Dropped Blocks are Placed (Addon)

When you drop a block on the ground the block is placed, pretty self-explanatory, BUT, it’s not just for blocks, spawn eggs, and specific other items are also placed with thrown on the ground. 

When a item is dropped on the ground it is placed after a short period of time, Dropped spawn eggs summon the mob, and specific items, like water/lava buckets are placed. Items that have been renamed will not work. You can enable/disable certain features with /function …

When any bucket (except empty buckets), are thrown on the ground, the things inside the bucket are spilled, and you are given a empty bucket.

Other things that are placed when dropped

  • End Crystals
  • Armor Stands
  • All types of Minecarts
  • Boats
  • Firecharges

yeah, i probably should’ve made a better gif


unzip the .zip file and move it to behavior pack folder, or click the .mcpack file


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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  1. Guest-4279631569 says:

    Have u tried to edit the file ?

  2. Guest-3620004941 says:

    Cool idea but doesnt work on xbox..

  3. Guest-5746329348 says:

    can this be done for just saplings?

  4. Guest-6790401109 says:

    Hey man, its broken / kool xD

  5. Guest-3265295045 says:

    hey i was wondering in the gif how you had yoour hotbar invisible but still had the items showing
    is it a texture pack?
    is it compatible for iOS?

  6. fix the gif then I will give 5 stars

  7. Guest-9591227004 says:


  8. …does this only work with Vanilla items and blocks, or does it work with everything?

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