and didn’t trigger any warnings.

  7. ACARTheGAMER says:

    If you could, you could put compatibility with the dragon mouts 2 addon it would be cool

  8. SverdHerre says:

    Creator, you should totally add in elves dwarves and other races. That would really up the experience, kinda’ like a d&d type thing.

  9. Extra_Quack says:

    uh what are the names of the blocks you put the wyvern and dragon eggs on?
    Allso Biomes dont spawn

  10. Bruguy says:

    I feel as if you should put the health bars back to the top left of the screen as I personally feel as if it just looks so much better and I think it’s a bit annoying to see a huge boss bar at all times when you get a pet griffin or dragon or whatever, so I would really appreciate it if you put the health bar o the top left.

  11. destructes183 says:

    incredible but i remember in the older versions the blocks were in the creative inventory, can you do that again?

  12. psycho boy65337 says:

    Hello i have a problem when i tame my baby dragon after taming it i want to make it grow faster but the button feed is not showing even im holding the food instead the sit button is the gonna show could you fix that pls i love your addon so pls fix this so i can enjoy more of the game

  13. ItzCr0ok3d_ says:

    I absolutely LOVE this addon! is the best pe mod i have ever played with! and im making a map for me and my sisters to play on, however, i need the new blocks but i cant find ANY of the biomes. I was hoping maybe you could make a way to get the blocks using commands (especially the nesting blocks)
    anyways. thanks for making the addon! still my favorite! and i hope you fix this issue.

  14. GibbsX says:

    I would give it a higher rating but whenever the dragons die they just spawn again instead of going to their dead form please fix this

  15. destructes183 says:

    the biomes dont spawn in.

  16. destructes183 says:

    when i go to the download link, and the second one it allows me to pass through, but the area where you press block, it just wont go past that. it just stops. so i cant get to the download.

  17. JayrInfantePro says:

    Hey mr creator can you please add lightning wyvern because i really want lightning and also change all the armor and make it dragon armor ex. Diamond Dragon??? Like the ice and fire mod 😁

  18. The great Q says:

    The compatibility updates nice and all but dragons and wyverns still cannot be tamed

  19. Treborn1 says:


  20. Amazing addon I can’t wait for more updates

    Can you please tell me how you made it though?

  21. HelloCanada says:

    The compatibility update is insane, so amazing! I cant believe how fun it is haha but the hammer mining effect of tinker’s legacy is not working.

    • HelloCanada says:

      actually none of the tinkers stuff is working for me, i followed the video, i redownloaded all the addons, if i put tinkers first then loot bags stop working.

  22. JustinGamer0090 LOL says:

    Hey can you make expansive fantasy also compatible with the cave update addon?

  23. ScaredBarley says:

    Great addon , literally my fav one of all time
    The only drawback is in the latest version the biomes spawn the mobs also spawn but if you try to ride a dragon once it will fly for the first time but will not fly ever again.
    Pls try to fix it is very annoying.
    This is the same for Griffin and Pegasus

  24. Bruno simisimi says:

    hi creators i want to tell you there There is a slight problem I use this addon v1.0.6 in Minecraft v1.16.10 all the biome blocks disappear not only the block but also ore and the block element disappears please inform me

  25. BloxurloGamer says:

    bro this I want to ask you a favor, not a favor a problem since the penultimate update of the addon,had several errors, but there is one that has been a long time and still not fixed when I put the addon in my world the skin of my character is removed and replaced with the steve and done everything and I could not fix that bug porfa fix it I am of xbox osea that the bug is of the minecraft bedrock bedrock Xbox.

  26. BloxurloGamer says:

    bro este quiero pedirte un favor , no no un favor un problema desde la penultima actualizacion del addon ,tuvo varios errores ,pero hay uno que a estado mucho tiempo y aun no as arreglado cuando yo meto el addon en mi mundo la skin de mi personaje se quita y se reemplasa con la de steve e hecho de todo y no e podido arreglar ese bug porfa arreglalo soy de xbox osea que el bug es del minecraft bedrock xbox.

  27. Vishal Gupta says:

    This addon doesnt download

  28. zahf22 says:

    sorry for the inconvenience looks like our website already reaches the bandwidth because of so many downloads in the mean time you can download the addon here

    • joe847802 says:

      any idea whens next update? maybe more realms compatibility? Since custom items, blocks, crafting recipe, trades, and biomes now work on realms. So no experimental gameplay needed

    • alessandre says:

      you can make the hydra friend:, (yes please can you make the hydra for your complement

    • FalconRepublic says:

      Hello, maybe in future updates could you consider making the dragons bigger? Also, maybe consider making dragon and wyvern armor out of gold, iron, diamonds, or netherite? Thank you for reading and I apologize for any misspellings.

  29. Treborn1 says:

    This is an amazing addon, complete and full of new things. The only drawback is the biomes wich does not spawn 🙁

  30. zahf22 says:

    sorry for being inactive we will update this weekend for more info join our discord server

  31. Okay so turns out biomes do spawn. The only thing is when Black dragons And wyverns die they come back to life instead of becoming a body, this will be a big problem on survival bc you can’t get stuff from them.

  32. Hold up, do the new biomes spawn or not spawn?

  33. joe847802 says:

    sea serpents spawn too much

  34. Guest-6074068526 says:

    if anyone is having trouble getting the biomes download the 1.0.5 link instead.

  35. Guest-7411867152 says:

    Pls help is it me or is there no biome i cant find the biome even tho im in creative it rly took me a hour and then i just gave up

  36. Guest-2890590081 says:

    I can’t find the blocks,Please fix it

  37. Guest-3191916080 says:

    Do you know any seeds that will spawn me close to ether a toxic biome or a frost bitten or scorched

  38. Guest-3690723008 says:

    the next update of expansion fantasy may be the update of multiplayer

    sorry for my English

  39. Guest-9392471049 says:

    Its not working. I try to tame it but it only says feed and once its an adult i cant ride the mobs

  40. Guest-6526436890 says:

    Can I update a world with a previous version of this addon? Is the only addon I cant update in that world 🙁

  41. Guest-9594747231 says:

    The craftings dosent work in Realms

  42. Guest-3176253903 says:

    The craftings dosent work the Realms

  43. Guest-3198064294 says:

    it is great even better if you have arkcraft too because riding dragons/wyverns/griffins can allow you to actually travel the savanna and tundra without being spam killed by rhinos.

  44. Guest-7171664015 says:

    if you hit an orc bees will attack you

  45. Guest-2698861816 says:

    Pls decrease dragon spawn rate and decrease orc spawn rate and/or nerf their health.

  46. Guest-5268902493 says:

    How do i fly on pc

  47. Guest-7317590971 says:

    how d you download the add-on

  48. Guest-3259913431 says:

    Hello, Zahf. Ever since the Nether Update was released, none of the custom blocks were working. They weren’t in the item library (that’s what I call it) and I couldn’t get them by using commands, only the items. What I’m really sad about is the following: I was working on a world with your addon. I found a frostbitten biome near a village, with lots of pillagers in the area. I decided to use the mountain in this biome and mad it some type of pillager outpost. I also put a tower on the top of the mountain. I named the moutain “Mount Frost”. I was really happy about it, until it happened. I was working on a castle nearby and wanted to go back to “Mount Frost” for some other development matters, but when I arrived, the entire biome collapsed, because the custom blocks were no longer there. I was quite disappointed with what happened, so I had to delete that world (I also had big plans for the new nether, so I was even more disappointed). The same issue applies to another addon I like to use. I would really appreciate it if you could fix this problem, I’m sure many others would too. Thanks!

    • Guest-8902309958 says:

      I have the same issue in a survival world but in every world I created afterwards its fine? reinstalling etc doesnt fix it

    • Guest-5296809189 says:

      Even spawning a baby dragon/wyvern doesn’t work, if you spawn one it will be untameable. If you spawn a tamed wyvern it will always be a fire wyvern and spawning a tamed dragon will always have the same pattern.

    • PsychedVGC says:

      I’m sorry to tell you that the creators of the mod can’t do anything about this. This is the fault of minecraft, and is a bug with minecraft bedrock 1.16 hopefully this is fixed soon. See the thing is custom blocks from any mod as well as custom items and biomes will not appear/generate.

  49. Guest-4480831346 says:

    pls can you tell me how to download it your download system is too hard its bc idk Soo help

  50. Guest-7902018189 says:

    how do you downlaod this bro + could you make a texture pack pls thx

  51. Guest-6142200160 says:

    I can’t find the biomes. how to collect the blocks in the creative mode?

  52. Guest-3764441054 says:

    It is changing player model my friend

  53. Guest-1197540980 says:

    This mod has made it hard for me and my friends to find villages in our world and this interferes with another add on that we have. Can you spread out the elemental biomes some more please? it would be really helpful 😁

  54. Guest-2496283743 says:

    None of the biomes are spawning since nether update 🙁

  55. Guest-9968711901 says:

    Can you please decrease the spawn rate of the new biomes. they have been spawning to often and it would be nice if there was more separation between vanilla and modded biomes

  56. Guest-5875266895 says:

    Could you make it so that the new biomes spawn a LOT less frequently and close to one another. It’s frustrating how often they spawn, and finding vanilla biomes can be difficult

  57. Guest-1721597063 says:

    Griffins shouldn’t spawn in plains, they should only be found in mountainous biomes.

  58. Guest-8277027676 says:

    Hi broo,i would like to offer my idea since nobody has made this addon yet i think you could,so im hoping for you to make an addon called “Avatar”,this will be the coolest add in yet if you don’t konw anything about it just watch it on youtube,so can you make all the creatures and all the the flying people’s vehicles?,i rslly hope for you to accept this idea since no one has ever made it,i really think that this is gonna be cool.thank you♡

  59. Guest-5900941687 says:

    Hey mister Zahf22, I couldn’t find the Fly Button when looking down in a tamed and saddled black dragon! Please! Is there a way to fix this? I really love your addon but it will be usless if i cant even fly!

  60. Guest-9605738459 says:

    What are the names of the blocks that are used to hatch the dragons and Wyverns eggs?

  61. Guest-4411257673 says:

    How to fix it is not showing the fly button in Minecraft pe

  62. Guest-7358348483 says:

    After 1.16 the mod is totally broken, all blocks removed and any fire, poison, or frostbitten biomes generated before 1.16 are either replaced with extreme hills or stay but all the flamerack/icerack/venomrack is gone and all the snow and gravel falls to bedrock and caused immense lag. Baby wyverns cant be tamedbut adult wild hostile ones can but cant be ridden. Using spawn commands to spawn tamed wyvern only spawns fire wyverns. Orcs cannot pick up rae angler fish and status effect textures bugged.

    • Guest-5311060746 says:

      i’m also having these and other problems like, i can’t fly on Pegasus, Wyverns and dragons just don’t spawn, angler fish don’t drop raw angler fish, neutral orcs don’t take diamond pickaxe, they don’t mine anymore and all the crafts don’t work and many items of the mod do not exist, etc, etc ,etc…

    • Guest-2352290329 says:

      Did you find a way to fix it?

    • Guest-2064559462 says:

      The same this happened to me too but you need to be on a tamed dragon to enable/disable fly. also the fire hills i spawned right next to are gone ;-;

  63. joe847802 says:

    can you make this work on realms now tha 1.16 is out?

  64. Guest-7843104851 says:

    Add hippogryph and Phoenix

  65. Guest-4019823013 says:

    hey does anyone know what the purple blob is for the saddle i cant find it anywhere

  66. Guest-5040180522 says:

    Um, this add-on LOOKS SO COOL!!! But I can’t seem to download it, all I have been able to download creating Dragon armor, and my kindle even has trouble with that, so it downgrades the quality, can u add a bit fix please?

