Dungeon-Craft (5 Year Anniversary!) [Adventure]

This is the five year anniversary for Dungeon-Craft and that makes it one of the oldest maps made for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (or originally Pocket Edition). Dungeon-Craft is an adventure map taking place in an underground dungeon. You follow the story of a scientist who found a way to make blocks float but instead of being praised for his genius was put in prison for life. Will you be able to escape? Find out by playing Dragon-Craft!

Creator: Furminator, Twitter Account


You are a scientist has a found a way to make blocks float in mid-air. However, your research is considered witchcraft
by the King and High Elders Council. You were given a life sentence in Dungeon craft! A place so mysterious that rumors
say there are strange underground places all connected.

Weeks later you hear screaming and clashing from surface. All the guards leave when noise dies down and none of the guards
return. You begin to feel alone..


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19 Responses

5 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Wiggles231 says:

    How did you make the light house blocks? Were they just retextured blocks? Please share! 🙂

  2. Mrmendham says:

    Amazing really fun.Loved it.

  3. Matth3w23 says:

    Loved it! I remember playing TacoTony’s escape a good while back, and being amazed by the size of the builds. Thanks for bringing back the good memories!

  4. Hareth says:


  5. GlennPutra says:

    Furminator, where is sky realm?

  6. Night Fury says:

    Awesome map. Make more like it.!

  7. John says:

    I remember playing this back in 0.9.0. Brings back many memories 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    I cant play this i cant see this world

    • Furminator says:

      Try again, it should work. If you don’t see the map, it might be the map folder is inside a second folder. (folder in a folder) If it is, take it out and place it in your worlds folder.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I like it since 2011

  10. kidgamesxboxpro says:

    it was my first and favorite map and will always be

  11. lordSim04 says:

    For a map without redstone and command blocks it is AWESOME

  12. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed playing your amazing adventure game

  13. Lloyd says:

    Question: Is this map revamped with the features added since it’s initial release, or is it still identical to the old map?

    • Furminator says:

      This is almost identical to when I first released it. I went back through old letsplay videos to revert all the changes I made. The only new addition is a few command blocks that set spawnpoint and turn time to night.

  14. BalMasque says:

    Congrats making it this far!

  15. MyNameIsDeath says:

    Wow, I remember playing this map when multiplayer first came out in pocket edition. It’s great being able to go back and play it once more. Quite nostalgic. Thank you for uploading this map.

  16. NanoZe says:

    When I downloaded it i spawned in a bunch of random blocks please fix it

    • Furminator says:

      Try now, I’ve tested both zip file and mcworld file. Look for a tutorial on installing maps if it still doesn’t work.

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