Droid Parkour (New Level)

Are you looking for easy dificult maps that is actually easy? Then you definitely have to give the map a go. I made to be easy. beginner map to learn the basic skills of maps for beginners. It includes 15 different levels and each one have different types of blocks so you get a complete experience of different challenges.

Here are some additional pictures here to see what the parkour looks like:

New Level

New Lobby

Easy parkour offers different types of challenges. as you . This map is a good place to practice and test your skills of parkour. There are 15 stages of parkour. With each having a unique style as you see in the pictures. After completing each stage you will get a check point. They are both easy. This map can also be place to race with your friends. This parkour offers a new challenge! 

The 15+ different stages are filled with different blocks.

Hope you enjoy it

Changelog View more

■ Added 2 new level

■ lobbying improvement

■ Fix bugs

■ Added bonus level

■ Added 2 new levels

■  Added 2 new blocks

■ Improve Lobby 

Fix Thumbnail blackbar

Added 2 new levels

Added 2 new blocks

now the file extension is .mcworld, so you don't need to extract the zip

Added 2 more levels

■ Fix Command Error

■ Improve Quality


1.Click Download

2.Wait ads for 5 seconds

3.Click Download

4.Launch Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-7732642432 says:

    it doesnt take me to downlod it takes me adfly main website

  2. Guest-5634276956 says:

    hey man i will be posting a video on this map! its on youtube, the username is Bad Trombonist06

  3. Guest-3564452235 says:

    level import failed 🙁 (1.16.1)

  4. Guest-4316569769 says:


  5. Guest-4470520151 says:

    level import failed (1.16.1)

  6. Guest-4715896201 says:

    Level Import Failed

  7. Guest-6261679835 says:

    The import failed for me.

  8. WalkerPlayz123 says:

    I gave u a 5 star by the way

  9. Guest-3403882186 says:

    Can you make a .vip link

  10. Guest-9452412352 says:

    please make a mediafire link

  11. Scio says:

    Can you make a.mcworld link please?

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