Dynamite Mod (Android)

This is a mod which adds six different types of dynamite to the game. Even though some of them don’t really explode (e.g. spawning water) they still prove very useful both in battles against monsters or if you need some way to easier terraform the terrain. It’s a quite simple but yet useful mod.

Creator: Wartave, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Dynamite is similar to TNT block except that it can be thrown.

  • Dynamite (ID: 1000) – 2 Gunpowder + 1 String
  • Mega Dynamite (ID: 1001) – 3 Dynamites
  • Ocean Dynamite (ID: 1002) – 1 Dynamite + 1 Water Bucket
  • Fire Dynamite (ID: 1003) – 1 Dynamite + 1 Lava Bucket
  • Digging Dynamite (ID: 1004) – 3 Mega Dynamites
  • Vaporize Dynamite (ID: 1005) – 1 Dynamite + 1 Empty Bucket

Let’s have a look at some of the different explosions.

The Mega Dynamite causes a slightly greater explosion than to that of a TNT block.

The Ocean Dynamite will spawn some water. It’s a great weapon against endermen.

The Digging TNT is really useful if you want to find some ores. It will remove blocks all the way down to bedrock.

Do you need to pass through an ocean? Well, I’ll just assume that you aren’t Jesus (and can walk on water) or Moses (and can part the sea). If I am right in that assumption then throw some Vaporize Dynamites and it will make the water vaporize.

Important: This mod requires BlockLauncher which is an Android app.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The download led me to a pron site

  2. Modedstuff says:

    Does mod work on

  3. Steve says:

    Des dinosaures

  4. therealDonaldTrump says:


  5. Nitin Aggarwal says:

    Love 💗 it

  6. Nitin Aggarwal says:

    I love the mod
    So awesome 🤩😎🕴
    I’m just amazing 😉

  7. aRchester says:

    why is it always block launcher!!
    it doesnt work on my cp brooss!!

  8. David says:

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  9. Matt says:

    I have it but the texture for it isn’t loaded. Why?

  10. Rafid says:

    This program so good

  11. Dat Boy says:

    Hey could you try and make this a pe add on by mabye changing some of the blocks into other types of TNT? Please it would be a nice change to see a tnt add on with multiple types of TNT that don’t replace the original

  12. Thata says:

    Why I Can’t Download Mods? I Can Only Download Maps And Add-Ons

  13. TC says:

    Pls make this so u can open this in mcpe

  14. CC132 says:

    He he cool

  15. Roayna says:

    Hey Guys Lets have fun with this:,)

  16. Roayna says:

    Hey creator put this on iOS devices Please:’)

    • SolidMoney25979 says:

      No offense man, but it just doesn’t work like that. Ios is much more strict about what is put into their apps, meaning that mods simply don’t work on Ios. 😕Try the tank, plus explosions, or Nuclear weapons addon if you want to have a blast (lame joke[cringe]).

    • Dorian Zarvos says:

      You fricken suck and so does apple!!

  17. Fancy joe says:

    this mod is really good 👍 and can you make more mods because i dont like addons and mods are better because they have more stuff so can u make more mods

  18. Jamie says:

    I love your name on my phone

  19. Maker of the realistic bows addon. says:


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