Drill Buddy Add-on (1.12+)

Mining can be time consuming task. With this add-on, you can craft this new tech that helps you to do so. Introducing the Drill buddy! it can help you mine at a certain depth and collects the blocks it mines for you.

Here’s the crafting recipes!

To spawn these new entities, follow these steps:

  • hold the item in your hand
  • sneak
  • interact with the item, long-press the middle of the screen if you’re on mobile/right-click on Win10
  • drag the preview entity where you want to spawn it
  • interact with the preview entity to spawn the entity in your hand

Nothing happening? Watch this tutorial to help you!


  • To activate these entities, use their appropriate ‘keys’

Limits & Abilities

The limits and abilities of these drill buddies are based on the quality of material you used to craft them

  • they all have the same inventory

They can’t mine in water, contact upon water despawns them!

They may despawn  mid-mining randomly because each drill buddy has their own durability, they’re based on the quality of material you used to craft them .

hole size of each drill:

  • wood = 1×1
  • stone = 3×3
  • iron = 5×5
  • gold = 7×7
  • diamond = 9×9

Fun Fact

The holes they drill are shaped like the real ones make, a happy little accident 🙂

You can also place them!

To place them, use the “Item ground ( Drill buddy )” and interact with any item from the add-on to display them.


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
  • If you wish to use this for your content, at least credit me.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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58 Responses

3.82 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Guest-9366236405 says:

    It seems to be that the recipes for the ‘drills’ themselves are uncraftable! I have no clue if this is fixable or not, help would be appreciated.

    • Guest-1298688536 says:

      It seems to be that the recipes for the ‘drills’ themselves are uncraftable! I have no clue if this is fixable or not, help would be appreciated.

      Edit: Nevermind, I’ve fixed the problem. BTW, nice Add-on, works great.

  2. Vip afrian says:

    Amazing addon, keep it up !!!

  3. ThisJobYT says:

    I just realised that the Drill Buddies were meant to collect the resources while it’s drilling downwards! Why are the Drill Buddies not collecting anything when drilling? Fix this now! Also, the Drill Buddie’s durability? Yeah, the drill buddies were meant to only stop at a specific depth, not to just reach the specific depth and it’ll just despawn! Since when does a Drill Buddy stop at a specific depth and just.. despawn?! Update this addon or I won’t be playing with any other of your addons, dude!

  4. Krabby7 says:

    It’s not letting me place it down. I’m on mobile rn.

  5. Nazareno says:

    Porque no se puede activar en supervivencia?

  6. TJ says:

    The crafting recipes are found by clicking the title that says crafting recipes
    They must be crafted, even in creative
    Also question: why can i not craft it in survival mode? (I was able to in creative)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why 1.13/1.12?

  8. gay villager says:

    Maybe you’d put the crafting recipe here because it isnt in creative and neither do i know how to get it

  9. Woody Brando says:

    These are damn op, but AMAZING!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. CrazyGaming312 says:

    doesnt work

  11. Anonymous says:

    I keep trying to craft it but it won’t work, cool concept tho

  12. Qtippy02 says:

    You can’t use this mod with any other mods cause then u can’t place it please fix

  13. Bluic says:

    What’s the DAT folder and where does that go?

  14. Jordan Bennetts says:

    Can u please show the recipes For each item because u only see the blue square in the creative menu.

  15. ATM says:

    Great work with the Add-on. It’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t take a lot out of the experience.

  16. Poouyatacacapopo says:

    Wait how do you craft the item ground??

  17. I like mayo says:

    How to craft the “item ground”?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where are the crafting recipies?

  19. Skinnyseven says:

    Omg So Cool

  20. Shrynx says:

    How come I dont see the drill in the inventory but only the ground item pls help!!

  21. CuDxLy says:

    Great addon

  22. Malito2010 says:

    How do u craft the item I try looking for it in creative but I can’t find it the only thing I can find is carpet looking block only.

  23. Oslo says:

    hey bro when i try to open the file (because i’m on xbox and convert to .zip) the app tell me that the file is corrupt

  24. Anonymous says:

    How do u craft it

  25. Anonymous says:

    How do u craft it?

  26. BeakedWanderer says:

    Cant seem to place it in windows 10. Did follow instructions.

  27. John Smith says:

    It doesn’t collect the blocks it mines

  28. Mcgod says:

    How to craft/get?

  29. Qtippy02 says:

    Just sayin when the drill buddy hits water all it’s inventory gets destroyed so it’s annoying

  30. DeadlyRose says:

    i can’t even see the crafting recipes it’s all burly

  31. Sambo says:

    I can’t craft the items because I don’t know how

  32. andrei says:

    it’s so cool

  33. Parker says:

    Link dont work seems cool

  34. Anonymous says:

    First yay

  35. PhoenixFire2002 says:

    Can i get a direct mediafire link? Im on xbox. please and thank you!

  36. ZdravoJaSamSrbin says:

    Does It Work On Education Edition

  37. Anonymous says:

    Fix the link

  38. Qtippy02 says:

    What’s the crafting recipes tho

  39. PixelGamer says:

    This WILL NOT let me place the Drill Buddy in mcpe! Can you help me? The only way I can place it is typing a summon command.

  40. Amarion says:

    I cant download this on my xbox because adfly tells me to click allow to continue and theres no allow button on Xbox or a deny button, please help

  41. first says:

    first btw i did not download i might does it work??? 5 stars

  42. LadySamsquanch says:

    Hey so this is really cool, but on mobile I can’t seem to be able to see the crafting recipes on that site you provided. It’s all blurry. Could you include pics in your original post? Thanks for this! Can’t wait to try it out once I can actually craft them! 🙂

  43. Chris says:

    Can you add a zip file version of it please? Not absolutely necessary but it looks like a very useful mod.

  44. That guy says:

    You should make a mediafire link

  45. First... says:

    Please do a direct link. I love the idea of this mod.

  46. Drdfd says:

    Can you please put a mediafire link with no

  47. Anonymous says:

    “a happy little accident”

    Bob Ross right?

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