  67. Guest-7390965217 says:

    I love this addon how to get dragon egg in survival can you tell me plsss

  68. Guest-9759700458 says:

    hey so i got this addon and i got most of it to work but i could not find the dragon saddle or armor and i even tried to make the items but i cant seem to find some of the things needed i have experimental game play on so im just confused

  69. Guest-6081598493 says:

    Thank you so much for making available for 1.16. I played it and there was a problem. I wasnt able to tame the wyvern and dragons when they from the eggs. When I tried giving then salmon it gave the the option to feed them not tame them.i would very much appreciate if you could fix this or tell what I’m doing. Thanks.

  70. Guest-5503511912 says:

    Hiya, i was looking through this addon and it was amazing, But then i realised it wasnt able for 1.12. is it possible if you could also make it for 1.12 because i would really love to use this.


  71. Guest-4322434495 says:

    how do i hatch my ice wyvern egg? i can’t find the block i have to put it on 🙁

  72. LolkoPlays says:

    Okay… Okay… Okay… So please make Staff/grappling hook work like on mobile with controller or keyboard and mouse holding LT/RMB cause to make staff works on these two cause now only wait to use it is to switch from hand to staff to shoot with it

    Make blocs faster to break cause it take so much time , time like special stones like iron pick breaking stone , and nest blocks break like wood with hand it would be great

    Orc sword 2 is easy to make and it’s kinda OP
    More enemies like sirens , Cyclops , custom structures and many more
    I know that this add-on trying to make ice and fire Java mod to bedrock , and gonna say Good job I never thought things like this will ever be possible in bedrock edition

    • LolkoPlays says:

      So I’m here again I forgot to say
      Could it be possible to show recipes in crafting menu , if not then atleast make that when you join a world you get book with all recipes like in Smelters forge add-on?

      • LolkoPlays says:

        Ok so I once came again to say ,that problem with staff and hook is fixed
        Problem: Hosted world on mobile and played on Xbox
        Problem2: on Xbox it need to be on top of other behaivours to make it work correctly

  73. Guest-3187493910 says:

    Please make a lightning element lightning dragon

  74. Guest-4555170756 says:

    Hi! So I got the mod on my tablet. At first everything was really cool but ones I got into trying to tame a griffin I can’t make the special food. The pegasus fly function doesn’t work but I still love the Pegasus! The animals are pretty hard to kill and id really love it if you could make a separate mod for the Pegasus and maybe fit the griffin special food thing!

    • Guest-6623032758 says:

      Please Make It work in mcpe v1.16+ because I so love This addon Pleaseeeeeeeee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  75. Guest-5879730677 says:

    Hello me it’s Ganchoo.
    I noticed that the flight function was no longer available once installed on a realm.
    Is there a way to solve the problem?

  76. Guest-3363288981 says:

    Hello, at first it worked fine and was a lot of fun to play, but then dragons stopped spawning. I don’t know why they stopped spawning, but in any biome (Poison, Fire, and Ice) there are no more dragons. Please help!

  77. Guest-3525010125 says:

    Pack is really cool. One major issue though is all of the blocks in the new biomes have the same break time for all tools. This makes it ridiculously hard to find the already relatively rare dracolyte. If you could fix this soon, that would be amazing

  78. Guest-9617796040 says:

    I liked how the mod looked in the pictures, but I couldn’t download it due to the websites on the links

  79. Guest-7747931601 says:

    I like this addon but I don’t really like the mountains it’s a cool idea but it just doesn’t fit like a dessert then you just see a giant ice mountain it’s a cool concept but it just doesn’t fit

  80. Guest-5843222326 says:

    I like this add-on but see that it lacks little more than physical weapons

  81. Guest-9247919362 says:

    Why When i leave my world and then join again my dragon or pegasus stop working

  82. cuau says:

    the mod is very good, I just wanted to contribute some ideas.
    the hydra (the creature in its first stage would be easy to kill, but with each death it will get another head, becoming stronger up to a total of 9 heads, its role would be to spawn a boss from time to time in the vicinity of the player)
    a Phenix (this creature could only be tamed after its first death, leaving an egg from which it would be reborn and tamed with the essence of fire),
    goblins (small creatures that could steal things from the player and by killing them would drop gold),
    the aswang (creature that changes form and feeds on humans and animals at night),
    cthulhu (would fulfill the role of final boss, leaving the sea closest to the player after killing the dragon).
    Some things may be impossible, but there are only some ideas that I would like to see in the mod.

    (excuse me for my bad English)

  83. Guest-7097785539 says:

    It won’t let me fly anything

  84. Guest-9474434277 says:

    hey can u plz make it so windows 10 players can ride the dragons and other things because in this new update we cant i dont know why but plz help cause me and my friends love this addon

  85. Guest-2865539326 says:

    Please make this addon compatible with others! It is completely incompatible with other dragon addons or addons that have dragons in them as well as other addons that have wyverns in them, it’s a burden to have to drop dozens of great addons like the dragon mount addon or the twilight fantasy addon for this, and for most gameplay worlds isn’t ideal, hope you can fix soon!

  86. Guest-3268006205 says:

    Does this work on realms?

  87. CacaoMaster says:

    Best addon I’ve seen. Here, have 5 stars.

  88. Guest-2579758970 says:

    does not work because it needs to be on top of the behavior pack.Please fix.

  89. Guest-1203716377 says:

    These are just a few things that I would love to see. I imagine that some of theses things might not be possible but they are just suggestions. First it would be awesome to see a guard post. The guard post would be a small camp with a tent or two that can spawn one to three guards. They are armed with a bow and are not hostile until attacked. They could drop a gold ingot. They would be like pigman in the sense that if you attacked one they would all get mad. They would attack with a bow and arrow. You could be able to hire them by giving them gold ingots. They would then work similar to a wolf where if you get attacked or attack someone they will also attack it. You could make them sit to keep them from teleporting. Secondly I would love to see a ruined tower. They could be made of stone, cobblestone and stone brick. They would have a staircase up to the top and could have spawners or orcs inside. They would be special in that thwart would be a powerful boss in the top. They could be similar to the normal dragons but bigger and they would have more health. When you kill it it would drop the normal dragon loot(more of it and no egg). The real reason you would want to fight them would be for the special drop. It would be like the other staves in the game but instead of shooting one of the elements it shoots all four. It would also take 2 full mana bars to balance it. It would be a great endgame boss and an awesome reward. This third idea is not my original but I have some ideas. This would be a phoenix.It could spawn in the desert and be hostile to the player. It would attack by shooting rays of heat that would light the player on fire. You would be able to tame it after you kill it. Because the phoenix comes back as a baby after it dies you could feed it fire essence to tame they babies. After you tame them they would grow up similar to wyverns and dragons. After they are big enough you can put a saddle on them and ride them. The forth idea is to improve the dragon armor. I think you should be able to dye it similar to leather armor. Me and my friends love to play the addon together and it would be awesome to have our own colors. I also think that you should add other functions to the armor. It seems a but under powered for all the work you have to put In to get it. I also think that the works should attack villages and that villages could spawn non “tamable” guards to defend them. It would be cool to have small interactions like that where you have to defend a village or help them out. Another thing you could add would be a rock golem. They would spawn in caves and attack the player. When killed they can drop earth essence. This could be crafted into a staff that when hitting an enemy could burry them in the ground. This could suffocate them and make them stuck. These are a few of my ideas. If anyone reading this read the whole thing congratulations. And if the creator reads this I hope you take inspiration and thank you for your time.

  90. Guest-6575112827 says:

    Why cant i find the itens on th inventory….do i need to craft them all?

  91. Guest-2221626227 says:

    These are just a few things that I would love to see. I imagine that some of theses things might not be possible but they are just suggestions. First it would be awesome to see a guard post. The guard post would be a small camp with a tent or two that can spawn one to three guards. They are armed with a bow and are not hostile until attacked. They could drop a gold ingot. They would be like pigman in the sense that if you attacked one they would all get mad. They would attack with a bow and arrow. You could be able to hire them by giving them gold ingots. They would then work similar to a wolf where if you get attacked or attack someone they will also attack it. You could make them sit to keep them from teleporting. Secondly I would love to see a ruined tower. They could be made of stone, cobblestone and stone brick. They would have a staircase up to the top and could have spawners or orcs inside. They would be special in that thwart would be a powerful boss in the top. They could be similar to the normal dragons but bigger and they would have more health. When you kill it it would drop the normal dragon loot(more of it and no egg). The real reason you would want to fight them would be for the special drop. It would be like the other staves in the game but instead of shooting one of the elements it shoots all four. It would also take 2 full mana bars to balance it. It would be a great endgame boss and an awesome reward. This third idea is not my original but I have some ideas. This would be a phoenix.It could spawn in the desert and be hostile to the player. It would attack by shooting rays of heat that would light the player on fire. You would be able to tame it after you kill it. Because the phoenix comes back as a baby after it dies you could feed it fire essence to tame they babies. After you tame them they would grow up similar to wyverns and dragons. After they are big enough you can put a saddle on them and ride them. The forth idea is to improve the dragon armor. I think you should be able to dye it similar to leather armor. Me and my friends love to play the addon together and it would be awesome to have our own colors. I also think that you should add other functions to the armor. It seems a but under powered for all the work you have to put In to get it. I also think that the works should attack villages and that villages could spawn non “tamable” guards to defend them. It would be cool to have small interactions like that where you have to defend a village or help them out. Another thing you could add would be a rock golem. They would spawn in caves and attack the player. When killed they can drop earth essence. This could be crafted into a staff that when hitting an enemy could burry them in the ground. This could suffocate them and make them stuck. These are a few of my ideas. If anyone reading this read the whole thing congratulations. And if the creator reads this I hope you take inspiration and thank you for your time.

    • Guest-4490528534 says:

      I messed up when talking about the villages, it says works should attack villages when I ment to say orcs. Sorry for the inconvenience

  92. Guest-3236604184 says:

    It’s a great addon but for some reason it won’t let me fly or equip any wings 😕

  93. Guest-7519791825 says:

    Plzzzzzzzz add night furs and other how to train your dragon mod s cuz I love the fly function and I love those to to

    • Guest-9802667783 says:

      if you like httyd (how to train your dragon), there is a addon which has the how to train your dragon dragons. I tried it out and it is good. it also has a good fly function and will be perfect for you if you love httyd.

  94. Guest-9201046105 says:

    I have to admit it. I use version 2 of the add on. But the addon itself is awesome, but be mindful this is mainly a stand alone hence why I use the version 2. If you like custom items and remembering things, the animations are so good, you can see them blink. Overall you can expect everything in this addon to be good, and new mobs might be in testing but everything eventually is top notch. Good work.

  95. Guest-7410850415 says:

    It would be awesome if you could dye the dragon armor like leather armor, but awesome addon

  96. Guest-1559299994 says:

    This addon completely muffles other dragon addons that do end up being much better then it. I don’t want to have to choose between the content and I’m absolutely sure you can make it compatible with other dragon addons easily. Please fix!

    • Guest-6497598143 says:

      the addon is great, there is only one problem, when I put the addon in my world the skin of the character disappears, it gets glitch, it kind of gives me agony, but apart from that, the addon is great

    • Guest-2148296028 says:

      it should be compatible with any addon that doesn’t have experimental features, such as items or blocks

  97. Guest-3319337123 says:

    behavior pack wont inport,

    • Guest-9545962686 says:

      Porfavor pueden poner que los ogros puedan venderte otras cosas aparte de libros como escamas de dragón o los cristales pero que sean un poco más caros

  98. Guest-5890785322 says:

    5 stars

  99. Guest-9329377204 says:

    I would like that you can tame and ride chinese dragons and then use them for both flying and water exploration it would be cool also to have a special saddle cause it would be hard to fly on that
    wiggling-creature with a regular dragon one .

