Drowned Villager – Mob Addon (BETA


Adds Drowned variants of Zombie Villagers in to your selected worlds. Mob texture is based on Hollowly’s Drowned Villager submission on PlanetMC, and submissions from Novaskins.

As of v.1.0.3, if you would like to have the old Drowned Villager model instead of the updated one in your world, you can do so by activating the Old Model Patch resource pack that comes with the new files you downloaded. You must have the patch resource pack loaded on top of the new resource pack in order for it to properly replace the new model 🙂

How do Drowned Villagers spawn?

They will rarely spawn underwater over normal Drowned, 95% chance for Drowned and 5% chance for Drowned Villagers.

They will also spawn once a Zombie Villager has drowned, just like that of a normal Zombie drowning and becoming a Drowned. Professions and Levels do not carry over, therefore they are not able to be cured once drowned.

Do they behave differently to normal Drowned

No. Drowned Villagers act the exact same as normal Drowned. It is intended this way because Zombie Villagers act the same as Zombies just with the added ability for you to be able to cure them back to normal Villagers.

They do, however, rarely drop Emeralds instead of Gold Ingots (as of v1.0.3), obviously because they are, or rather were, Villagers.

Are there any other additions or changes made with this addon?

The only other things this addon modifies are the behavior files for Zombie Villagers and the spawn rules for Drowned:

  • I added new variables that are the same variables from Zombie behavior files, in order for Zombie Villagers to be able to turn to Drowned Villagers the same way Zombies turn to Drowned.
  • Drowned spawn rules where changed so that they could spawn with a chance of either being normal or being Drowned Villagers.


There was once a bustling Village here. Now it is a cracked, and mossy ruin. The old, zombified residents seem to still feel connected with it.

The surface dwellers are not so welcoming when it comes to meeting the old residents.

Drowned Villager against a Zombie Villager.

Drowned Villagers can glow just like normal Drowned.

(alpha) Profession: Monster. Skills: Good at being a nuisance to deep divers.

(alpha) Drowned Villagers can spawn with Tridents in their main hand.

(alpha) They also don’t like surface dwellers at night…

(alpha) Not this Villager’s greatest night.

(alpha) Zombie Villagers will begin to shake when they stay underwater for too long. This is how they change.

(alpha) Drowned Villagers can even glow in the dark just like their Drowned counterparts!

Possible future additions:

  • The appearance of the mob may be changed so that they can be better differentiated from normal Drowned. Basically a robe that is like that of Zombie Villagers. (DONE)
  • Add a unibrow (Suggested by D507) (DONE)
  • Change the nose to resemble skin rather than glowing, I will most likely add an option in the addon to change it back if you desire. (Suggested by Guest-7350409961, whoever you may be lol) (DONE)
  • Change gold drops to emerald drops (DONE)

Bugs, Issues, etc.:

  • Drowned Villagers will spawn in Peaceful difficulty, confirmed through spawning from it’s egg item and the summon command. Not sure if they spawn underwater still. They do not attack the player but will still attack it’s other targets. Not quite sure why this happens 🙁 – (Confirmed by me)

Unfortunately, it looks like I will not be able to make a 1.14 version :(. Due to how the modding API is implemented for that version, I can’t really get my head around it, and so basically the swimming animations on the mob are broken. I will keep trying though. If all else fails, i’m sorry 1.14 players.

If you have any concerns, bugs, issues, or anything to report please let me know friends 😉

It is highly recommended for those that do report a bug that you provide to me the way to reproduce your reported bug and the version of Minecraft you are playing on, this is to ensure that the bug can be confirmed by me and be fixed for the next update.

Seed used in captures: -513070979 (Ocean Monument Ahead from Seed Picker)

  • Co-ordinates to Mushroom Island – 524, 62, 546
  • Co-ordinates to Village – -3735, 65, -232
  • Co-ordinates to Underwater Ruin – -3635, 53, -164

Changelog View more


  • Updated the addon to reflect the changes made in v1.16.0.63
  • Appearance of Drowned Villagers has been changed
  • Drowned Villagers can now drop Emeralds instead of Gold Ingots
  • Added updated images to Gallery section


  • Added a couple of suggestions in the "Possible future additions" area
  • Updated the addon to reflect the changes made in v1.16.0.61
  • Changed description
  • Added Gallery
  • Added recommendation for users reporting bugs
  • Added seed reference


Supported Minecraft versions


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32 Responses

4.8 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Swagboi7 says:

    Do you plan on making a Husk Villager too?

  2. Hey guys just letting you all know that I’ve tested this mod in 1.16.0 today, double checked all the files to see any changes that need to be made and it all looks good to go. So you will NO LONGER need to be in beta in order to play this addon! 😎

  3. Just a heads up, as far as my analysis and testing goes this addon does not need to be updated for BETA Everything works as it should 🙂

  4. adoxgirl says:

    I hope the drowned villager can only be naturally spawned, and the zombie villager can’t be transformed。
    You can also add many new features to the drowned villager and zombie villager. No reference to drowned and zombie

  5. adoxgirl says:

    I hope the drowned villager can only be naturally spawned, and the zombie villager can’t be transformed。
    You can also add many new features to the dropped villager and zombie villager. No reference to drowned and zombie

  6. Guest-8790592659 says:

    Add zombie pillagers, but don’t make them spawn naturally, make it so the only way to get them is by letting a pillager hit a zombie villager with a crossbow arrow, and when the zombie villager starts attacking the pillager and instead of successfully killing the pillager, the pillager becomes zombified too and the zombie pillagers can attack pillagers and other illager types such as vindactors and even evokers, you can make some cool zombie types with illagers.

  7. Guest-5061722143 says:

    What next do drowned skeletons

  8. Guest-8683917397 says:

    Great addon

  9. Guest-8553208624 says:

    Next time: Husk villager addon

  10. Guest-3464299929 says:

    hey man i love this can you put a skeleton villager please? i need it for a series in my youtube channel!
    thanks dude..

  11. Guest-4609789714 says:

    The texture pack and the idea is great 👌👌👌

  12. blood eye says:

    not to be rude but add some more bihaviour
    than just a drowned with a long nose

    • Guest-9278695817 says:

      Drowned villager boss with 2 trident ane a cape XD

      • Seriously? Zombie villagers don’t have any special abilities other than that they can be healed. Why should a drowned villager? This is honestly just one of those cool addons that doesn’t really affect gameplay, but helps with aesthetics and immersion.

  13. Guest-6224329484 says:

    Bruh, drowned villager, weird she hit i’ve seen this month

  14. adoxgirl says:

    I want the drowned villager to have special clothes。
    I hope ordinary zombie villagers have professional clothes like Java version

    • adoxgirl says:

      I want the drowned villager to have special clothes。
      I hope ordinary zombie villagers have professional clothes like Java version

  15. adoxgirl says:

    I don’t want zombie villagers to become underwater villager, I hope they can only generate spawn

    I hope ordinary zombie villagers have zombie like equipment

  16. Guest-7350409961 says:

    Can you make the nose the same color as the skin?

  17. Guest-5068826363 says:

    what an original name, bruhusernamegottaken

  18. Guest-7915144220 says:

    What about husks, skeletons, witers and strays villagers?

  19. Guest-9619764438 says:

    Pls make it work for 1.14

  20. ESTEBAN1303YT says:

    Me gustó pero creo que deberías ponerles su única seja y sus variantes de ropa depende el bioma

  21. D507 says:

    te recomiendo ponerle la cejota del aldeano

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