If you love the End Dragon so much, then you must like this add-on. This add-on makesi t possible for you to have your own pet dragon and fly on it in the skies. There’s no longer needed (if there ever was any) to be bored in Minecraft!

DRAGONCRAFT is an add-on that adds more dragons to the game. Currently it includes 6 different dragons and all of them can be domesticated / tamed with rotten flesh.

By killing a wild dragon (you can find them spawning randomly in your world) you will be getting 1 dragon egg. You can use that to get your own dragon and then ride it in the skies.

The dragon eggs can be incubated by giving them 1 diamond. When you give it the diamond, it will start to shake and you will have protect it when it’s born since any hostile mob will attempt to kill it.

  • The hostile dragons have between 100 – 150 of HP.
  • Tamed dragons have 150 HP, and you can add armor to it to give them more protection.
  • The dragons eggs take approximately 2 minutes to hatch.
  • You can ride tamed dragons. You can fly them by giving them a chicken feather or by simply jumping.
  • If you have a cane with a carrot, you can go faster.
  • Dragons are tamed with apple meat.
  • You can put a chest on the dragon and then will get 15 inventory slots.

Remember that if you find a bug or suggestion tell the creator on twitter @ROBERTGAMER69

Changelog View more
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. dragon size was changed
  4. Fixed a bug that caused dragon eggs to not spawn
  5. is now compatible with 1.14
  6. etc..
  1. the whole complement was corrected and the dragons can already be seen
  2. the ghost dragon was removed
  3. all dragons have different behaviors to previous updates
  4. Fixed a bug that crashed
  5. Etc,,,
  • Now the saddles are visible in the dragons.
  • Now the chests are visible in the dragons.
  • 5 new dragons were added: Prismarine, Sand, Dirt, Lava, water,
  • Some textures were corrected
  • All the dragons appear in different biomes and dimension
  • The model was changed to the dragons
  • New animations to the dragons
  1. an error has been corrected by putting the texture
  2. an error is corrected when putting the behaviors


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Apply the packs for a world
  4. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings
  5. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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305 Responses

3.59 / 5 (150 votes)
  1. Dragon And Unicorn YT says:

    Can I use your addon? I want to make something without knowing how it works for a little series on my channel.

  2. MrCube says:

    Please Update to 1.16.2

  3. Guest-7024023748 says:

    I love this addon! I have been looking for one like it for years!

  4. Guest-5101468470 says:

    Guys don’t waste ur time if some one reading this there is no add on that actually has good dragon and If it does I will beat you they can’t fly properly the only addon I’d recommend is expansive fantasy they have actual functioning dragons and wyvers that don’t just slow fall and jump really high they actually fly!! You know like dragon are supposed to do no offense to the creator I get it must be really hard to make mods but come on you every ones gonna uninstall the addon as soon as they realize it’s trash

  5. Guest-6787158662 says:

    How many apples do u have to feed to tame it

  6. Guest-8027471350 says:

    This is the worst dragon addon ever I hatch the eggs and I tame it but it only let’s me ride it and it does not sit the lead breaks when I leash it to a fence and the worst thing they dont even fly

  7. Guest-7255694066 says:

    I loved it and if it came with its own map that would be cool

    • Guest-8212613853 says:

      Dude this addon is awful I never use it even the 2nd update of dragon mounts is better than this at least the dragons could fly and had animations this is the only dragon addon that I have tested and never used

  8. Guest-9466794479 says:

    Getting stuck on ad page because the allow button never shows.

  9. Gaming Boss says:

    Make a mediafire link!!

  10. Guest-1889077060 says:

    There will be a version WITHOUT ads?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Подскажите пожалуйста почему они невидемые когда их выводишь вроде включено было все

  12. LittleMoisesG says:

    Will there be more updates in this addon?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Um how do I get it

  14. Ender magic says:

    Tại sao tôi ko thể cho những con rồng mới nở ăn


    I thought youuu said the dragons fly, all they really do is jump really high

    • Dragon19Guy97 says:

      I agree, this is bull….I was expecting them to flying like fifty blocks a second…….not just jump and then feather fall to the ground, either word it properly or fix your mess, and before people go on a rant, I understand that these people are doing their best on here…….some more than others, but when I found out that they dont fly like I was told they would by the way they worded it, i got my hopes up……..