  100. Guest-6044009048 says:

    You released a half baked addon this is not ready for a release there are a lot of bugs ores are not spawning naturally and a lot more please fix all thd problems first try doing a survival game for your own addon

  101. Guest-8969550663 says:

    Forgot to click the 4 star. Lol

  102. Guest-2695925002 says:

    This is a great addon but there is a mistake I found in a file, that is why I’m giving 4 stars. Pegasus loot isn’t added on Pegasus but the loot file for Pegasus exist.

  103. Guest-7379771978 says:

    Can u make this mod work for 1.15 beta PLZZZZZZ

  104. Guest-7180748381 says:

    It doesnt work and im pretty new at mcpe stuff should i download all Behavior pack and Resource pack and Addon??

  105. Guest-3613844108 says:

    I dont know why but when i instal this addon in my world my skin is bugged as steve and when i fly with the wings my skin dont move. How do i fix it?

  106. Guest-8331266582 says:

    I do not know how to activate it. I have experimental gameplay on and everything on but it isnt spawning nor changing

  107. Guest-2795164054 says:

    Question, how do I make the Dragon Saddle? I can’t find the one in the top middle.

  108. Guest-4129917895 says:

    Dude Can U Make a Pheonix and other mobs that be Really COOL!

  109. Guest-4922259294 says:

    It doesn’t work entirely. Dracolyte and the green (poisonous) dragons do not come out day or night …. How can we solve it?

  110. Guest-2763776701 says:

    Where can you get the ores and fossils I can’t seem to find them

  111. Guest-7155587835 says:

    Could you add unicorns? Not like pink girly unicorns that poop rainbows, I’m talking majestic beasts that rarely appear, Maybe they could share a biome with the Pegasus? They should have powers like turning invisible and attacking, I know nothing about coding and can’t imagine how long it took to create this add on, it looks amazing and works like a charm. But perhaps you can make this, thanks for reading 🙂

  112. Guest-1154094638 says:


    • Guest-2994651396 says:

      Can you please add more dragons and magic and biomes and wyverns please do it and powers and fishing things and I love fantasy dragons are cool Everyone should watch Scott – TinyTurtle

    • Guest-2377678439 says:

      Can you please add more dragons and magic and biomes and wyverns please do it and powers and fishing things and I love fantasy dragons are cool Could you add unicorns? Not like pink girly unicorns that poop rainbows, I’m talking majestic beasts that rarely appear, Maybe they could share a biome with the Pegasus? They should have powers like turning invisible and attacking, I know nothing about coding and can’t imagine how long it took to create this add on, it looks amazing and works like a charm. But perhaps you can make this, thanks for reading Can you add a pokeball where you can put your dragons/wyvern/pegasus/Griffin inside can you please do it zahf22 I love this addon please can you just do it.

      • Guest-6297785901 says:

        Can you please add more dragons and magic and biomes and wyverns and powers and fishing things please do it I love fantasy dragons are cool Could you add like pink girly unicorns that poop rainbows, I’m talking majestic beasts that rarely appear, Maybe they could share a biome with the Pegasus? They should have powers like turning invisible and attacking, I know nothing about coding and can’t imagine how long it took to create this add on, it looks amazing and works like a charm. But perhaps you can make this, thanks for reading Can you add a pokeball where you can put your dragons/wyvern/pegasus/Griffin inside can you please do it zahf22 I love this addon please can you just do it. This is me again I had to rewrite the unicorn bit I messed up now can you please do it zahf22 i’ve played this add-on since it came out can you just do my comment please read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Guest-7900569587 says:

    I’m on pc and i can’t seem to fly. Please help.

  114. Guest-4896846503 says:

    I’m on mobile and I don’t know why but it won’t let me fly with my wyvern

  115. Guest-5598570602 says:

    Which block do you use to hatch the fire wyvern egg

  116. Guest-6231027739 says:

    Can u make a nightfury and how to train your Dragon dragons and make different types of dragon like the ice and fire type from pc and can u make Pegasus faster but good job on the mod this is the best mod I’ve played

  117. Guest-1203864280 says:

    Hey I love your addon but when I downloaded the 1.0.5 it it made the dragons that I had from 1.0.4 addon way smaller

  118. Guest-6033741769 says:

    The problem is that when you tame them and exit the game they can’t be ridden and it only shows their inventory. Same applies to the Dragons.
    But Over all its a Nice Add-on

  119. Guest-8981365098 says:

    Is there any way you could make the dragon armor (player) its own armor, instead of replacingchainmail? Thanks!

  120. Sprintt1 says:

    This is amazing feels like a mod on computer. You should definitely keep adding new creatures And stuff. You should add a new bosses 🙂

  121. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Finally, an addon that have my favorite tame mechanic

  122. Guest-8722120544 says:


  123. Guest-2757090067 says:

    Can you add more updates to this addon but still its great i love it

  124. Guest-4313850466 says:

    Media fire is gay

  125. Guest-8611310284 says:

    yea the ores aren’t spawning in the your biomes. Can u fix that as it’s needed to make most of the weapons and all the dragon armor?

  126. Guest-7321443118 says:

    how do you catch angler fish they only drop raw cod when i kill them

  127. Guest-2429021028 says:

    BIG PROBLEM: ALL UR DRACOLYTE ORES IN EACH BIOME ARE APPEARING AS COAL (1.14, Windows 10, with experimental enabled). Are u able to fix this?

  128. Guest-5703116287 says:

    Is there a /give command?

  129. Guest-2232712053 says:

    you should add more dragons and magic and biomes and wyverns please do it

  130. Guest-1182648149 says:

    Can you add a pokeball where you can put your dragons/wyvern inside

  131. Guest-4053741587 says:

    how to download on mobile?

  132. Guest-6490687373 says:

    it doesn’t let me download the addon on windows 10. it shows a thing at adfly that says to turn notifications on and I don’t do it but it still doesn’t work. I really want to get this addon and that is stopping me from doing that. please either fix the link or make one straight to media fire. but I will still give 5 star rating for how amazing this addon is. please fix this problem.

  133. Guest-2825416928 says:

    dragons and wyverns

  134. Guest-3894046945 says:

    You should add more dragons

  135. Guest-6343124852 says:

    I do not see the blocks in order to hatch the eggs

  136. eKufluma says:

    Cannot mount or feed animals.

    Please help

  137. Guest-4073397087 says:

    so far I love this addon, i play it on windows with all my friends. one request though, could you add in a way to fly the creatures on computer, because i tamed a pegesus but cant fly it! snd its really bugging me.

  138. Guest-6001771133 says:

    Hey dude when will you transfer this to 1.16.? Some of the mobs has a bug on this version and the biomes are not generated. but I really like this add-on this is so cool. Hope you make an little update

  139. Guest-1479769748 says:


  140. Johntorres says:

    Nice dude 👌 really like it!

  141. Guest-8469908759 says:

    Can you make the wyverns a 4D skin please I think they’d look cool

  142. WickedLuka4 says:

    Author, someone bought your addons for 2 yuan and deleted many things

  143. Irish Jevil says:

    I can already tell that there is some inspiration with this and Ice and Fire. Personally I like Ice and Fire more on Java, but here are some suggestions:

    Make the dragons a bit more like the ones in Ice and fire, but still have them have 4 legs. And make them not ascend into the heavens in the 2nd stage.

    Make the dragons fire the harming particles less.

    Add stuff from the new Ice and Fire updates. (With your own spin on it.)

    Make the wyvern textures a little more minecrafty.

    Make the fire biomes spawn more and make the poison biomes spawn wyverns more.

    Hopefully this helped. ^w^

  144. Guest-2123792482 says:

    Why is every block outlined on Windows 10 minecraft version 1.14? Can you fix this?

  145. Guest-4101663916 says:

    Can you go back to the old way of flying me and my friends wanted to do a medival game we are on xbox and it worked but after this change it doesn’t work

  146. Guest-8152840443 says:

    Please remove the menssage of fly.

  147. Tiny Dragon says:

    It wont let me put the wings on

  148. Guest-5696128127 says:

    Love the new Griffin

  149. Funky Taco says:

    Is it me or does the Griffin sound like the one from ark survival evolved anyways great addon

  150. Guest-5586180322 says:

    Hey this is a idea but can you make it so that you don’t have to use the wing orb to fly but you can fly like how the elytra works,and another item you can put can be a mermaids tail please that would be awesome if you do both of the things i said and if you can do the mermaid one can you make them look like actual tails lease thanks btw love the mode <:

  151. Stavinair says:

    Please make it so tamed entities don’t attack eachother

  152. Guest-2966882067 says:

    My concepts of new mobs:fairies,giant carnivore plant,colossal golens,mermaids,centaur,minotaur,satyr,cyclop,hydra,werewolf,fenix and meduza.

  153. Guest-8795329436 says:

    Pongan lo para la versión 1.16 por fa

  154. Guest-2174986183 says:

    Can you add a wizard enemy and more ground based enemies and maybe structures they spawn in

  155. Guest-1542509085 says:

    Could you add an animation for the forge?

  156. Guest-4345181396 says:

    what are the /give commands in the last update they were ck:(then whatever item0 btw i love ur add on

  157. Guest-7707850744 says:

    Is this based on ice and fire?

  158. Guest-9410138706 says:

    hey! so I downloaded the new update but for some reason…. when I put the black dragon egg on the block the egg doesn’t have a bubble particle…so I went back to the previous ver and it still didn’t work but my previous egg had particle…is it just me? but overall the addon is good! I enjoy it so much!

  159. Guest-3144952402 says:

    When is the beta will release?

  160. Guest-6168478482 says:

    I wish I could post a picture but it won’t let me. Your biomes got retextured from ur update, by this I mean there’s lines around all the blocks. Picture every block in ur biome but with a black outline or border. (i have experimental gameplay enabled)

  161. Guest-8027829383 says:

    (A normal person using youtuber accent)
    hey watssup zahf22! using the name of Death_whisper and i’m asking for the next update is a mermaid swimming in the ocean

  162. Guest-6329655695 says:

    This is the previous Guest-3727882692. Actually nevermind about the wyverns and dragons not dying. They revived so many times after dying, but they eventually stopped reviving and died.

  163. Guest-3727882692 says:

    Hey, I found a few bugs on Windows 10 1.14 version (I have experimental gameplay enabled). The dragons and wyverns don’t die when you kill them. They come back to life instead, and they don’t drop the essences because of this I think. Also, the dracolyte forge can’t be placed or crafted. And the pegasus wings and griffin wings don’t work (It doesn’t let me put them on). Also the wyvern eggs don’t hatch when I skip the days in minecraft but i’m guessing you have to actually wait it out.

    • Guest-8662814585 says:

      For the wings hold it and break or nearly break a block

      Yh ur going have to have to wait out the days for the egg

    • Guest-3341393380 says:

      It is because it is not an error, in fact, 1 does not die, but 3 have 3 life phases 1 soil 2 air 3 soil and air since they are difficult to kill in their 3rd phase but there is no error

    • LolkoPlays says:

      Have 3 lives/phases and when the dragon is on the ground and not doing anything , Right click it with draxe to get the loot
      Dracolyte forge is craftable and just punch with it and then place it like block ,and wings you need to hold it in your hands and punch with it to equip and then you can jump to activate fly mode
      Hope this helps

  164. Guest-3387604396 says:

    Yey. I’ve been waiting for mcpedl to accept this addon for hours

  165. Guest-5766164229 says:

    The best add-on everrrr!!!!

  166. Guest-7830461421 says:

    I cant place the forge for some reason.Help.

