Dropper Random

This map is a Dropper. As the name implies, it consists of jumping from a high point, and trying to dodge obstacles in the middle without dying, to try to land and go to the next level. Do you like to throw yourself? Download the map now!

This is a Dropper level within the map to do to proceed with the levels. Some levels have invisible blocks, to make the map more difficult

In some levels if you have done the Dropper for good, you have to do a parkour to go up and look for the button or the platform to proceed to the next level

The map has a total of 6 levels and here they are shown in small form

Changelog View more

-Invisible blocks in dropper launch have been removed to make the map easier since it was too complex if not impossible in some cases

-Some Spawn spots have been fixed

-The description of the map has been more accurate, to give more information to the player


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