Dyeable Armor Mod (Android)

This is a really cool mod for Android users which let you dye your armor into almost any color you like. Dyeing is no longer limited to just leather as it will now work with any of the armor items (e.g. diamond or iron). You won’t actually dye them using a cauldron so that part works a little differently. But other than that it’s pretty cool.

Creator: Supreme9k, Twitter Account
Updated: 15 October, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

To dye an armor you will need to add the armor item of your choice to a crafting table and then also add the dye (as seen in the image down below) to retrieve the dyed version of that item.


  • Bug fixes
  • Added a spawn egg
  • Added a splash text for the home screen


Important: This requires the latest version for BlockLauncher.

  1. Download Dyeable Armor .modpkg
  2. Import the modpkg file to BlockLauncher or other launcher app

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61 Responses

4.41 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. I am ANGEY says:

    This was a disappointment… I PLAY ON iOS!

  2. KjvMode says:

    anime is ruined…

  3. baskin robins says:

    What is the supported versions? I play on beta and off so I need to know.

  4. fredbear says:

    i love this

  5. jessie says:

    this suck’s

  6. Make Minecraft Better says:

    Why are all the good mods only on android 😡

  7. FuntimeSlade says:

    I got Add-ons a couple times I got on Adfly i press skip add and it worked i got my addon

  8. LEGO PASA GR says:

    I really want this mode pls fix the link

  9. Mister says:

    Come on I Hate This Web [ Ad.fly ]

  10. Thepigmaster says:

    Soo bad do not download dis mod

  11. Yiset says:

    I want to see if it works!!!!!

  12. Mcpesub says:

    Please Please make it in ios

  13. Mcpesub says:

    Make it on ios

  14. Ahmed says:

    Subscribe to my channel

  15. Ethan says:

    Can you use this on Bedrock Edition Realms?

  16. Some guy playin minceraft says:

    I can’t equip the armor!?!

  17. Squootre says:

    Does this work for Windows 10?

  18. vinsensius says:

    im see mcpe journalist download that mod

  19. Hafiz says:

    this amazing

  20. Emma says:

    Can someone help me I’ve downloaded mods like this mod and pocket heroes and I can’t put the armour on

  21. Hussain Amazing Hussain Power says:

    Does anyone know how to get the addon

  22. Super Z says:

    Why can’t I where the armor help!!!!!

  23. Easy says:

    I no its easy

  24. Loser says:

    When will iOS user be able to use mods?

  25. Barryplz says:

    I like how I just say cool

  26. Joshua doggett says:

    I love this it is awesome

  27. AstroDude says:

    I can’t wear the armor! I am on v1.2.8.0.
    Looks cool tho😃

  28. Madyson says:

    How do you download it?

  29. KROKO GAMING407 says:


  30. fred says:

    I can’t download

  31. mr. red Minecraft says:

    I like this awesome

  32. Anonymous says:

    I want this on iOS

  33. I like moma's Spaghetti says:

    :0 dis mod

  34. YTGraveTheRavenXBOX says:

    Boy this is so cool! I always wanted to be able to dye ALL kinds of armors! Thanks for this mod! But they should add this in real Minecraft.

  35. Halo! says:

    Is it on IOS yet?

  36. Alti says:

    Lovely mod

  37. Koito says:

    Too much ads just too download ..

  38. Alex says:

    Dude, we don’t need this mod anymore

  39. Sariah says:

    Thanks for the update! 😀👏

  40. Sariah says:

    Thanks for the update! 😀👏

  41. TK-6606 says:

    This is amazing

  42. Happybrine says:

    Does it work on becuz some of mods don’t work anymore

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