Dream’s Minecraft Ultimate Tag

Dream’s Ultimate Tag is a function pack of the minigame “Minecraft Ultimate Tag” by Dream. A random hunter is chosen and has to tag a runner. If the runner(s) survive for 2 minutes, they win! If they don’t… they lose.

As this is a function pack/addon, you can put it in any world!

– How to start

To start playing, write /function start in the chat. You will get teleported in a random location. Please wait a few seconds for your chunks to load and the game to start. Borders will be built and a random player will be chosen as a hunter. 

If you need help, you can also write /function help and /function credits for the credits.

– Roles

  • Hunter: the hunter has to chase the runners and tag/hit them to win. If he runs out of time, he loses!
  • Runner: the runner has to avoid being cought by the hunter. After 2 minutes, if the runner is still alive, he wins!

– Bugs

Yeah… sorry everyone, but it’s the first time I create a (semi)functional game with functions. So it has a lot, a LOT, of bugs. 

  1. Game started but players didn’t get teleported: this is when the players’ destination was covered of water so the teleport was canceled. To fix that, write /function reset and then /function start in the chat.
  2. Crashed in the first game. It still didn’t happen to me, but I’m sure low RAM device users will crash when starting the game because of all the chunks it has to load. Sorry… no fix to that for now :/
  3. Got kicked from world because not enough space on device. Yeah, that’s also because of all the generation that happens (as the game loads a new place every round) so it takes a lot of space in your device. No fix to that except of not playing too much rounds.
  4. Hunter hitting the runners but they don’t die. Yes, I just can’t find the right amplifier for the strength effect. Because this effect is really strange: if you have an amplifier of 100 and hit someone, he’ll get extra hearts! To fix that, try holding another tool.
  5. No text with color? Yes… I don’t know what’s happening, but when I put color codes in my function all the text with a color code didn’t appear in Minecraft… I don’t know how to fix that, sorry.

– Credits

– Copyright:

If it’s for a YouTube video, credit Dream in the description and if you want me 🙂 for example:

Minecraft Ultimate Tag by @Dream :

Ported to Bedrock by CornetPanique86:

If you want to post this addon on another webiste/app, well, you do not have the authorization and to have it, please join my Discord server.

Also, I’m thinking of doing an Ultimate Tag tournament! To participate, join my Discord server!

Enjoy! 😀


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10 Responses

3.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. soultixx says:

    can u use this in java and if u can can u show me how to put it in a server sry im asking for a lot dont relly know how to do it

  2. mis_cojones_3 says:

    Hey here is some feed back, nice but your add on deactivated the spawn for all mobs in my world, could you tell me how to end the tag game for it to end. Also the runners kept winning every round despite loosing. i would recommend to anybody to not try on a server, pretty dangerous and an unnecessary problem to have. Just backup your world. But can you please tell me how to undo the action, I really need my mobs. Apart from that it is nice, apart from the problems mentioned earlier.

  3. Beam006 says:

    Add baby tag to make mobs can’t grow into adult

  4. WaW that’s me!, Also great game!, I had a fun time playing it!

  5. How did you make a 2 minute timer?
    just want to know

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