    • Guest-9342054015 says:

      this mod is for minecraft bedrock, indeed the whole page is for mods for minecraft bedrock, go to curseforge there are mods for minecraft java

  167. FrostytheBEAST says:

    And all of the windows 10 edition i say this (and to some other people):
    Bc u cant play this addon on mc windows 10 edition or dont know how to use it this isn’t a reason to rate this addon 1/5
    I can’t understand how some people so stupid are🙄🙄

  168. FrostytheBEAST says:


  169. Anonymous says:

    love it the way everything looks just need to fix the thing where ones they sit and you quite the game they can never unsit this happens to tamed Dragons , tamed Wyverns, tamed Pegasus even tamed wolf and cat

  170. Guest-1090813625 says:

    why is there so many downloads

  171. Guest-6788138519 says:

    how do i get the weapons im on windows 10

  172. Guest-6162669103 says:

    This mod is very well done, especially the dragons and wyverns. Only problem I’m having right now with this mod is the fact that the wyverns doesn’t seem to spawn naturally, even in their respective biome with experimental gameplay turned on. The dragons and the orc does, but for some reason, the wyvern doesn’t. I can still spawn them in with spawn eggs and they function normally. Also I can’t place down the draconite forge, what’s up with that?

    • Guest-9805314335 says:

      Side note: Since a lot of this is base of mythology, you should add in more creatures, and some bosses too. Here’s are my suggestion

      Minotaur: In the myth, the minotaur was kept inside at the center of a maze known as the labyrinth. Make him like a mini-boss that resides in a maze somewhere underground.

      Satan/Lucifer: should also be a boss fight, make it a separate dungeon in the nether or something. Also make it summon wither skeleton lol.

      Arch-Angel: found in some ancient ruins or something. Need valuables, like for example, a diamond block to summon all 4 of them. They each drop a fragment of a weapon, which can then be combined to create another weapon. Make it that this is the only thing that can do damage to Satan.

      Goblins: weaker than a zombie, but attack in horde, and can also steal stuff from you which they drop when they die.

      Midgard Serpent: Giant snake that poisons you. Found in a dungeon underground too.

      Giants: like a really big and buff villager.

      Anyway, here’s some of my own idea, you don’t have any reason to listen to them, but I really hope you do!

    • Guest-7601934531 says:

      Hit the ground like your pressing a button then it will give you the option to place it

  173. Guest-2804219921 says:

    How do I equip the wings? (I’m on mobile)

  174. Guest-9312033873 says:

    Hi Do this work in Pocket edition?

  175. Guest-1174320053 says:

    I cannot seem to place the forge? is it my game or is there a certain way to do that?

  176. psycho boy65337 says:

    But can you please make it a next update where i can take my dragon to the nether or the end i tried to take them with me to the nether but they cant go

  177. psycho boy65337 says:

    After months of searching i finally found a great addon your addon is the best
    Thanks to the creator you made my dream come true to tame a dragon in minecraft

  178. Guest-1106859907 says:

    Can u an help me because when i try placing the forge it won’t let me I’m on Xbox

  179. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    Please tamable sea serpent and new mobs!

  180. Guest-8831563619 says:

    Everything seems to work perfectly, it’s just that the wings made for players to put on doesn’t work. I can’t wear it. I tap and hold, it doesn’t work.. I have my experimental gameplay on. The wings is the only problem.

  181. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    Add werewolves and a way to turn into them

  182. Guest-2048604296 says:

    Ahhh! I love this it loooks so cool but one thing is that I can’t seem to download it, everytime I load the game to only thing it shows is the armour, pls fix it ;(

  183. Guest-3139173814 says:

    Add a long click breathe short range fire like the one that they use to attack mobs

  184. Guest-6399192710 says:

    make the wings faster and the dragons bigger but this mod is my favorite of all of them

  185. Guest-2759399093 says:


  186. Guest-6568569603 says:

    I very love it to fly without command block so it still very nice but I am modelling my Celestia Dragon but it still work in progress many times and i will give you a velociraptor model i gonna make a:

    Fire Velociraptor

    Ice Velociraptor

    Poison Velociraptor

    And extra armors and i will make pegasus armors just for next time/week/month

    My addon when 1.15 issues:

    Did not work (all items)

    No blocks

    Pegasus wings not flying

    Working on 1.14:

    Best condition

    I am using

    Found blocks

    Working items

    New features you need to make



    Hippocamp Loch Ness




    and a new items

    Dragon Amulet

    Dragon Chain Lead

    Giant Croc Mount

    And a types that unicorns/alicorns









    And amazing features.

    Look like java quality mod

    Ice dragon armors make galaxy dragons turned into moonlight dragon

  187. Guest-7371542826 says:

    please fix it again because here I am very difficult to find the Dracolyte Ore in each biome while survival Please improve again and make it easier to find Ore in each Biome Thank you I really like this addon and I play Minecraft always using this very exciting and cool

  188. Guest-5333860482 says:

    Boring. Too many days until will update. sadly 😥😥😥

  189. Guest-2868744884 says:

    Can u please update this addon already it is my favorite addon ever and I have gone through more than 60 of them and this is #1.

  190. Guest-6881374460 says:

    That’s some kind of a unfunny joke or what? Because of your shortener i can’t download it lol

  191. Guest-6345806323 says:

    Add werewolves and someway to turn into werewolves pls

  192. Guest-1698705239 says:

    Add Griffins or hippogrigphs

  193. Guest-6672039936 says:

    This addon looks pretty good but idk why when i leave the game while the dragon is sitting when i rejoin it won’t get up

  194. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    Perfect addon.
    Maybe you can make a 3D weapon.
    Keep on good work.

  195. Guest-7166530473 says:

    Can someone tell me how to download the addon with the link?

  196. Guest-5173097453 says:

    and make the dragon a new skin and new epic animation! 😀

  197. Guest-8898165086 says:

    even when the orc is mining it wound work it just stoping

  198. Guest-8960170655 says:

    yo zahf can add some stages for the dragon and wyvern make it 1 to 5 k and make it FASTER also make the update to 1.16 because IT WOUND WORK IF I TAME THE BABY DRAGON AND WYVERNS I CAN ONLY TAME THE PEGASUS PLEASE FIX THE BUGS!!!! 🙁 i only download your addon is really EPEC and make the small fire ball large and give it fire breading

  199. BlueWolf2006445 says:

    Absolutely amazing! I love this addon! But when I have two dragons that are both tamed they attack one another! What can I do to stop this?

  200. Guest-3045200990 says:

    the addon overall is amazing but there are 3 problems with this.

    1. mining the glowing blocks for the dragon eggs take far too long.

    2.the forge glitches out when i try to place it, it works sometimes tho.

    3. this one is the most important one: i can’t find the dracolyte ore anywhere. no matter how deep i mine in the wyvern biomes, no matter where i look its just no where to be found. please fix these.

  201. BlueWolf2006445 says:

    Is there a way I can make the wyverns bigger than the maximum they go to with feeding/growing?

  202. Guest-1892963891 says:


  203. Guest-6266933063 says:

    hello i loooove this add-on its amazing and i want to share the expierence with my friends on a realm that we play on but when i add it it doesnt act the same as on the regular world if you can please help to fix this i really enjoy this add-on and i spend most of my time on the realm and want to use this at the same time.

  204. Guest-2239089332 says:

    Can you add hat the wing orb ket you fly inf and other orb that us the opposites that clear the wing orb. Is idea you dont need to do this

  205. Guest-9802759606 says:

    I just downloaded the addon and im ive done everything in creative and when i put the fire wyvern in the volcanic blocks they dont show particles or anything. is this supposed to happen?

  206. Guest-6127945925 says:

    Can you help me?
    I’ve installed the add-on and texture but it’s showing everything. Only the dragons. I can’t see the dragon’s saddle, the wings, nothing. Only the orc, dragons and Pegasus, but I can’t do anything else. Can you please help me and tell me what to do?

  207. Guest-1137788853 says:

    I have a recomendation. Make It so that you can fly infinitely with the pegasus wings, as long as you have enough hunger. Flying will decrease your hunger bar, like sprinting. One your hunger bar reaches 3 shanks, you will stop being able to fly upwards and you will just float to the ground. Also could you change the pegasus wing textures, because they are kinda bland. This system will be better than the “wing orb” system that you put in place. Please read this!

  208. Guest-2194799615 says:

    Can you add a velociraptor please

  209. Guest-9373147917 says:

    I can’t find the thing to make the saddle. It would be nice if you could provide the name of the item along with how to get it.

  210. Guest-7074837527 says:

    I can’t fly

  211. Guest-9301753435 says:

    I can’t find the blocks needed to hatch the eggs in creative mode. I cant find the armor or the saddles. Can you please fix this asap or at least give me an answer to why i cant see it. besides this, the mod is cool.

  212. Fallmarble44492 says:

    Great add-on zahf22 but I have a suggestion add werewolves and vampires🐺🐺

  213. DiegoN says:

    Can you make a link strait to Mediafire

  214. Guest-1892851783 says:

    Why are the other items (Pegasus feather and etc) not showing in the inventory in creative mode?

  215. Guest-6136511106 says:

    Thank you very much for the mod! I loved!!
    One thing that I would also love if you could add, are unicorns, and another mob that I would also like and much more than the previous one would be the alicorn, the merger of a unicorn and a pegasus, that I would think that nothing more would be obtained from procreating a unicorn and a pegasus

  216. Guest-7686406274 says:

    Make ender dragon egg hatchable but addicting mod better than the marketplace ones and the market place ones rock 👌👍👍

  217. Guest-5735106348 says:

    Make ender dragon egg hatchable but addicting mod better than the marketplace ones and the market place ones rock

  218. Guest-7229777678 says:

    When’s that update coming? Ik it should be any day now, so where Is it?

  219. Guest-6794309360 says:

    Update for 1.16 Please!

  220. FrostytheBEAST says:

    Best addon ever

  221. Guest-6469699922 says:

    Why the orc is not attacking??? And Btw this is a cool addon

  222. Guest-4020336832 says:

    This is the best addon in the entire world. Very very very very recommended

  223. Guest-6223295098 says:

    How do you download it on iOS 13.3.1 because it says that the pack ID is unknown

  224. Guest-5012421519 says:

    This addon is one of the best imo , is there a seperate addon for just the pegasus?

  225. Guest-7179610458 says:

    this is good mod but in my minecraft is only i dont mobs i dont have blocks or items from this mod

  226. Guest-9657976839 says:

    How do I get the dracolyte ore. I need the ore and I don’t know where to get it. plz help.

  227. Guest-2284238968 says:

    I love this addon!!! but can you make the biomes spawn way less as well but all the items in the creative. please please please fix the bug where you if put it on an already existing world that it doesn’t mess with pets like unable to make them sit or anything of the sort and it does it to the dragons as well to the point you cant make them sit or fly or walk they just walk around freely, as well make them fly a bit faster

  228. Guest-4532711559 says:

    So the griffins are half eagle and half lion

  229. Guest-3204569875 says:

    Zahf can you make the fly Faster please

  230. Guest-6018753384 says:

    I have mcpe v1.14.1 and properly install the addon. But when I play the addon suddenly my minecraft pe force restart to menu. I dont active any addon or mod etc. Even create a new world or copy existing world. It still same (force restart menu), can u tell my why this happen. Beside all that, the addon was perfect and amazing, from the creatures behavior, textures etc. It so so great i ever seen. Please solve my problem, thank you.

  231. Guest-9431722563 says:

    is this add-on compatible with realms ive used it on a regular world and i love it so much i want toshare with my friends on the realm but when i put them it doesnt act the same or maybe im doing something wrong if someone can help

  232. Guest-5184303081 says:

    How do you place the Dracolyte Forge?

