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Published on May 05, 2017 (Updated on May 05, 2017)

Water Drop Challenge (MLG) [Minigame] ( Only)

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Really niceeeeeee LOVE It ? And hard to put blocks when falling keep going !
it happened again
What is MLG and make a minecart mlg and have the minecart move on powers rails
Uhhhh, no not "only" but also just 1.1.0 not that did the map I'm just saying that for other maps that are only because I played a map on just 1.1.0. Oh and make it for mediafire because it looks awesome
GREAT, now add Bed MLG, Cobweb MLG, Vine MLG, Ladder MLG (i tried its very mlg), boat MLG? Please that would be awesome !
Looks fun but it is not for 1.0.8. I hope the creator will make this in 1.0.8
Guys,really?Can you see that concrete block?That why it only for
Cooooooooooooooool i like the items attached into the wall resource pack
Adding MLG to the name doesn't make it better....just saying
You must set the button for the cobweb MLG there and don't do /give @a cobweb in the command_ block because you must do) /give @a web in the command_block
i was like oh boy this will be good im an mlg god... then i noticed it was for TRIGGERED >:(
Hey editor, there's just a slight issue, near the download link, it says "resource pack". Pls just delete this after you read it, Peace :)