  16. Anonymous says:

    it says two things you can tame it with but none is working

  17. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Can you make it more les minecrafty

  18. Ur Biggest Fan says:

    Can u fix another add-on , pls fix the Eternal OrdeaL add-on (entity in the add-on is invisible)

  19. Dragonerc_TC says:

    Pls add back the ghost dragon pls pls oh and maybe add a underground dragon the skeleton dragon pls pls pls pls

  20. vexatron200 says:

    i try to download the file. both links try and get me to get an extension, and wont let me click download till i have it! so i try and get the extension, it does nothing. i get the extension over and over again. nothing. so i gave up. i cant use this, I am sure it would be a great add on if i could actually get the files!

    • Guest-1135644850 says:

      the extension has a virus you got scammed. next time find an adblocker on the Chrome Web store activate ultralist annoyances and then viola youre done

  21. Firewing Is Not Logged In says:

    I love the new update, its awesome to finally get to see these dragons instead of riding invisible ones, but there are 3 things i don’t like:
    1. Dragons spawn WAY too often
    So i made a new creative world to test the addon, and i spawned in an ocean. two words. DRAGONS. EVERYWHERE. If any survival player went into biomes where dragons spawn, they would die instantly. Dragons should be harder to find becuase A. they’re dragons, and dragons are supposed to be rare, B. it makes any biome where dragons live a hellzone.
    2. Tamed dragons don’t follow you
    Taming dragons is kinda wack, you have to feed them apples until they love you enough to let you saddle them, and you have to look at their feet to feed them. But when you do tame and saddle them, you can make them sit but they won’t follow you unless you put them on a leash or bribe them with apples. They don’t attack anything either. Wild dragons are very hard to take out due to them spawning in packs and being strong mobs. It’s not exactly fair to have wild dragon breathe fire and be very dangerous creatures while the tamed dragons are essentially expensive, huge horses with slow speed and a high jump.
    3. The wild dragon’s dragon egg drops make no sense
    Sometimes you get an egg of a random species, sometimes you get a spawner for a domestic dragon, sometimes you get a wild dragon egg. It’s weird.
    Other than those issues, this update is awesome and it could easily work for a survival world as well as a creative. Thanks for making this awesome dragon addon.

  22. Dragolosse says:

    Hello! Wild dragons drop ONLY prismarine spawn eggs BUT if i add a another addon how add new entity the egg how drop from wild dragon will CHANGE

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well i found a bug… i killed the water dragon and it gave me a wild dirt dragon egg, i killed the dirt dragon because i couldnt tame it, the dirt dragon dropped a black egg with some sort of code for the name, and when i went to hatch the black dragon, it crashed my game

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wanna know how to tame the dragons? Just simply ride on the mountable dragons!

  25. Beau Kuhenbeaker says:

    BRO FIX FOR MOBILE THIS IS SO DUM IM SORRY BUT IT IS FIX IT THIS OCT 6 UPDATE IS USELESS (or my device can’t handle it OR it’s just old I got it last year tho!)

  26. Yeye says:

    Please add a direct link for xbox

  27. Ur Biggest Fan says:

    Im very happy when this add-on been update thx.

  28. ? says:

    The dragon has update but the ads not working too long to wait im waiting for 1 hour

  29. Kieran says:

    How-to tame it.i have rotten flesh and it is not working and can’t mount.on kindle.plz leave instructions and update to allow bug fixes.i love the models though.

  30. ResShin says:

    I can’t see the slot to put chest on dragons.

  31. moonligh1223 says:

    it took me 29 tries but it is no longer invisible

  32. Belly1125 says:

    Ok, first of all when the egg hatched, it was invisible. But I warn you to not hit the dragons after they hatch. I hit it because it was invisible and I was making sure it was there. It made THE MOST EAR PIERCING NOISE I’ve ever heard. My ears hurt SO BAD. but yeah, the dragons are invisible.