  233. Guest-2599722187 says:

    Hi uhh which link goes to the new updated version?

  234. Guest-8772068548 says:

    i just recently downloaded this today and so far it is great but i am having issues with somethings if you can please message me back and help me out i want to enjoy this to the full extent

  235. Guest-5600828142 says:

    this mod is great i serch long for mod thats works

    • Guest-7261667123 says:

      You should add a new variant to the wyverns because i have many ideas for colors like a redish gold for fire and a white or gray for ice or a vomit like color for poison

  236. Guest-8003039485 says:

    Zahf22 , your addon is amazing 100/10 stars. You should collab with HarleyModder since he is doing an addon with staves, and i believe it should be added on the next update. Or combine addons with the creator of A Mighty Staff addon which includes very powerful staffs.

  237. Guest-8391651799 says:

    One of the best mods ever even works on xbox keep up the good work no complaints

  238. Guest-2078606941 says:


  239. Guest-6861723167 says:

    Pls how can place the dracolyte forge i have absolutely no idea i cant place it

  240. Guest-1361849165 says:

    How awesome is it! so great but it is greatest when you add alicorns, unicorns, pegasus/alicorn/unicorn armors like dragons have and add moonlight wyvern and lance swords. so i love it

  241. Guest-2219261256 says:

    I LOVE THIS ADDON ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ But I would like a mythical creatures addon for my mythical zoo plz plz (username Thetigerking)

  242. Guest-9355274820 says:

    Enable fly button doesn’t show up even if I turn on the experimental gameplay mode.

  243. Guest-7915431196 says:

    Can you put it on 1.16 to please so i can play your addon.

  244. Guest-8502919275 says:

    Hi I don’t know how to put on the wings can you help me please

  245. Guest-1717861596 says:

    I think you should more griffin on addon because ít beautiful than now

  246. Guest-1784106849 says:

    I don’t understand your recipes your page needs more information for instants how do i build a saddle whats the black thing on top

  247. Guest-1764448931 says:

    Theres a lot of blocks that I can find in my creative inventory but not in survival. The fossil ores, logs, leaves, scorched stone, etc.

    • Guest-3139825720 says:

      Dude please make it so that you can actually find fossil ores, dracolyte ores, etc in survival mode please because I can’t find them anywhere. I play on v.1.14.30.

  248. Anonymous says:

    Oh and also can you add Phoenix

  249. Anonymous says:

    And can you add a Phoenix

    • Guest-8349084849 says:

      This is an amazing addon! do you think you can add a deserted biome which is a dark and muddy, can it be like a graveyard and at night a new mob will spawn that will haunt the biome and take players to underground tunnels where undead mobs and new ores are. Maybe add a large crater in some larger types of that biome where a new boss will spawn (like a ghost king of something) also can you add floating islands for new air mobs?

  250. Burger says:

    Zahf can you pls remove the wing orb I get you might ask if you do then what are dragons wyverns and Pegasi used for they could be used for running around faster plus the wing orb doesn’t have much time for it but people gather so much material to make one pls remove it zahf , the wing remover is good just remove the orb please this is one of my favorite addons i just want you to fix this.

  251. Guest-9845011766 says:

    Need a better download link.

  252. Guest-8183456392 says:

    Great addon just one thing i do not know how to put on the wings and im on pc

  253. Guest-3235904233 says:

    Is the best addo ever i Play, and really really complete. Pls update It for beta 1.16

  254. Burger says:

    If you want to use wings and Pegasus on beta get the resource and behavior pack and click the file and press download then when you are there and the file is downloaded import it to Minecraft then put the resource and behavior pack in

  255. Sineg0mo8811 says:

    Hello! I love your add-on but I see some errors! please solve this!

    1) Is very, very, very difficult to find the new biomes ( apart the poison biome)

    2) Wyverns don’t spaw in the poison biome

    3) Sometimes fire wyverns spaw in ice biome, or poison wyverns in fire biome,etc.

    note: sorry for the english errors!

  256. Guest-2904966306 says:

    Absolute highest quality addon i have ever seen. I really love how it doesn’t replace anything in game.

  257. Guest-4833560670 says:

    this addon is amazing.
    could you add phoenix please? 😊😋

  258. Guest-2641906729 says:

    And her bday is may 1

  259. Guest-4135400305 says:

    Can you add a Ocean dragon? That’s all my sister wants and I was wondering if u could get it out right before her birthday and like a gift. It would be a purple dragon with blue eyes and white for webbing between the wings or white with blue eyes and purple between the wings. And by purple can u make it like purple purple or ultra violet? And by blue I mean like sky blue or a pretty teal or terquoise

  260. Guest-6460272238 says:

    How do you get the dragon armor? I know how to get the armor pattern but not how to get the armor besides going into Creative. I’m on 1.14 and Ipad. Btw I mean the HUMAN armor, not the dragon armor

  261. Guest-7175001371 says:

    Five star add on! But, like everrrrrrrryone else, I want some bosses. If you see this Zahf, please reply. Idc if you plan to do this or not but I want to know what you plan to do.

  262. Guest-8727336020 says:

    Hello Great Addon but it seems that I cant find the Dragon saddles and their blocks and others but I have the mobs pegasus dragons and otherss I downloaded the 6 files but it is still incomplete my Minecraft pe version is 1.15 I can spawn the new mobs but their loot are just bones and I can tame and ride the pegasus but not hatchand tame dragons help. Please 😭

    • SpikedCthulhu says:

      Enable experimental gameplay. The blocks and items mechanic only works if it’s enabled. Once enabled the blocks can easily be found in the construction menu in creative and to get the dragon saddles just type in give @s dragon saddle i don’t know the full command cause I forgot but it should pop up.

    • Guest-3842034968 says:

      It hapens the same to me, I eneble experimental game, I even tried re installing everything, but it didn’t work I’m on 1.15

  263. Guest-3359561042 says:

    5 stars

    • Guest-8788728008 says:

      Hey i really loovveee this addon i always wanted wyverns and dragons and wings but can you maybe do that you can paint the pegasus that would be really cool or like potions in mocreatures the bye

  264. Guest-1695256547 says:

    is this realm compatible?

  265. Guest-1002250184 says:

    This Addon is great but it would be the greatest if you added bosses and biomes

  266. Guest-6419142846 says:

    Why not, implement bosses.

    For example: my idea is that they could take 4 horsemen from the apocalypse and beating them will give you the opportunity to ride their horses, each with their respective appearance and characteristics, as in Red Dead Redemption

  267. Guest-2310057208 says:

    I have some tips for the next update
    1) make it such that if you breed 2 dragons there is a small chance that the baby dragon will have 2 or 3 or 4 heads

    2) also make the pegasus dyeable.

    3) the fireballs that tamed dragons shoot is very inaccurate and cannot be easily used in combat. It would be very nice if you fixed that.
    4) and last but not least make the dragons elemental. BUT PLS DON’T CHANGE GALAXY DRAGON. (It would be cool if there was a 4 headed dragon with all four head types.

    Thanks for your consideration Zahf

  268. Guest-5701052197 says:

    you can put for pc, that mod is better than ice and fire

  269. Bouncing25 says:

    Awesome Add on! But im having trouble with getting the dracolyte forge to work in mcpe. I create it in Creative and it shows in my inventory, when I try to place it it disappears! Plz help.

  270. Guest-1439242491 says:

    could the next update be regarding excalibur? an example is: to get the excalibur you have to kill king arthur (who would be a skeleton boss with several hit points)

  271. Guest-2667474732 says:

    you should add a durability bar to the weapons

  272. Guest-4990312318 says:

    Can u fix the xbox version. Addons work on xbox but yours is glitched.

  273. Guest-6125875297 says:

    To kill orcs fight. Lure them to a body of water place a boat.theyll be immobilised and then slay them.they won’t move or hit back. That’s the trick.

    • Guest-2763173967 says:

      The only thing I don’t understand is what exactly is the Wyvern airmor Pattern used for

    • Guest-3321218898 says:

      How do you hatch ice wyvern egg what block?

    • Guest-5259681159 says:

      Cant find most of the stuff in the creative inventory,, i’d give this a 0 of i could.

      • LolkoPlays says:

        Yes I’m not a creator….
        But first you need to understand that this is bedrock edition
        If you don’t like go play java I don’t care if you have pc or not
        I understand that creator of this add-on it was hard for him to make this add-on (I tried make my own it was hard)
        You can find blocks and spawn eggs in creative inventory , but most items must be given by a command
        /Give @p ck:(item_name)
        Like you should be happy that someone spend hours of scripting to make this Awesome add-on ,so please give him a 5 🌟

  274. Guest-2232884360 says:

    Pls add phoenix 😃

  275. Guest-2384851160 says:

    i made you a alicorn model. i will send you tomorrow

  276. Guest-2592388118 says:

    Can you add alicorn sword (apart of serpent sword)

  277. Yenilmez Oyuncu says:

    Add dragon wings. Add an Orc cave. Organize your biomes, they will be more difficult to find. Let’s fly with wings as we want. Let’s fly faster with the wing. Add dragon villagers and dragon villages. Get the new dragon bioma. Update soon.

  278. Guest-1335237901 says:

    the pegasus wings are awesome and can you add a [Celestia] dragon
    What i think
    Purple with pink eyes and pink horns (maybe)
    Rainbow horns and pink with purple eyes (maybe)
    Purple horns and purple with pink eyes (maybe) like that and Can you add manticores or fairies or anything

  279. Guest-3707596135 says:

    My pegasus are like a colors of MLP Ponies

  280. Guest-9212697926 says:

    How do I download?

  281. Yenilmez Oyuncu says:

    Allah aşkına neden üçma süreli bir kere tiklayınc uçma açılsın ve kapansın . Daha hızlı uçabilmek münkün olsun bunu bir eşya ile sağlayalım . Ejderha kanatıda getir . Ejderha biyomu , ejderha köylüsü ve bazı büyü asaları ekle .

  282. Guest-9565817994 says:

    Did you know this pegasus wings are look like a Java Wings Mod

  283. Guest-7364838557 says:

    Can you add a [Celestia] dragon/wyvern it is a white dragon/wyvern with rainbow horns and pink eyes

  284. Guest-3479818231 says:

    I love this addon because it works on 1.14 but 1.15 it makes a new blocks or biomes disappear so i use 1.14

  285. Azura Kai says:

    Could you make the Wyverns/Dragons/Pegasus at least 10x faster? They’re so slow

    • Guest-6623752559 says:

      Zaf22 can u make it so u can take the sea serpent and it gives u water breathing while underwater and make wyvern set of armor for ur character and sea serpent armor to compliment the sea serpent

  286. Guest-7109249691 says:

    Whats the use for Wyvern Claw and Wyvern Fang ?
    nobody asked here yet
    is there any chance for wiki with all information, like weapons damage stats, wyvern hp values etc etc ?

  287. Guest-6875257393 says:

    how do you get the blocks?

  288. Guest-6875257393 says:

    how do you get the blocks?

  289. Guest-7382488837 says:

    You should put the dragons in the cave and delete new areas because it is very jerky, you should update the new monsters and should make new items like dragon scales and dragon heads.

  290. Guest-9173576449 says:

    I would appreciate if you fix the open button instead of enable fly while riding the dragon.

