The Weapons of “Minecraft Dungeons”

This one’s for you MC Dungeons players, like myself. As you might know, the game has some pretty cool retextures of the weapons and tools you normally see in vanilla Minecraft. Some people say some are even better than the originals, and I agree! This, is why I created this texture pack.

I was originally going to upload this to Java Edition first but people beat me to it a long time ago (this is why you don’t procrastinate), but then I realized no one has uploaded a texture pack of it here yet (as of the time uploaded), so, here we are.

This texture pack retextures the following:

-Iron Axe, Pickaxe, and Sword

-Diamond Pickaxe and Sword

-Bow and Crossbow

These weapons/tools will be replaced by their Dungeons counterpart, where the Bow has changed to “Master’s Bow” and the Crossbow to “Azure Seeker”.

Here are some in-game screenshots and a demo video so you can have a look yourself. (All screenshots were taken in Java Edition, but no worries, the textures themselves don’t change)

There is a reason I used these instead of cooler ones. I wanted to make sure they still remained faithful to the vanilla textures and a lot of the Uniques have a higher pixel count than 16×16. So, I decided to go with these.

I won’t be strict on those who decide to use these as base models or reuse them for their own packs since these are some pretty cool weapons, so feel free to do so! If you do, please credit me because I tried really hard to get the colors and shape of them as accurate as possible so they feel like they were imported from the game when really they weren’t.

With that said, enjoy your fresh new weapons!

Changelog View more
  • New "Stylized" version! This version includes retextures of all the iron, gold, and diamond tools (except shovels, I couldn't figure out a style I liked for it)

    Also want to use this section to say that I will not be updating my packs for a while. School has started for me so I need to focus more on schoolwork than all the side projects I have including these. That's all from me though, Cya.

  • Added support for 1.16 tag
  • Added a demo video that shows the weapons in action
  • Added the texture for the Crossbow when loading a Firework. To the person that left a comment on it, thank you for reminding me!
  • Changed title to match the file name, the title sounded generic and boring anyways
  • Zoomed in a bit on the Vindicator to make it easier to see his axe in the screenshot
  • Edited the description a bit
  • Edited the Installation description to make it easier and less confusing for those that might have trouble installing in the future
  • Fixed textures that had what I call "scattered pixels", which include the bow, both swords, and the axe
  • Added another screenshot: the Vindicator

-Changed Feature Image due to some problems with it earlier


I'm gonna make this more detailed than before, just to make sure people really know what to do if they don't know how to install.

Android Users: Simply tap on the notification that pops up in your notifications tray when the download is complete and it should open the game and start importing.

iOS Users: After the download's finished, tap on "Open in..." and then tap on "Copy to Minecraft".

Windows Users: Simply click on the arrow next to the download and then on "Open". If everything is fine, the game should boot up and start importing.

If these don't work, try moving the file to your "resource_packs" folder and it should do the trick.

I am not sure if this is compatible with Xbox since I do not own one, although it should be able to work anyways since it's bedrock too.


Supported Minecraft versions


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51 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Great, much effort. love it

  2. Netherite Sword should be Heartstealer.

  3. Guest-3672881452 says:

    Retexture all tools please like golden tools, stone tools,wooden tools and netherite tools

  4. Guest-2983307928 says:

    Plssss can you add the firebrand? The fire axe thingy plsssss

  5. Idk how many of you will read/notice this, but I want to just clear two things up. For starters, I’m working on another version of this pack which retextures all the metal tools (Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite) to the style/color scheme of Minecraft Dungeons. I am still figuring out how I want to retexture them which is why it’s taking longer than anticipated. [1/2]

    • And second, it’s taking even longer because I’ve recently haven’t had any motivation to continue figuring out how to retexture the tools. I’m not sure how I’m gonna motivate myself to continue experimenting to get it right, but hey, I have the Iron stuff down, I just need the remaining three. Just wanted to clear things up for those that wanted an update on how things are going. I’ll be releasing what I have soon so you guys can have some new content I guess. Stay safe. It’s a dangerous world.

    • CubeMaster says:

      diamond isn’t metal + Netherite is alloy

  6. Guest-9394131010 says:

    Is it possible for you to make a 32×32 version of this texture pack so it doesn’t look weird with faithful texture pack and a a longer-term project add more weapons and armor textures. I also noticed that when you walk with the retexturized tools they don’t do the walking animation like the regular tools do. All around amazing texture pack, looking forward to seeing more work from you in the future 😃

    • Guest-3310638346 says:

      Yeah, and maybe you can make the golden add the firebrand axe and make netherite armor either armor. Also a 32×32 version of this pack would be sweet because I use the faithful pack as well

  7. Guest-3026273199 says:

    Can you change the trident to Whispering Spear

  8. Guest-7427626983 says:

    Can you replace some of the other weapons and stuff with existing weapons Fromm Dungeons? Like making the Netherite Sword look like the Claymore?

    • Guest-7386657099 says:

      I would also love if you could maybe make separate texture packs for the various weapons that only have one weapon in the main game, like bows (I would love to have the Saberwing in Minecraft)

  9. Guest-8959238973 says:

    Hey This is work in 1.16 official update?

  10. Guest-2459844567 says:

    Make gold tools look like iron tools but golden please

    • I just today decided to start making an alternative texture for this that does just that but also with the Netherite tools. So if you’re looking forward to it, keep an eye out for the next time I update this!

  11. Guest-6622135052 says:

    Thank you for a 1.16 version! cant wait to try it 🙂

  12. Guest-4350096334 says:

    Even though there not in Minecraft dungeons, can you have a crack at the wood, stone and gold in the same style? It’s just a suggestion. I really like this pack!

  13. Guest-3822943759 says:

    Muy buen trabajo por solo las imagenes y comentarios lo usare pero cuando lo hagan compatible para la 1.16 espero que sigan asi buen trabajo 🙂

  14. Guest-8043976641 says:

    When 1.16 comes out in 2 days, be sure to make this compatible with 1.16.

  15. senzawa says:

    Thank you for not giving me 12 viruses via adfly

  16. Guest-8527156378 says:

    Make a whole texture pack for the whole game like minecraft dungeons please!

  17. Guest-9763098750 says:

    Rey texture the gold tools to look like the iron tools

  18. Guest-5200408744 says:

    Please do firework crossbow and all armor. Exemple: Netherite armor = Whiter Armor

  19. Guest-7335896520 says:

    make netherite tools too, retexture the diamond tools to the colors of netherite, please

  20. LightningCraft says:


  21. Jackkowalchyk says:

    Can you make leather the evocation robes? Anyways it’s pretty good

    • I would really like to do that at some point since I also like the Evocation Robe, the only problem with it is that I don’t know if you can change the models of the armor in the bedrock version of the game.

  22. Guest-5692226334 says:

    You know what you should do? You should make it when you enchant your weapon it’s glows up a lot like in Minecraft dungeon with an enchanted diamond sword and you should make some of the armor that closely related to the armor in Minecraft dungeon like the leather would be that weird armor that makes you have a bat or something.

  23. Guest-6636897181 says:

    Hey quick question, can I review this on my YouTube channel? I’ll make sure to credit you in my video and description

  24. Guest-3970169067 says:

    the fireworks crossbow is not working with texture

    • So that’s what I was missing! I forgot about the firework crossbow, I don’t use them much since I forget you can do that. Sorry about that! Check back tomorrow or the day after, and the pack should be updated with the texture. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

  25. Guest-8721522407 says:

    it’s great! thank you 😀

  26. Guest-3031717563 says:

    Is this compatible with other texture packs ?

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