  33. Jamie says:

    It’s now working and absolutely amazing never doubted infinite minds one bit you are amazing creaters may I suggest adding a texture when putting a saddle in the dragons? And maybe more dragons in the future? This add-on is amazing and always room for improvement ?

  34. moonligh1223 says:

    thanks of updating this!!!!!!!!! i sure hope this works

  35. HelloImLexy says:

    What’s the apple meat? I don’t speak english and i don’t know what is it :'(

  36. Jared Yvarra says:

    The new download links don’t work they send me to a car renting or buying website please change them to mediafire that one works for me

  37. Pickles says:

    Great addon. It is hard to find the best dragon addons. A few bugs I’ve noticed were that 1) the dragons can’t be tamed and cannot follow you 2) They cant also fight 3) Also when I try to make them sit, they dont sit. The egg hatching system, flying system and riding system work just fine. A few extra suggestions; different projectiles for the dragons, the saddle and chest should be visible, and should fight for you.

  38. Anonimo says:

    No poss, que asco

  39. Akira says:

    Thank you so much for fixing this mod. I have been wanting it since I was really young and now I can use it. Thanks for remembering this mod and updating it! I’m excited for future updates if they come.

  40. Yeye says:

    Direct link for xbox plz

  41. Skeleton says:

    Thanks for fixing it but I have a request could you make a More wither skeletons add-on.

  42. Tyler says:

    The carrot on a stick doesnt make them go faster and you cant stay flying. Its just a big jump and slow glide fall

  43. A kid says:

    Me and my friend have been waiting forever on a update for this but I have a suggestion that when the dragons hatch they are babies

  44. Hugo says:

    I download the Behaviour .McPack and Resources .McPack then tap it on files, it goes to load the import but fails. Why does it fail? Support is appreciated!

  45. A random user says:

    Dragon s dont fly, just jump.


  46. Actually yes says:

    Sound like a you problem with your weak phone.

  47. Just name me Anonymous says:

    The dragons still won’t appear, even with the newest update…

    PS: 1.13 version and already enabled the experimental gameplay

  48. JuniorDaFox1000 says:

    What is apple meat? I need to know

  49. Fan157 says:

    Me a gustado el addon es increíble los bugs son pocos, pero ninguno es invisible solo recomiendo que hagas que los dragones vuelen y no caigan.

  50. Fan15 says:

    Me a gustado el addon es increíble los bugs son pocos, pero ninguno es invisible solo recomiendo que hagas que los dragones vuelen y no caigan.

  51. E says:

    Add ghost dragon back ?

  52. Just name me Anonymous says:

    How can I update to the newest update or it update automatically? Because I cannot see the dragons even with the released update :(…my version is 1.13

  53. The Enderman Animations says:


  54. Recommended says:


  55. Lumix✖️✖️ says:

    Guys I don’t think the creater is going to update this any time soon, try looking for a different addon

  56. Just name me Anonymous says:

    WTF! The dragons are invisible, but still doing their sounds and being able to mount on them and fly…this add-on is great, but because of this issue I will just give a 2/5

  57. Anonymous says:

    Plz plz plz fix the Invisible dragons! PLZ

  58. MafloBLITZ says:

    please update this addon the eggs are in the game but when they hach they are perminantly invisabe. I have turned on experimental gameplay and added all the packs and it still deosnt work

  59. Blue da Raptor says:

    I LOVE DRAGONS! Please fix the resource, it’s hard to enjoy this mod when your riding an invisible dragon. :’(

  60. I can’t see the dragons says:

    I cant see the dragons they are invisible pls fix this iOS user I tried updating versions it still didn’t work

  61. FirewingAndSans says:

    How about you stop making random new addons no one wants and fix this one?