    • zahf22 says:

      hi I’m pretty sure the addon works fine some of you just dont read the instructions on this page fyi summoning tamed dragon or tamed wyvern will not work make sure your riding your own dragon or wyvern or there will be not enable fly button equip them dragon saddle

      • Guest-4967505319 says:

        Hola me encanta este complemento pero e encontrado unos pequeños errores como que el bioma de nieve aparece en mayoría, que en el bioma de veneno nieva y que los dragones nuevos que fueron agregados aparecen con variantes que no deberían de aparecer en los lugares de aparición . Si pudieras arreglarlo me alegraría muchísimo y esto no lo digo por fastidiar sino para ayudarte a hacer el complemento perfecto así que mucho ánimo que me suscribo y espero lo mejor de ti 😇

      • Guest-1305232808 says:

        I cant download the pegasus behavior how can i fix this

      • Guest-5307990652 says:

        Hey dude incredible addon ,but, can You add a rideable and flyable Ender dragon pls?! It’s My dream

        • Guest-5480888523 says:

          hi! i know an addon that might interest you, it’s called dragon mounts 2. it has a bunch of different dragons you can tame and ride including ender.

      • Guest-1300046438 says:

        Does this work on Pc? ;-;;;

      • Guest-7446338714 says:

        hey um zahf, what is the block called that you use to hatch fire wyvern egg on???

      • Guest-6926332306 says:

        Dude , plz update this to 1.16 beta i can’t tame dragons or make their eggs hatch , the only thing that works is the pegasus and other creatures, plz i can’t play with without fly in dragons 🙁

      • Guest-9801558840 says:

        Hi, I would appreciate if you can fix the spawn rate of the illagers riding wyverns, i always die every time i log in the game. there were around 15-20 of them where i spawn. and everywhere i go there are a lot of them roaming around. i can’t even build a house let alone gather resources while they are fighting each other and breathing fire everywhere.

      • Guest-8501517100 says:

        Hey just a question, is the forge broken right now because i cant seem to craft it, the two actual blocks are smooth stone and iron right?

  291. Guest-7271222635 says:

    I have a question in this version with the pegasus how do you tame the black dragon beacause i kill it 3 times then i hold a soulsand in my hand but theres nothing appears and how did you get the ore,forge and the draxe or the orc axe i cant find it pls can you help me

    • Guest-3430520792 says:

      Same, I can’t find the draxe or other items anywhere! Please fix zahf22!

      • Guest-1253860484 says:

        Enable experimental gameplay and it should work you get the draxe by killing a orc , with the draxe just go to a dead dragon/wyvern body and if u are on PC right click on android it appear a button named loot and then the dragon become smaller and there is a chance to give u the egg y’all should search a fully review of the Addon and stop saying it’s a big because is not

  292. Guest-5423889020 says:

    Remove dragon orb I don’t like the part about the wings needing limited items. But other than that I love this addon

  293. Guest-9867532469 says:

    Como puedo encontrar lo ores de veneno o de lava o de hielo no me aparecen porque.

  294. Benpotgieter says:

    Hello I knew I asked this befere and I knew your a busy guy but pleas can you add dragon bows with a new feature dragon swords becau of the dragon bones they drop it would be epic to do that pleas

  295. Guest-6553539866 says:

    What about different aircrafts in one addon🤩

  296. Guest-1489173107 says:

    Could you add more wyvern types like lightning or plant and there could be a thunder mountain where you can get the lightning wyvern and could you make a mega dragon where you combine all dragon eggs combined please that would be very cool but the addon is the best I’ve ever seen thank you.

  297. Guest-1214639543 says:

    friend told me about this, cant wait to start a new survival world

  298. Guest-8860317294 says:

    Mermaid Please 😢

  299. Guest-7202339941 says:

    I have a question in this version with the pegasus how do you tame the black dragon beacause i kill it 3 times then i hold a soulsand in my hand but theres nothing appears and how did you get the ore,forge and the draxe or the orc axe i cant find it pls can you help me

  300. Guest-3122987726 says:

    Really awesome mods thanks a lot keep going that way 🙂

  301. Guest-8632475880 says:

    This is a really good addon but it would be better if you made custom armor by using the helmet slot cause i have addons that will craft the chainmail armor and it seems kinda unfair to get dragon armor pretty early some creators dont know that people are making modpacks out of these meaning other addons are going to change

  302. Guest-9301442374 says:

    Can you make a Wings of Fire addon and I love this addon

  303. Guest-2193141046 says:

    Por favor ajustar as texturas,que estão com resolução 4×4

  304. Guest-2287247577 says:

    Can plz fix the Download It dose not work it takes you to add fly and then wen you press skip add it takes you to a different page that’s not meda fire
    Plz fix this

  305. Guest-9030935279 says:

    Add a new boss to the hydra, she has three heads and she poisons

  306. Guest-4718048125 says:

    The forge is invisible for me?

  307. Guest-6265668464 says:

    It won’t let me down load the mod it takes me to some random website PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  308. Guest-5625158603 says:

    This is the best add-on ever, for Role playing or other. I have a request which I believe would be wonderful for everyone. Lighting dragons:
    – grey with purple eyes and golden horns (maybe) *
    -White with dark blue eyes and black horns (maybe)*
    – Pink with purple eyes and dark blue horns (maybe)*
    -Black with blue eyes and white horns (maybe)*
    -blue with pink eyes and white horns (maybe)
    * are my favourites the colours which at the end I’ve put *
    I know its a lot but it would be wonderful and maybe increase their flying speed if it is possible because I think they’re quite slow, no offence apart from this two suggestions love it.
    Thank You
    have a nice day…
    keep on doing what you’re doing, its making everyone happy and hope its making you happy as well.
    – Luce Griffin

  309. Guest-6766921483 says:

    i like everything bout this but i suggest adding human armor not just dragon/wyvern

  310. Guest-9230188783 says:

    I spawned in a village with the addon equipped. I saw a giant wyvern made of items. I took some pictures of it to. If you looked at it one way it would be made of place able blocks and another spawn eggs.

  311. Guest-4555120670 says:

    After alicorns. please add some unicorns

  312. Guest-6548185896 says:

    Did you know that. this wyverns it is a mythical creatures

  313. Guest-3069021182 says:

    Dose anyone know why dragons don’t fly on Xbox or ps? it won’t let me fly

  314. Guest-5659154735 says:

    Every time I try to download and install this add on I get a notification saying “add on failed” and says “not a valid zip archive”. Am I missing a step or is there something I’m doing wrong?

  315. Guest-3269170975 says:

    Why won’t the eggs hatch? HELP ME!

  316. Guest-8498079895 says:

    Where do fossils and the dragon ore spawn?

  317. Guest-7841781655 says:

    How to change player dragon armor color

  318. Guest-3019235074 says:

    This ice dragon armor makes a galaxy dragon to moonlight dragon! it is so very amazing 😃😃😃 and i love it and my vyverns using respective armors So i love this❤❤❤❤🐲🐲 and it is sooooo amazing and i made my world to dragons like when it’s fire i called it “Firestria” when it is ice i called it also “Icestria” and it is poison i called “Poisonestria” so i love it

  319. Guest-1487298511 says:

    Can you add some alicorns when is the new one for 1.15

  320. Guest-9324332492 says:

    Plx add lightnig wyvern and make their color purple plz

    • Guest-3012743638 says:

      Why can’t I see wyverns? Only Black Dragon on hills and I see no caves in every biomes of a wyverns, is it why I can’t find wyverns? Also why the eggs don’t hatch? Please helpppppp, it’s the best addon so far

  321. Guest-8492858808 says:

    Its really good for an addon but the wyverns,theyre a little too slow

  322. Guest-7998494423 says:

    can you please update it so the end dragon can also hatch (either the same as the black dragons or on endstone) and if so be the same stats as the actual end dragon

  323. Guest-1487298511 says:

    Can you add some alicorns

  324. Guest-9503916964 says:

    Pretty awesome addon. And what’s the name of the black item in the Dragon saddle recipe?How to get it?

  325. Guest-6139807906 says:

    Can YOU add more mobs like Goblins?

  326. Guest-8993848061 says:

    I like how every addon creator just puts a picture of all the crafting recipes and just expects us to memorise all of them immediately.

  327. Guest-4823067009 says:

    THIS ADDON IS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!!! One question, how do you mine the nest blocks in the custom biomes because it takes very long to finish and the game glitches so you stop mining it, I’ve tried to use orgs and that didn’t work either- please help!

  328. Guest-8164953190 says:

    Good evening. I am trying to play this on an Xbox 1S..the game recognizes the add-on and I run it on experimental game-play. But it doesn’t seem to render right. The biomes are purple and black blocks, orcs are just purple, and some of the eggs are invisible. I am not sure what I am going worn, can someone please help? I am running Minecraft 14.30.
    Some of the things I have tried was deleting and installing again

  329. Tiny Dragon says:

    can you make the night furie?

  330. Guest-9441307735 says:

    hey what are the blocks you need to hatch the dragons i’v been playing for hours and they wont hatch i am in love with the idea i just wish they would hatch!!!

  331. Guest-9882868079 says:

    So, I have the add on installed, am using Experimental Mode, and all that. Only Orcs, Angler fish, and sea serpents spawn! I dont ever see a naturally spawned wyvern/dragon in their biome. The eggs dont hatch in 3 minecraft days, they havent hatched at all actually. In survival, the special nest blocks are as hard as obsidian, and using a Diamond pickaxe wont pseed it up, basically, I can use my fist and it’s the same speed and result as Diamond. You really need more weapons added because its really hard to kill an Orc Captain with a Sharpness V Diamond sword. Basically, its not working at all, and it needs to be fixed. The armor needs fixing as well. Overall, needs fixing! I can see in the comments I’m not the only one with these spawn rate issues. Also, I tested this without any other add ons, so its not a conflict issue.

  332. Guest-2316857581 says:

    Muito legal,addon muito top,mas tem um problema,os wyverns não estão espawnando nos biomas de veneno,fogo e nem no gelo,o que eu faço

  333. Guest-6827468818 says:

    While definitely one of the better addons I’ve seen, the strength of both the dragon armor and weaponry really disappoints me since we’re going through all this effort just to receive items that are literally weaker than even iron armor. For such a detailed armor, I’d have expected it to at least be somewhat comparable to diamond rather than be something that looks pretty and obsolete.

    The dragon-riding is fun though and works at least, I guess that somewhat redeems the lackluster armory.

  334. Guest-6225599199 says:

    I love this addon! the dragon/wyvern health bar just like a java mob health bar

  335. Guest-6474581894 says:

    It works for me! i love it and i named some dragons or wyverns! it is perfect to me!

  336. Guest-8365247492 says:

    Why I can’t place a dracolyte? How place it ?

  337. Guest-4153539301 says:

    Can you add dogs? Please your the best at making addons I thinks it would be a lot better if you made them

  338. Guest-6615106332 says:

    Chickenbed333:can u add actual dracolytes (dragon people) and dragon based magic as well as more dragon btw love it

  339. Guest-6349500463 says:

    Excuse me but I have the addon in mcpe, my world in on experimental gameplay but the dragons and the wyverns cannot fly more than 2 blocks when I am riding them. I summoned them with a command. Also they don’t shoot fireballs.i did put a saddle on them.

    Can someone pls help.
    I have mcpe bee update.

  340. Guest-8788245386 says:

    I have a few questions.
    1. How do I get Dragon scales?
    2. Where can I find Dracolyte?
    3. In the pictures above, the creator put in pictures for the crafting recipes for “Poison Dragon” armor, “Ice Dragon” armor and “Fire Dragon” armor, then the Wyvern armor variants. What exactly are the Dragon variants? I’m aware of the Wyvern variants, I just didn’t know if you could put the Dragon armor on the black dragons.

    Thank you! 🙏

  341. Guest-8308561595 says:

    I love the addon but cant seem to hatch the black dragon

  342. Guest-1505492141 says:

    Great Addon bu can you please make it so that dragons an Wyverns only use there breath attacks from a certain distance. Also on the ground please make it so that they can swipe at mobs with the claws on there wings and bite at mobs. Also on the ground make it so they can bite mobs while a player is in them. But they can only do it on the ground.

