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We are in 2019, placing armor stands with name tags to have your favorite creator in your world is old news! DarkSide studios is proud to announce fully custom made NPC to your world, of course just with the click of a button. Read more about the Addon below.

Credits : Darkside Studios , Ashus01234 , StarlkYT , Hallis

Twitter | YouTube Channel | Discord Server | MCPE Realm


This Add-on contains lots of possibilities and can promise a fun time using it! All of the NPC are listed below:

– 6 custom NPCs

– Working Animations

What’s new?

  • Added Animations
  • Now it can work without Experimental Mode
  • Updated Skins
  • Now use banner to equip them a cape! (currently without animtions)
  • Now you can use your own skin as one of the NPC (just replace skin of texture_pack/skins/any_skin.png. but make sure the name should be same as one of the available NPC or the one that your are replacing!)

Note : They can only be killed by using Barrier (right click) and /kill @e

How to use?

 Install using the guide below, then simply type one of these commands:

/summon ds:ash

/summon ds:hallis

/summon ds:keyyard

/summon ds:starlk

/summon ds:vibrant

/summon ds:windlight

/summon ds:epic

Changelog View more

Updated skins

Updated Thumbnail

Added NPC Walking/other animations

Added equipiable cape

Better Spawn egg textures


How to install?

 1. Click the button below(it says something along Download).

 2. watch a short ad, it helps us a lot:)

 3. Simply click download and wait for it to finish.

 4. Once it done it depends on the system to system:

        -Windows: Click on it! it will fire up Minecraft(you need to have

        Minecraft Pocket Editon).

        - IOS(iPhone/iPhone). Once the download is done, it will bring up a

        page, simply click on open in Minecraft or open in and chose

       Minecraft(you need to have Minecraft Pocket Editon installed).

        -Android(Sony, Samsung etc). You can either just click on the file once it's done, or download a file manager and take it from there, more information can be found here.

5. Now you have it imported, time to bring it into the world!

  - Start off by selecting a world and click on the pencil(edit button) or simply make a new one.

 -Head over to both behavior packs and resource packs and apply the once called "DS NPC" or something like that.

 -Almost done! Head back over to "game" and activate "experimental gameplay"

 -Done! You can now summon DS staff with the command above and spawn eggs!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.9

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

60 Responses

3.55 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Guest-6067650641 says:

    This is a GOOD add-on.
    FOR EVERYONE WHO SAYS THEY GOT A VIRUS… Your not downloading it right. The page it sends you to will send you to another tab when you click on something. JUST EXIT OUT OF THE NEW TAB AND CONTINUE THE ROBOT VERIFICATION. there is no need to stay on the tab it sends you to. Everytime it sends you to a new website just exit out and eventually it will give you a button that will send you to the correct place. YOU WONT GET A VIRUS IF YOU JUST DONT GO TO THE NEW TABS IT CREATES

  2. Guest-8726972350 says:


  3. ALSO, the addon does not even work, I applied it to minecraft but it didn’t load when I was in the world 🙁

  4. Dude, I almost got a virus because of the link, not cool. Not cool at all. Please use a different link

  5. Guest-9023971016 says:

    Worst sent me to something inappropriate of a girl DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  6. DeathSoulYT says:

    Hi can u make its so they can be right clicked and when they get clicked they do a custom action like maybe lets say tp them some were or make it so when the np is spawned in a ui pops up and the player can setup a custom action for the nice to run when right clicked please if thats possible can u add that please kinda like the npcs on the java server hypixel where when they are clicked base on the selection u make in the GUI it takes u to the right mini map or run the proper function based on what u selected can u do that in the next update please?

  7. Guest-1401233096 says:


  8. bundlenthusiast says:

    the download link leads me to a thing that tells me to verify that i’m not a robot,, so i press the box and it immediately brings me to a very explicit site. this addon seems really cool and it’d be really great if i could download it !!