  62. Phoebe says:

    I’m on iOS and I’ve spent continuous hours trying to get the dragons not to be invisible but they still are

  63. TheDylan says:

    por favor actualizalo para minecraft o la 1.13 para que lo puedas perfeccionar

  64. Speedy says:

    I just saw that it won’t work for betas that’s why mines not working becuz I have

  65. Speedy says:

    My dragon eggs aren’t hatching plz fix this

  66. …Addon tester says:

    I can’t even spawn any of the wild dragons which is a bug sir

  67. Sunwolf says:

    The why it took too long to update this is because the creator add some animation like sitting, dont comment on here, ask the creator on twitter

  68. Cat says:

    i may try this i am reading comments to see if it works

  69. Evangeline says:

    Mine doesn’t hatch, and “invisible” dragons keep killing them and plus , they don’t HATCH! I have not deleted it yet so I hope to see then

  70. Evangeline says:

    Mine doesn’t hatch, and “invisible” dragons keep killing them and plus , they don’t HATCH!

  71. Adriancraft06 says:

    Come on fix the dragon craft to work at 1.12 or 1.13

  72. Vipes says:

    Would love to see it updated, no longer works.

  73. Blue da Raptor says:

    Please update so the resources can work for 12.0.0. I really love dragons and I’m so sad that I can’t see my newborn sea dragon.

  74. SaltyBoi says:

    This sucks! It looked great and I love dragons! No dragons showed up. They killed my eggs though. I tried to hatch eggs and as soon as they hatched they disappeared. The spawn eggs summoned the dragons, but didn’t appear! How’s your day been? Mine’s been (sarcasm) great!

  75. Oscar says:

    Icant get it because I’m on iPad
    And it’s my dream

  76. NightmareFuel87 says:


  77. Ty says:

    This addon does not work. Plz update it I loved it sm?

  78. Bella says:

    I cant find any dragons

  79. Annie says:

    Pls pls pls fix it for 1.11 I’m the biggest fan of dragons you will EVER meet and this was the first thing I downloaded. I was really disappointed when I couldn’t see my newly hatched water dragon. Everything else seems fine tho. You never know how cute eggs are til you see them in Minecraft! Thanks.

  80. Lyta says:

    I cant see it .””????

  81. roop29 says:

    dose it work for 1.19 ?

  82. GamingWithYassin says:

    Please make it for (last version)!

  83. Juan says:

    Does it works on the new versions?

  84. Emo girl says:

    Where are the dragons I’m new here and I wanna have a good time it looked so cool the updates are just whack I don’t know if it’s a bug or not just plzzzzzz fix it bro plz and thanks ??

  85. LeBron James says:


  86. (82!48,$/&;& says:

    Mate my dragons won’t show up they are blank plz update this I wanna see the dragons

  87. Fire_king1 says:

    Hi I’m Phoenix I can’t see your dragons can’t you fix your mod please

  88. ErrorUnknown says:

    Can we get an update please .-. and thank chu~ ^^

  89. Bob says:

    Looks great major letdown. : (
    Dragons invisible needs a fix now

  90. FirewingAndSans says:

    This used to be one of the best dragon mods/addons out there… but the updates broke it and now everything is invisible except the eggs.
    Please update this addon so that it works.

  91. Gameninja105 says:

    I can’t see the dragons

  92. Anónimo says:

    Pongo el behavior y el resource,pongo el mundo en juego experimental,pero los dragones son invisibles,los escucho,los veo atacar pero no los veo,actualizen el addon porque se ve decente y me gustaría probarlo

  93. BigBoy22 says:

    I used to use this addon… it was great…. now when you place the spawn eggs nothing appears…. you used to be able to fly across the sky on all types of dragons…. i’d give the addon 5 stars if it was working… and 2 1/2 stars since it’s not…..

