Quadruple beehive seed!

Hi, it’s me Griefer Cube and I have a very special seed with.. 4 beehives! I told you that bees are rare and now we have four? That’s incredible! I once tried this seed and made a honey farm so try this seed!

Here’s a photo of spawn. Try not to die while climbing off the cliff.

After successful to climb down the cliff, please note that there is a hole.

Now, let’s go a little further. What is that??? A beeeeeee!

It’s normal if you don’t see it. Now I can see the two beehives here.

and there too.

Try going to the forest with some tall flowers and you will see the third one.

when you see the first beehive, go foreword to a mini hill with an oak tree and you will see the fourth one.

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Now with two more beehives close to spawn! Note the poppy

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  1. SpaceCooki says:

    This kinda useful for my achievment im happy cuz bees are so rare to me

  2. Guest-1399030470 says:

    bees aren’t even that rare lol

  3. Guest-2510353790 says:


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