  343. Guest-9930368722 says:

    Excuse me but I have the addon in mcpe, my world in on experimental gameplay but the dragons and the wyverns cannot fly more than 2 blocks when I am riding them. I summoned them with a command. Also they don’t shoot fireballs.

    Can someone pls help.

  344. Guest-4112169248 says:

    Please add a way to speed up the hatching process 🐯

  345. Guest-4112169248 says:

    Please add a way to speed up the hatching process

  346. Guest-4462075945 says:

    you’re a great developer
    and thats a java quality mod thank you so much

  347. Guest-5114637018 says:

    i want function fly_system back

  348. DTechGamer says:

    This is just the best and awesome add-on ever!!!! 😃😄😁👍👍👏👏. I score this 9999/10!!!!

  349. GabstarDaGreat says:

    Hello! This add-on looks awesome, but the link doesn’t seem to work. It would take me to and i would skip the ad and deny its request to allow notifications. It would then re-direct me to another tab (while to original goes to a random website) and it would continuously tell me to allow notifications for Is there something I’m doing wrong? Others seem to have a fine time downloading, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

  350. Guest-4942915438 says:

    Dragons, sea serpents, and angler fish aren’t spawning but orcs are? What do I need to do to fix this? And how do you get dracolyt?

  351. Guest-8870022553 says:

    A textura com algum erro fazendo todos os itens ficarem borrados

  352. Guest-2129407984 says:

    This addon is amazing one thing- I can’t seem to find any wyverns in their biomes- can the spawn rate be increased?

  353. Guest-6680813291 says:

    Great Addon! Which is bigger, the dragon or the wyvern?

  354. Guest-3540687855 says:

    I seem to have a problem – none of the items or blocks are showing up. I can spawn various creatures, but the creative inventory doesn’t contain any of the new items or blocks. Even when I get the right materials I can’t craft anything from this add-on. (Still giving 5 stars cause this addin is epic!)

  355. Guest-2067755700 says:

    I can’t download it on ios please help

  356. Guest-6506347413 says:

    Você pode otimizar esse addon ?
    A textura dos itens está borrada e não tô conseguindo chocar os ovos,quando eu tento o jogo sai.

  357. Guest-2883044629 says:

    Add hydra

  358. Guest-1273114818 says:

    hi, very cool mod, everything is gorgeous, add hydra

  359. Guest-5416817619 says:

    How do I hatch wyvern egg?I’ll already search on the chat and I got nothing,can ya help me?

  360. Guest-5371228016 says:


    • Guest-1253860484 says:

      Enable experimental gameplay and it should work you get the draxe by killing a orc , with the draxe just go to a dead dragon/wyvern body and if u are on PC right click on android it appear a button named loot and then the dragon become smaller and there is a chance to give u the egg y’all should search a fully review of the Addon and stop saying it’s a big because is not

  361. Guest-4419627125 says:

    Omg best addon ever thank you keep up the good work. Suggestions
    1 add more wyverns like plant or lightning or something please. 2 the dracolyte forge is a little expensive could you like make it a little cheaper please. Thank you for the greatest addon ever

  362. Guest-8444661536 says:

    On next you will add some unicorns and pegasus and alicorns?

  363. Guest-7484652968 says:

    I love the mode I installed the mod from 1 all the way to 3 its the best mode ever but you know whut would be epic a dragon bone bow if it’s possible pleas add the dragon bone bow in the next update plead

  364. Guest-3580889474 says:

    This is so amazing! But one problem. Could u make it so that it pet dragon wont attack ur other pet dragon if u accidentally hit it? Cause whenever I make my dragon stand, it will run over and try to kill the one I hit. And it wont stop until its dead. They will also try to kill all ur other pets if u accidentally hit them.

  365. Guest-4362287469 says:

    It won’t let me fly the dragon at make it sit. Please tell me what to do about this. Btw great Addon!

  366. Guest-9881053866 says:

    You were still god

  367. AsilZade says:

    Awesome Work
    Awesome Add-on
    Awesome Community
    Awesome People

  368. Guest-6576526029 says:

    This addon is really good and it have alot of features that will yeet all the dragon map on the marketplace in to the trashcan
    Rate addon 1000000/10

  369. AJ Studios says:

    Can you fix the armor Because it should be better that the diamond armor since you have to use all diamond armor to crazy the new armor

  370. Guest-4372848939 says:

    You stole the dragon models from ice and fire

  371. Guest-1187917164 says:

    Hello a question how the purple object is created to make the mount

  372. Guest-3949095483 says:


  373. Guest-3448310305 says:

    How do you download on ios it says it isn’t a zip

  374. Guest-3236277085 says:

    Yes thank you thank you thank you!!!! For updating it

  375. Blockocraft says:

    Can you please allow players to breed dragons and wyverns together to make a hybrid dragon?

  376. Guest-4688544035 says:


  377. Guest-6681853799 says:

    Very nice addon, i enjoy it a lot , however, i would like to see a variant of the mod with only the wyverns . Otherwise i love that addon

  378. Guest-1593508947 says:

    This is a really good addon but can you please make a link to a world showcase cuz I am kinda confused

  379. Guest-6200327166 says:


  380. Guest-8673152728 says:

    Very nice

  381. Guest-2669964865 says:

    Its sad that it wont work on 1.15 but still, its pretty great

  382. This is by far the best dragon add-on released on MCPEDL ever, if not the best add-on released on MCPEDL ever, and it has many features, this thing puts marketplace dragon add-ons to shame!

  383. DTechGamer says:


  384. Guest-3151256394 says:

    Great addon, probably the best dragon addon there is, please add ultimate dragon pet, has 4000 health, attack damage is 100 and can fly at 50 blocks per hour.

  385. DTechGamer says:

    When it’s gonna update? Is it discontinue? Cause the discord is now expired. 😕. Please reply.

  386. User-7703025291 says:

    I have a pc device i can clone your dragon but mine i gonna clone your black dragon will be ice dragon version

  387. User-4071730635 says:

    Give the creator a break this addons works just fine

  388. User-9080929220 says:

    It is awesome, i love it, bit i try to use it in a realm, ir works, You can tame it, bit You can’t ride it, can You Make a función that works on realms like a horse? It doesnt martes that You can’t sit him, ir shoot fire, i only sant yo ride dragons with My Friends 🙁

  389. User-8566821882 says:

    can’t you just add a bp animation controller for the flying system instead of command blocks

  390. User-5178499686 says:

    nah i give up man

  391. User-8561998160 says:

    Can you make it fly faster and it isn’t shooting fire

  392. IsThatYou292 says:

    When’s the update dropping? I’ve seen the videos and I’m so hyped.

  393. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    I use your fly function for my Unicorns Addon. So amazing

  394. FlyerXXGamer99 says:


  395. Anonymous says:

    Um, help, my game is saying that there is no function dragon_addon thingy, help meh 😫

  396. Mate says:

    No puedo volar, ayuda porfa, es el mejor addon y no me sale el boton que dices

    • User-4826239082 says:

      Tienes que poner un bloque de comandos ponerlo en repetir, incondicional y siempre activo, el comando que lleva debe ser, /function dragon_addon y supuestamente podrás volar, pero no funciona en realms, solo para que sepas

  397. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    I am waiting to release a new one

  398. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    Please upload the dragon addon update:13

  399. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    I saw your today’s youtube video about dragon addon So upload now

  400. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    Can you copy “Dragon Addon” and update into “Dragon Addon (White Dragon Version)

  401. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    My version is1.14.1.4

  402. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    My version is

  403. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    Update this addon today

  404. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    Can you upload wyverns and orc addon

  405. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    You help with TWIGGY to make a light blue eyed moonlight dragon skin variant

  406. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    Can you add a light blue colored eyed moonlight dragon it just a my new dragon skin request

  407. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    Can you add a light blue colored eyed moonlight dragon it just a my new skin request

  408. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    Can you add wyverns, swords, dragon armors because i love it🐉🐉🐉❤❤❤❤❤

  409. CookieThief says:

    (Well, sorry for my bad English)
    This is by far the best mc pe addon))) It’s just awesome(i’d like to see more dragon types, like wyverns, or other dragon skins tho)! But there’s a little flying problem: when I tame a dragon and try to fly it(I spawned a command block and wrote everything like you said) it’s just stays on a same air position. It flies, of course, but I just cang fly up or down(
    How can I fix it?

  410. Kevin M says:

    No puedo descargarlo
    ¿Algun consejo?

  411. FlyerXXGamer says:

    Can you add some dragon armors

  412. FlyerXXGamer says:

    Flying carpets are looks like your dragon’s fly system

  413. WildDemonLord says:

    Can you make it so the sea serpent can also be ridden like the dragon? Then there would be a mount on land (horse) a mount in the air (dragon) and a mount for underwater (the serpent). Please and thank you.

    • WildDemonLord says:

      Lol, I forgot to add, can you also add armor for the dragon? And yes I do mean each type of armor, Leather, Chain, Gold, Iron, and Diamond. Please and thank you.

  414. Javier says:

    where does the black dragon spawn in the wild?

  415. Darkkos says:

    How can you fly on xbox and win 10 versions? already tried with the commands block,also i can’t join the discord server the inv already expired

  416. SandiJa says:

    I like the addon! It’s good but I think you should add a range of different colours to the dragons or different elements like fire, water, air, earth, ice, forest etc. But apart from that it’s really good!

  417. FlyerXXGamer says:

    I love this addon but you add a ice dragon

  418. Tiny Dragon says:

    Sorry I cant join discord

  419. Anonymous says:

    an awesome addon! PLEASE ADD BLUE DRAGON.

  420. Anonymous says:

    great addon! please add red dragon

  421. Rogue says:

    Can You add melee attack animation and the dragon 3 time bigger and add 3 new dragon with new egg.pls

  422. Pillow says:

    Is it possible to get a tamed galaxy dragon? Great addon aswell!

  423. Pickles says:

    Add different types of dragons for example;lightning dragon which spawns on a floating island filled with cloud blocks; stats 200 hearts hostile, 1000 hearts when tamed. Has 3 forms of attacks; lightning strike, diving attack, and melee. Kill it to gain egg. Place egg and strike it with lightning bolt to begin incubation. Then tame it with enchanted golden apple. Has custom dragon armor and storage system. Can control lightning blast with a nether star.

  424. Dragon Black says:

    Please update for 1.14

  425. Anonymous says:

    This is the best dragon addon ever, and I love the suspense of the dragon egg about to hatch, and there is so much possibilities with this. Thank you zaf22 for creating this addon

  426. Nelson says:

    The link doesent work. I really want to try this

  427. Mr Unnamed says:

    i’m on Xbox but i can go up and down with the dragon

  428. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a ice dragon

    • Junior says:

      Amei esse addon, mas eu vi um problema muito grande e na sea serpent

      Primeiro: ela aparece em qualquer bioma de água, poderia fazer algo diferente tipo, fazer algo dentro da água para ela aparecer, ou um local único para ela, onde ela n fique presa nos lugares

      Segundo: quando enfrento ela, aparece duas, DUAS, o bicho ja e forte e difícil, ae aparece duas na luta fica impossível

      Ou deixa ela mais fraca ou usa a minha ideia de um lugar único pra ela ou fazer um “ritual” pra ela aparecer

      Adiciona mais dragões tmb, com atributos diferentes exemplo a velocidade de vôo e habilidades

  429. Ninjey says:


    • zahf22 says:

      setup the command_block ride your own dragon look at its body then right click it once to enable fly mode

      • U.N.Derfell says:

        Or you could’ve just put a player file that has “scripts”: { “animate”: [ “ride” ] },{ “ride”: “controller.animation.ride” }
        And then a animation controllers file and write format version, animation.controller.ride
        Well, I can’t say the entire process just find it in other add-ons and it’s up to you to rename “ride”

        • zahf22 says:

          thanks for suggesting I know how it works like I said before I used command_block to lessen the lag specially for low end devices ,plus this 1.13 up to 1.14 animation controller are buggy like sometimes it work sometimes its and for most mobile devices animation controllers dont work

        • Rengoku says:

          this addon is really cool but when i setup the command block to function etc.,it.shows in the previous output that dragon addon file is not found?im using 1.14 and i think i set the command block just right with repeat and always active

  430. ThatRedEyed says:

    So this addon is great! Sadly when i kill a dragon it just respawns itself, what should i do?