  94. An Windows 10 Player says:

    it doesnt bring me to the download website

  95. Anonymous says:

    What The hell The dragons are invisible

  96. Anonymous says:

    Please update this

  97. Anonymous says:

    Does it work for 1.11? If not pleass update

  98. Help says:

    Downloaded behaviour and resource, the eggs worked like you said, but when they spawned in…. they were invisible…

  99. a person says:

    Every time I try to download it it doesnt go to the download place

  100. Taylor says:

    Sad that the dragons are completely invisible, ruined my excitement…

  101. Beans says:

    Dragons are invisible plz fix

  102. Sydnee says:

    I can’t even see the dragon when it hatches. I can only hear it

  103. Pugboi says:

    Plz add a zip file

  104. i dont tell my name for this shit says:

    OMG BEST ADDON EVER I LOVE IT thats what i tough it would be this addon sucks the dragons are invisible i turned on that dang experimental gameplay button does it work? No fix this stupid addon before you get ripped apart of hate comments dont download before he fixes also the eggs are completly black that means they are useless but if you use the eggs whit time the same happens when they hatch bad addon would rather play angry birds than this thrash addon for sure

  105. HyperGamer027 says:

    CAN YOU LET THIS ADDON SUPPORT 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 pls and let it work in Minecraft Beta pls

  106. Evan Wilson says:

    The dragons are invisible

  107. Gojira606 says:

    Can u please update your stupid addon. Can u make a dragon not to fly itself,Make a baby size when its born,there’s no thing as wild dragons, make it tame with a cod or salmon there’s no thing as rotten_flesh, and make it support the latest version of Minecraft!!!!!!!!

  108. Paul says:

    Can you Update date the Addon please

  109. Anonymous says:

    Please update to 1.10 please???

  110. Anonymous says:

    You should make a baby stage

  111. Killer says:

    Yes like I said in my other comment the add on work with v1.8 and v1.9 but not with v1.10 and the makers has not respond but also like my other comment this great when it

  112. Unleashed Wolf says:

    when I place the dragon egg I can fully see it, but once it’s hatched it goes invisible,but I can still tame it , mount , sit/stand , please fix this bug Thank you!

    – Unleashed Wolf

  113. Karson Thomas says:

    I can see the eggs now but they will not hatch and I still can’t the grown up dragon at all I could see the eggs because of the new update so probably I have to wait for the next update so I can see them

  114. barny says:

    the dragons are invisible fix this pls

  115. Killer says:

    Pls fix it for v 1.10.1

    But l love it before it stop working with the new version

  116. Aasan says:

    Can I have it

  117. Skyler says:

    I want to play so i was wondering if u could put a zip file and thank u for infants

  118. vince says:

    cant ride them and can’t tame them

  119. Anti Spoofed says:

    The download tool is filled with advertisements… Didn’t try the add-on because of the ads!

  120. Zack says:

    Tengo un pequeño problema no puedo ver la textura de los Dragones solo los escucho y puedo montarlos y volar con ellos pero no los veo alguien me puede ayudar

  121. Help this person says:

    I have been waiting since addons were created for something like this but when i went into a world WITH experimental gameplay and looked around a couple different biomes i found absolutely nothing. Also there were no spawn eggs. I have no doubt that it is an excellent addon but ever since the update no addon s work for me my sister can use them but i can even though we have the same update help.

  122. Anonymous says:

    It would be appreciated if the links you provided didn’t lead to websites that attempt to give my computer trojan viruses…

  123. Dragon lover says:

    I really want to use this, but whenever I try to place an egg it does not show up and I can’t see any dragons either! And yes, I have expirimental gameplay on.

    • Mincraftdoggielover 2009 OOH PIZza says:

      Your not supposed to have epiremental game play on but I have the same problem and since I heard off stuff like this I looked for it ever since

      • Wolf God says:

        Wow! I get to see the dragons in minecraft for my very first time!?? Later ?????? Where are the dragons! The only thing I hear is the growls please help me! Note to spawn the Ender dragon in the real world you have to be in C mode and put this /give @p Ender_Dragon and you will see the dragon.

    • Gacha10101 says:

      It just dosent support 1.10 to 1.11

  124. DRAGON BLACK says:

    Please update for support mcpe version

  125. Magic says:

    This is a fantastic mod, the models are well made, the animation it’s great, the behaviors that you’ve given the dragons are amazingly functional but I do have a few suggestions. One I recommend having a baby stage between egg and adult, it’s kind of odd to have an egg hatch into a full grown dragon. Two you may want to make the wings move just a tiny bit more, they’re a bit stiff which makes them a bit awkward to look at. And this last one is probably going to make me sound like a picky, pretentious beach ball but the textures are… not good. Try making the dragons look at home in their respective elements, not like they’re made of them (unless that’s what you’re going for), but for example try making the water dragon blue with maybe some accents in the colors of the coral instead of just putting the water texture on it. But those three aside it’s an amazing mod, everything else I could come up with was really just nitpicking.

