DropWings Add-On

This add-on will add wings to your Minecraft Pe, which can be manufactured in your survival world.
There are 5 different ones: Angel, Double Angel, Demon, Double Demon and Fallen Angel

Sample images ;

Which can have animations, movement, you can make from survival.

Crafting List :


This plugin cannot be published without permission from Team Infinite Minds. On sites or steal the models for personal gain .

Everything related to the Team Infinite Minds addons, CONTACT US .



Supported Minecraft versions


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9 Responses

2.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. GrownRocket5801 says:

    I used this mod a while ago but now because there is no resource pack i can’t use it, but i remember when it was really good.

  2. LeahIAssume says:

    Ok, so, I WOULD tell you how the add on is. But I CAN’T. I play xbox and when I try to download the file, and I change it to a .zip file to extract it, it wont extract.

  3. natedagreat says:

    MOTHERPICKLE fix it every time i install the resource pack it re installs the behavior pack

  4. ITS OVER 9000 says:

    This just adds more variation to an older Minecraft addon: Dragon Wing Addon

  5. BlueIcezen_012 says:

    Not cool

  6. Sirensgem says:

    When I downloaded the resource pack, it instead downloaded the behavior pack again

  7. Skaboom AB says:

    Why aren’t there speed

  8. 3miliojere says:

    Broo nesecitas arreglar el link del Resource Pack te envia el link al Behavior pack

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