  431. Silver says:

    Hey, lovely mod, everything is great except the flying. I installed the mod but on my computer/ Minecraft for windows 10. So I tried the command block and nothing worked. Could you please explain how to get it to work on windows?

  432. 049masterwar says:

    Can u maje a dragon luke Smaug plz

  433. Idk says:

    Can u make a skeleton dragon

  434. PLR889 says:

    Poderia adicionar dragões com poderes diferentes, exemplo: raio, gelo, veneno. Adiciona um jeito de jogar poderes com o dragão no chão

  435. PLR889 says:

    Poderia adicionar dragões com poderes diferentes, exemplo: raio, gelo, veneno. Adiciona um jeito de jogar poderes com o dragão no chão

  436. M.Potato says:

    This is by far the highest quality addon i’ve ever see ! Everything is so good. The custom animations all look incredible! The only real problem is when i’m flying and shoot the fire ball, sometimes the little cursor thing that appears won’t let me aim it.

  437. Merancapeman says:

    As far as dragon addons go, it doesn’t get better than this. This is by far one of my favorite addons, and it works on my multiplayer server. To boot, the developers are always willing to help on their discord and I’ve never had problems fixed quicker (any problems occurred on my behalf, or that of Minecraft itself). If you want dragons, this is the one. Galaxy dragon is my favorite, and I can’t wait for future features!

  438. Tiny Dragon says:

    on 1.14 now

  439. Anonymous says:

    whens the 1.14 update for this coming out? Amazing addon!

  440. MXCrazyMan50 says:

    Deberías agregar que se les pueda poner armaduras y que tengan skin con cada una , de oro, de diamante y hierro 😀

  441. Anh Kỳ says:

    Ad ơi cho giáp rồng vào đi

  442. update now says:

    make it on 1.12 plz

  443. Pickles says:

    Amazing dragon addon, love the flying animations but the dragon should shoot ghast fireballs, dragon fireball, or a custom projectile depending on the skin of the dragon. The fire breath is glitchy and should be fixed. There is a delay when the dragon melee attacks. Also you should make the mobs like pillagers and etc be able to ride the dragons. Other than that, great addon 5/5 stars.

  444. Tiny Dragon says:

    Can you put a chest on a dragon for storage I thought I saw a picture with a inventory on the dragon?

  445. Javi says:

    Me encanta pero si es posible podrías hacer algo con el ataque del dragón , pues cuando ataca con fuego a un zombie este le da un abrazo amoroso y al dragón le cuesta derrotar al zombie , así que porfi podrías mejorar el ataque del dragón domesticado 😇

  446. UwU says:

    Help me 😨 when i kill a dragon the dead body wont appears, just the drops

  447. xier245! says:

    Can you add Ice Dragons

  448. Hey zahf, can i use your fly function in my dragon mounts addon? I’ll give you credit

  449. plz says:

    plz make on 1.12 too

  450. FurywithTrident says:

    Fly system doesn’t work in Realm server.
    Other than that,this is the best dragon add-on .

  451. !ATTENTION! says:

    This add on is amazing!!! Works perfectly. But on recommendation. Make the dragon shoot ghast balls instead of the pewny fire ball. Besides that it’s great and do what ever you’d like with it!!

  452. Warriors and WoF Forever! says:

    Absolutely splendiforous! 😂 Alright, alright, back to the subject. I just want to say this is incredible! The model is beautiful, the animation—magnificent! And oh, the flight mechanic is amazing! But I do have a few suggestions, one—like other people have requested, can you add wyverns? It would be super cool to have different species of dragons! The second thing, (also previously requested) more skins! I would love to have an army(or rainbow) of many multi-colored dragons! Thanks! Sincerely, a lover of this addon.

  453. Super games SM says:

    Eu queria baixar esse asdon mas sempre que eu tento baixar, ele baixa o antigo. Me ajuda pfr zahf quero muito testar esse asdon

  454. Lewis says:

    When I spawn any of the dragons (haven’t seen any wild ones) they just disappear and give experience when I kill them

    When I spawn any of the tamable dragons, they just walk around, I can’t put a saddle on them or fly or anything

    • Rolan says:

      Do you turn on “Experimental Gameplay”? Your minecraft version should 1.13. To fly, give yourself a command block, then place it anywhere. Type in the command block “function dragon_addon”. Make it repeat and always active. Go tame your dragon, then press “Ride”. Interact with the dragon, and give it a saddle, then press “Enable Fly Mode”. Look up to go up. Look down to go down. To stop flying, go down, then interact the dragon and press “Disable Fly Mode”. Hope you enjoy!

  455. plz says:

    plz make it on 1.12 too

  456. Cameron Marcum says:

    Hey idk who to ask for help with this so, whenever I try to download any add on it tries to open it in files instead of allowing me to import it to Minecraft from files it gives me access to all the textures and everything I’ve watched videos for iOS devices but my phone doesn’t behave the same way. I go through the process of clicking skip on the ads and hitting download and hit the down arrow at the side of my search bar to try and open it and it leads me to files. Someone pls help.

  457. Hi says:

    When I try to fly the dragon all it says is ‘open’
    I already did the command block 🙁

  458. Boipicklerick69 says:

    Zahf if you need help with any new updates I can

  459. Boipicklerick69 says:

    Hey Zahf I love this addon so much just few suggestions you should add nests npc storylines and a bigger fireball and I can help you with that but overall wonderful addon man. You changed the way I play Minecraft lol

  460. Anonymous says:

    I cannot revive it on PC or XBOX.

  461. Waxier240! says:

    Next update will it have male and female dragons

  462. XYNOLEX says:

    Pls make a plane addon your skills fit for it

  463. Jamie says:

    I don’t know if it because I’m playing it on Xbox but when I kill the dragon is comes back alive and flies away I hope this can be fixed. It’s scoop concept tho 😊

  464. Tiny Dragon says:

    I love it and the new animations thank you so much the only thing is I have two dragons I accidently hit one and the other keeps trying to go after it anyways thankyou so much!

  465. 2834 says:

    how do you fly on windows 10????

  466. Maddie says:

    Im on bedrock,and still am completely lost on how to get it on my ipad xD

  467. High King says:

    Hey could you please add a dragon cave or nest that a dragon spawns in. Could the cave or nest also have Gold diamonds and other things. Also NPCs that ride other dragons that attack you. I really like this add-on it’s so amazing I want to see it grow into something great can’t wait to see what’s next.

  468. Mr hydra fantasy says:

    Hey can u also add like that shadow dragon too by the way great addon most be hard but every time I try to kill the dragon they just fly away

  469. Mr hydra fantasy says:

    hey u can u add so u can tame the sea serpents with raw fish and u should add like animal that the sea serpents eat like fish

  470. Some random player says:

    I commented before but I guess it got deleted… well anyway—I absolutely love this addon, and the update has made it even better!!! But I’m not able to naturally make a dragon egg. When killed, wild dragons drop the items listed…and respawn. Same skin and stage, still wild. And this happens when the function command is activated. I CAN, however, /summon the dragon corpse and it works just fine, but sadly there doesn’t seem to be any other way to get the dragon egg, making it impossible in a no cheat(survival) world. Please see if you can fix this.

  471. Rolan says:

    I’m gonna try this add-on, it looks cool.

  472. Voider says:

    I love the new update its so good!! But how do you make them have a chest\have an inventory cause mine doesn’t have it after taming it. Also the dragons don’t have the different skins they all only have the galaxy skin (not complaining cause it’s the best skin!) but it would be nice to have the others

    • zahf22 says:

      skins are random soon you’ll find the other skins of the dragon 😅 the dragon dont have a chest or inventory it only have 1 slot for the saddle

      • Voider says:

        Sorry I was confused from the picture above cause I play (i think) the classic version so the inventory is different and the picture made it look like the player inventory was the dragon’s inventory 😅 also I really have spawned A LOT (a lot) of dragons and non of which were anything but the galaxy dragon (again still the best one) but other than that it’s still really cool! Good job

  473. titan man says:

    plz, make it on 1.12 too I can’t get it

  474. Cody says:

    What about the no command block download

  475. CloudWolf says:

    Can someone please help me because the new updateversion isn’t working, I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong but nothing shows up when I add the behaviour and resource packs on a new world to try the new update out, it’s just normal vanilla minecraft, it doesn’t have any of the new items, spawn eggs ect.
    I only have the new b and r packs and and experimental gameplay is activated so what am I doing wrong?
    I really want to try it out since I love the first update and you added the things I wanted also it looks really cool, please can someone help me 🙂

  476. Regaser says:

    Hello! I am writing a translator on Google because I do not know English. The addon is beautiful, but after the update the dragon began to behave strangely, he spits fire into the air and always turns in one direction when you try to fly on it. It’s just impossible to play like that. And also I ask you to make it so that it would be possible for the dragon to not pay attention to anything until the player himself orders it because it reacts to mobs from other mods and the same bug happens that I described above (the bug works without others mods). Please fix this.

  477. Some random player says:

    Having some troubles with this new( and awesome) update. When the dragons are killed, they drop the items listed and a new dragon spawns(still wild, same skin, same stage)but there is no dragon corpse. I can use the corpse to make an egg if I /summon it, but other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a tamed dragon.. Aside from this, this addon is great!

  478. Zikamiri says:

    how do you make it fly? mine wont work

    • Guest-8156811269 says:

      Can you please add more dragons and magic and biomes and wyverns please do it and powers and fishing things and I love fantasy dragons are cool you should add A fire sword and our flight suit how to train your Dragon stuff please do it

  479. This is just downright amazing.
    Keep up the good work, and maybe add a wyvern too? Please?

  480. Vyntage says:

    Plss make the dragon blow some fire

  481. HarukaBR352 says:

    So I ask you to do this please do this unique thing that until today has not been created!

  482. HarukaBR352 says:

    It could have a mermaid skin 4D with swimming animation, I gave this idea why only the mod for Minecraft PC, video game and everything other than mobile platform, tablet among others

  483. PenelopeYin says:

    Besides the slightly model glitch, I’m really loving this add on. It’s the best dragon add on I’ve ever played with and it’s something I’ve been waiting to see for ages. A dragon add on that doesn’t just jump and drop down slowly. Thank you so much.

    Also I have a bit of an idea. Maybe make it so ya can use dyes on your dragon to change its textures, like for example, a aether dragon, skeleton dragon, forest dragon, etc. or maybe just add those in a wind variants. I’d love to see more dragons or maybe just more species of dragons. You have a lot of talent and I can’t wait to see what you do. ^-^

  484. titan man says:

    can please update this I got this addon but my game always crashes I really want this addon😢

  485. titan man says:

    every time I try to download it aways crashes😢 , please update it I really want this addon

  486. Jamie Lee Thomas says:

    Hey zahf22 the model has recently been a bit broken like the horns and legs and it’s not tameable I’m playing on Xbox maybe that could be the problem but I thought I’d just let you know 🙂

  487. McpeLover says:

    Please turn transparent the head and wings when youre looking around or add some armor on it

  488. VALETS CRAFT says:

    I LOVE IT!! ❤❤❤