  126. Arshil says:

    Please make the new dragons seeable for multiplayer, it works for single player but other players can’t see the new dragons! ):! This addon is absolutely bloody amazing otherwise, but I do hope you fix it so dragons actually fly and don’t just float, and can maybe shoot fireballs or actually fight properly!

  127. Arshil says:

    Please fix the texture of the new dragons, they’re invisible to other players in multiplayer

  128. Karson Thomas says:

    I cannot see the dragon everything else works but but I can’t se the dragons or the eggs you need to fix that I’m in Minecraft version 1.9

  129. Schubert says:

    How do you summon them?

  130. Wakz says:

    Pls make them a lot more faster! Thanks! <3

  131. SammySabor101 says:

    Nope. It does not work! I really want this hoomans!

  132. MZ603 says:

    Teksture dragon is missing. I’m open my world and i active experimental mode. But dragons is missing

  133. MZ603 says:

    Texture dragon is missing. Please fixed this bug??

  134. Cooler says:

    It’s a really good addon I love it so much thanks for creating this addon

  135. Y’all should check to make sure you actually know how to install these correctly before complaining that it doesn’t work.

  136. King leyent says:

    Ponle fase de cría niño y adulto

  137. Dragonfang444 says:

    please fix the links,it keeps going to ”motheregarded info”

  138. Sarim says:

    Could you please make a how to train your dragon addon

  139. Danny says:

    Can you make a Two headed dragon for two people?!

  140. Aniyah says:

    My 9 year old cousin she got it and for some reason the mother attaked the egg

  141. Anonymous says:

    link does not work!

  142. Magic says:

    Why doesn’t the download link work? I just get sent to “shortpe” over and over.

  143. AirGiant15 says:

    The link does not work!!!!! Please fix it!!!

  144. Waternerd18 says:

    Can you get it on iOS?

  145. Panji Fauzan says:

    please make add ons that are support with version 1.10

  146. Anonymous says:

    Every time I try to download the addon it goes to for some reason I really want this ?

  147. Firewing and Sans says:

    The dragons are way too big and I would love babies and English spawn eggs.

  148. FirewingAndSans says:

    The dragons are way too big and I would love babies and English spawn eggs.

  149. Coffee says:

    After I get off adblock I get sent to a website that shows me nothing but a white page with nothing on it

  150. Jesus says:

    It won’t let me see the dragons once I spawn

  151. Oil says:

    Can’t download brings me to then doesn’t work

  152. addonuser says:


  153. brian says:

    not work in the my mcpe

  154. Bdude1994 says:

    Can u please make it work with because i love it and doing a live stream series of this addon but it went be continued unless u make it for 1.10 please

  155. Sword says:

    Can you make it to where you don’t have to go through adfly and more, I just want to get an add-on.

  156. Sarim Wali says:

    Can you please make a how to train your dragon addon also great addon!!

  157. Dave300 says:

    DOWNLOAD DOES NOT WORK pls fix I really want to try this

  158. XXXX says:

    Can you make it so you can get the eggs from the creative inventory. That would make things a whole lot easier.

