Dungeon Battle R

Dungeon Battle has arrived with a new, more updated version and a little less heavy but even more difficult enjoy the new map with new details new weapons a background and origin story more enjoy it

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Y4H1RX 11#1356 In Discord

Y4H1RX 11 In Xbox  user

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[Game history] in the world there were some wonders where people lived together as friends until arch illager came to ruin everything in peace making the castle closed for a few years until a day came when you would enter the dungeons and defeat we all hope you win a lot of luck

(?) In this map it may have some errors or it may be missing things but it is because it is still in development soon updates will come that will end the errors and the missing things do not worry

(!) A Thanks to Flora Bedrock and Minecraft Dungeon replicas and thanks for your permission

here is the video of the game

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New Download update

1-the adfly link was removed and it was changed by direct mediafire since it said that it had a virus and that could be dangerous for a phone or PC so I decided to change it



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  1. ResidentRex says:


  2. Bernkastel Wannabe says:

    The map is indeed good but I got too disappointed when the final boss is the cauldron instead of the Arch-illager. Considering that you used MC Dungeons addon to make the map.

    Overall, great map!

  3. Needyllama says:

    @SeanVxe I know how to get the shader

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