  9. CoolDragonMage says:

    How to download:

    1. If you click the download and it redirects you to some site with a captcha and underneath it is a “click here to continue” button

    2. Check the captcha box and once done click
    The “click here to continue button” [Dont click anything else]

    3. It will redirect you to another page where ot will do a countdown to get tour link
    Once done theres a green button that says get link

    4. After that it will redirect you to mediafire.
    If an add shows up dont click it or if it sends you to lazada just head back to chrome

    Hope this helps

  10. Meme says:

    Insted of it letting me download it. it rieiercts me to hentai websites. and it says earn free money on this link and let me tell you it is WORSE THAN cuase i CANT DOWNLOAD IT

  11. Anonymous says:

    When I press the download button it takes me to a website which I think has a fake download button, site is called tmean. When I scroll down it takes me to a hentai website

  12. Lama says:

    Give me link i cant acces in my pc

  13. KawaiiTessaGacha201 says:

    This is cool

  14. Armando Castillo says:

    Resource pack not working? The add-on is really good itself, using it for a map. But when I edited the skins it worked the first time, but when I left the world, the Resource pack no longer shows up on Minecraft. The mod does but not the resource pack. If you can fix this or tell me how to fix this it would be perfect!

  15. Katelyn says:

    Is there any way to make them follow you?

  16. Jay says:

    I can’t get the link to the download because it takes me to and add but after the add I can’t go anywhere to the download but it looks amazing and I hope I can get the link so I can use it.

  17. TRH says:

    Doesn’t work

  18. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone comment the download link? Can’t download it from link on this page. Sends me to a different website.

    • Imran Patel says:

      Could you make NPC kids and make them follow you , and you can feed them and give them things because I’m trying to do a family role play and even a husband or a wife? Or old people too? If you did I would be so happy so that now I could do the role play and would tell all my friends and my sister about you

  19. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone comment the download link. It won’t let me download it

  20. Anonymous says:

    Can someone send the download link since I cant get it to work

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can seem to download it. Keeps sending me to a download page but then just sends me to a page with advertisements that aren’t videos

  22. Adept XR says:

    Any way i could get a copy without the wanking animation? I dont want them to move.

  23. This is cool! It’s very nice to see an NPC addon on here! I’ve recently created my own but I’m experimenting with scripting to make dialog possible. I really like the capes too!

  24. Barrios4 says:

    Doesn’t allow NPC’s to talk… Would love it if you can have them have dialog. That way I can use them in maps.

  25. SophIsDeBest says:

    Could you make them rotatable? They only face one direction and it’s kinda annoying. Otherwise, I love this Addon!

  26. Killerxerox12 says:

    Can the NPCs have their own skin?
    Like customizable Skins?

  27. Emma K. says:

    Am I allowed to use this NPC mod for a map I’ve been making? I searched for other NPC mods and many people complain about not being allowed to use the NPC mods as MCPE DL doesn’t allow others to use mods without permission. It’s just a murder mystery map and it would be weird if Armour stands were saying speeches.

  28. JealousMouse says:

    Don’t use adfly because I have to try like 20 times to get the mediefire link instead of all these other cities and scams

  29. Deer1031 says:

    Sooo… they just stand there… doing nothing? Don’t you think that is kind of pointless?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Can you change the skins on the npc

  31. May says:

    Can you make them move or follow you? Cause that would be cool if you could!

  32. Diomond says:

    Can you make them say things???

  33. Thomas says:

    Does the NPC replace any existing mobs and if so what do they replace?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hello I love the add-on by the way, but just a question with the eyes of most of the NPC’s they have the white on the inside or corner of the actual eye color. How do you do that?

  35. Ree says:

    Can you change the models?

  36. Shayne says:

    Doesn’t work 🙁

  37. Anonymous says:

    Apart from looks do these serve any real purpose? For example can you use them to teleport or trade like you can on most servers?

  38. Bailey Sutherland says:

    Don’t worry I figured out how

  39. Bailey Sutherland says:

    It doesn’t work please explain how to make it work

  40. Delarowar says:

    wow. nice add-on! ^^

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