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Published on September 29, 2016 (Updated on September 29, 2016)

Driveable Mobs Addon

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Can you fix the sheep i dont like how you need to shear the sheep to mount him and the seat is glitched hes not on top hes on the bottom
can you make the bat controolable
can you make it possible to control the bat
Game freak Montorio July 26, 2017 at 8:04 am
Cool, yeah, but could you make it so you could ride THE ENDER DRAGON?! That would be way better!???
He made it on an app called crafty craft and it won’t let you modify the ender dragon
Editor, pls Make this addon a .mcpack cause mods are for androind and addons are for both and most addonds have .mcpacks but pls turn this into an .mcpack
I wish you could ride Ender Dragon
Can you give me a link to the .mcpack on mediafire?
Notch you are awesome that you made this game
Why does it keep saying "Safari cannot open this file"I'm using iOS but it keeps refusing why?!
lol really this is incrediblely horradle
This Addons not Work For me Why? i use Mcpe version 0.16.1 Whyyyyy?
This is only for 0.17.0. Go here for more 0.16 addons:
Please help! I transfered it on to the texture pack but still doesn't work!! I had to transfer the zip. file because when I open the zip.file theres so many folders!!!!! I need help! And I think this will be a useful add-on
Extracting does work in full release. Please add wolf as supported mob because my friend wants to ride one into battle... I can do it myself by copy pasting sheep.json to wolf.json and change it all to wolf where it says sheep but do this for me in the next update
Hey how do you install this add-on it's so many files
Extract the files to a new folder and move it to /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/. Not sure if it works for the latest 0.16.0 version though. But please give it a try and let us know :)
All of the pack?i mean when after we extract all of the folder move to recource_pack?
It says "cannot download file" D;
U will get JSON file from vannila resource packs
Hey! do you guys know whats the name of the .json file?
How do you get the JSON file from vannila resouce packs