  159. FirewingAndSans says:

    The eggs don’t hatch
    English please
    Please add Prismarine Dragons, Glowstone Dragons, Ore Dragons, Sky Dragons, Red Dragons, and Wood Dragons
    Please make the dragons faster and actually flyable
    For all you DragonCraft users out there, here is the spawn of all the dragon species and their drops:
    All: Drop 12 diamonds and 36 gold ingots
    Ender Dragon: will drop a wild Ender Dragon egg, and will spawn in the end with a spawn rate slightly lower than a ghast, if you teleport dragons with commands you will usually get 2 of them
    Stone Dragon: when I killed one it gave me a tameable Stealth Dragon egg, has a very rare spawn rate in the overworld only, I found one in a taiga by a mountain biome
    Stealth Dragon: I only found one, and when I killed it it gave me a Nether Dragon egg, and they will spawn randomly in the overworld but they are extremely rare
    Ice Dragon: I have not killed one yet, and I have not found one but I think they either spawn in any of the different ice biomes or have the same spawn rate as the Stealth and Stone Dragons
    End Stone Dragons: they will drop a Ender Dragon egg and they will spawn in the End with the same spawn rate of the Ender Dragon, and if you teleport all mobs to you, you will get two End Stone Dragons and two Ender Dragons usually.
    Nether Dragon: When I killed them, the first time I got wild End Stone Dragon spawn eggs, and the second time it gave me Ice Dragon eggs. These dragons spawn only in the nether, slightly rarer than ghasts, but are somewhat easy to find.
    Hope that helped 🙂

  160. Happy user says:

    I LOVE IT IM OBSESSED WITH DRAGON THANK YOU ?????????????????? p.s pls make more dragon mods like a how to train uour dragon mod. And also I can only fly for a little bit can u fix that and also add baby dragons

  161. Doctordragonwho says:

    Hey I can’t download it fix it or I’ll have to report you

  162. I AM FROSTBYTE says:

    And also add english translation pls

  163. I AM FROSTBYTE says:

    Please make version For mcpe

  164. Clecio says:

    A textura ainda esta bugada

  165. Jaybrotim says:

    Download page never loads, ive tried everything and it never worked. Please do something

  166. Dave300 says:

    Can’t download ?

  167. DeKaazerGames says:

    download dont work :((

  168. DRAGON BLACK says:

    Addon increvible,please add dragon plant,dragon water,dragon air,dragon fire,dragon prismarine,dragon sand ???

  169. Anonymous says:

    i think you have to turn on expiremental gameplay or something like that

  170. Diana says:

    I change texture end dragon to aether dragon

  171. Diana says:

    I change texture end dragon to aether dragon texture

  172. Minecraft Dude says:

    Btw my friend EpicAssasinG made a vid on it and apparently inventory slots do not work 🙂

  173. PHO says:

    This is awesome. It’d be nice if we could fly dragons like creative, but it’s still very promising. Keep up your good work!!

  174. FirewingAndSans says:

    There is so many typos. For example, it’s the Ender Dragon, not the end dragon. And also there was another misspelled word too.

  175. Nicolas says:

    Whats the spawn egg names???

  176. Rich says:

    Can use please make them protect you by shooting projectiles and melee

  177. Dave300 says:

    Download doesn’t work ?

  178. Anonymous says:

    It won’t let me get the add-on :’-(

  179. Anonymous says:

    Can you put a ehlish translation and that the tameable dragons can throw fireballs

  180. Soheil says:

    This Addon is the best but make an English version one! Because I can not read Spanish or what ever it is!

  181. trannhatminh8 says:

    I can’t even see the DRAGON ,just their sound can u fix this???

  182. LimeLemons says:

    It’s a good addon but the dragons are really slow in the air

  183. MafloBLITZ says:

    IT WORKS! or does it?
    Yes it imported fine I put into the world I open the world then Minecraft glitches and I can’t open any worlds including that one. I can open worlds if I exited Minecraft. It might work after a while of fiddleing. But great addon

  184. OKI_rito1!1! says:

    ntapz.. the add on I’ll be waiting

  185. mooseskywalker says:

    The spawn eggs need to be English. And better controls for the dragons. But overall it’s good.

  186. Sarim Wali says:

    Plz make a how to train your dragon addon for the new movie coming up!Great addon

  187. Anonymous says:

    I love this

  188. Anonymous #2 says:

    Okay, I’m playing with this Addon on MCPE on an iPad, and it’s absolutely awesome. With most of the addons that actually add things, the item that is added was always invisible. For this add on, it wasn’t the case, and I love that. The animations for the wings and tail are awesome as well. The only thing that would make it better was if you added more dragons and maybe added some attacks. Also, what’s the spawn rate for the dragons?

