DrewsPack – End Portal Redesign w/ Blinking Eyes!

DrewsPack is currently a resource pack that redesigns all things ender, a new stylish creeper texture, and a few other cool changes here and there. For the future of this pack I plan to make more minor improvements, and redesign all the mobs!



– Ender Items

Retextured Ender Items for a more Enderman-like feel. I’m the most proud of the Ender Chest because of the purple glow on the top texture.

– Smoother Creepers

A smoother Creeper texture with a nice green-teal fade that isnt as harsh on the eyes as it is in vanilla.

– Blinking Ender Portal Eyes

Ender eyes placed in the Ender Portal have a blink animation! They all blink in unison… Creepy.. I’m really proud of this change!

– Retextured GUI/Hotbar

Health, hunger, and armor points now all have a slightly more detailed and vibrant look to them.

– Outlined Ores and Better Grass

Two fairly common texture changes in resource packs, I just really love seeing that smooth connected grass and that cool colored outline around the ore blocks! Especially the diamond ore.

– Cooler Charged Creepers

And last but not least, my charged Creeper retexture, I tried to take more of a fiery energy approach.

I hope you guys enjoy using the pack, and let me know thoughts/suggestions in the comments! Have fun!


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- Changed Feature Image

A new update coming soon! Stay tuned!


The link to install is an Adfly link, once you reach the page, keep clicking the X button whenever the pop-up... pops up. Then it will ask you if you want to be redirected, (you do) Then just click the download button!


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7 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-7726835018 says:

    I have a good idea make all mobs but bees silverfish & endermites BLINK!

  2. Guest-9514206492 says:

    My suggestion is shining ores, blocks and glowing mob eyes (if possible)

  3. BenJamin9794 says:

    Rest in peace: The iconic-ism of creepers. 😢

  4. It’d be cool if the eyes all blinked seperately but I’m not sure if that’s possible as of right now

  5. Guest-9807129172 says:

    This texture pack looks really good. I won’t be using it often as I like to use bare bones as my main but when i switch to a vanilla like set of textures, you bet I will make sure to use this.

  6. Guest-2385136702 says:

    Wonderful all around, only one suggestion, maybe make the portals eyes occasionally look around.

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