  189. Anonymous says:

    The BEST ADD-ON EVER (but can you do that the dragons can throw fireballs and a English translate pls)

  190. Anonymous says:

    This is THE BEST ADDON EVER (but can you do that the tameable dragons can throw fireballs and a English translation pls)

  191. Sarim Wali says:

    This really cool maybe you could make a how to train your dragon addon for the new movie

  192. Xyres Tale says:

    Please give ability the dragon to shoot fireball if you read this comment…. consider it

  193. Maxil89 says:

    Exelente addons, esta muy bien echo aunque hay algunos errores que eh notado pero es funcionable.

  194. Minecraft player says:

    Awesome but small problem when flying. It’s more like a giant jump so it’s hard to maintain a steady height. Maybe make the feather cause the dragon to rise up, and iron or something makes you sink down. Right now the feather just gives a HUGE levitation effect. Other then that it’s awesome!

  195. Jenna says:

    Love it! The only problem is the eggs and spawn eggs are not in English so it’s hard to figure out which is which. Other then that I love this! Please add more dragons!

  196. Anonymous says:

    dis don’t work

  197. Person says:

    Hey, its a good mod but sometimes glitches. Overall great.

  198. Lauramy2302 says:

    Sorry but why I can’t see the dragons I can only see their shadows on the ground can you please fix it ?

  199. TheWarMachine87 says:

    Can you add in the ability for the dragon to shoot fireballs at enemies? IF you ever read this then please consider.

  200. Handledfish4076 says:

    why doesn’t someone create an addon for spawn eggs for moving blocks, falling blocks, arrows, thrown tridents, shulker bullets, dragon fireballs, flying wither skulls, flying blue wither skulls, primed TNT, lightning bolts, blaze fireballs, evocation fangs, the wither, iron golems, the ender dragon, and snow golems, and post on

  201. Nobody says:

    this is EXACTLY what we needed!! Before, we had to use other dragon addons that replace things, and, obviously, they suck, but this is better!! I havent used it yet, but im hyped to try it!! 😀

  202. XXXX says:

    This is the mod i have been looking 4 since i first heard of minecraft

  203. theskeleton23 says:

    Oops I Commented On Dragoncraft Didn’t I?

  204. theskeleton23 says:

    This Is Amazing I Was Looking For A Shader Compatible With Windows 10 But This One Is The Only One That Works… ( Searching 1.8 Shaders Yields No Result At The Time Of Making This Comment)

  205. Swallow says:


    • swallow says:

      Is there any way you can make it so that when you are in the air you can make the dragon Light infinitely by Using the jump button and being able to infinitely jump whilst still in the air To create infinite flight. That would make this mod even cooler because no other mod has infinitely flying dragons.

  206. Theelfpupandcatdino says:

    There are no babies, just adults, they still move when they sit, and it isnt english! 3 stars for now. Also plz add water, fire, electricity, crystal, obsidian, and make it so they can shoot out stuff like fire and snowballs and stuff!

    • Nobody says:

      That would make it better.

    • Wolf God says:

      Wow! I get to see the dragons in minecraft for my very first time!?? Later ?????? Where are the dragons! The only thing I hear is the growls please help me! Note to spawn the Ender dragon in the real world you have to be in C mode and put this /give @p Ender_Dragon and you will see the dragon.

  207. Man oh man I love dragons in Minecraft! Great job.

  208. Rafael says:

    Esse addon e muito bom

  209. Anonymous says:

    Easier Download Links Please

  210. UnknownKag3 says:

    Can we have a translation of the eggs please??

  211. A Minecraft Player says:

    Nice addon:> Please add more dragon such as Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, Lava Dragon, Leaf Dragon, etc:>

  212. A Minecraft Player says:

    Nice addon:> Please add more dragon:>

  213. Mrfazgamer says:

    English!!!!! Pls

  214. Secret says:

    Doesnt Show The Dragons Please Fix For PE

  215. Dante says:

    does the nether dragon spawn in the nether? do they spawn in their own biomes?
    I really love this addon.

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