EastEnders MC

This is a recreation of the set from the BBC show EastEnders! It includes the exterior of most of the buildings (more coming soon) and even the interior of the queen Vic pub! The show started in 1985 by the BBC and has gotten better ever since.

 The map is filled with many of the buildings from the show. Some of these are…

The queen Vic pub which is very well known in the show….

Kathy’s cafe

Square Dealz

This world has been made to be as accurate as possible and it even uses a resource pack to make the buildings look even more accurate!


Other plans for the future:

– Exterior for every build

– Adding some more buildings like the tube station

– More trees around the map so the surrounding land looks appealing

Changelog View more

A couple of changes from admins feedback for a successful re-submission

Added a trailer for the map on YouTube and linked it in the description

-  Added a resource pack filled with stuff that puts the map together!

- The arches! (A classic building in the show with a pit that people seem to fall into... )

- The playground , This is also a classic place but nothing dramatic really happens in there...

- Turpin road! A road containing buildings like:

  1. Mclunkies
  2. Funeral Parlour
  3. The Albert
  4. Walford East

- The Community Centre

- Reconstructed Kathy's Cafe

- The market stools 

- Two new buildings on Turpin road

- Few tweaks to the map

- A Panorama on the loading screen

- A new trailer


You can make videos playing the map but give credit by linking the trailer above in the description and crediting me in the video (:

You cannot claim any credit for this map.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 (beta)

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28 Responses

4.66 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. memester says:

    why u not know about eastenders

  2. Guywithaname says:

    What is East Enders?

  3. Moby Huge says:

    my god, you are a mad lad

  4. G3N3S1S says:

    I’m definitely using this for a Dimensions in Time reboot

  5. Joergen says:

    This map looks great!! I don’t really watch the show, I used to! From what I can remember it seems very accurate! Maybe you can make a more detailed version later!! (Just That The buildings look a little plain to me :D)

  6. JustinPlayzPE says:

    I fell into the pit on the arches and then i heard laughing
    Great map though, even if i don’t watch the show because im not british.

  7. TheLuck says:

    Why is the zip taking ages to download into the files for but looks great once I figure out why it is taking so long

  8. Jndl2k15 says:

    Sorry I haven’t replied to anyone… I never get notified when someone leaves a comment 😂 Hope you are enjoying the map and I have started work on the playground and arches (:

  9. Yeeters says:

    Hi What should I put in my credits in the video?I want it to be complete to be sure

  10. Cain milburn says:

    Do u have a 1.12 version also are u able to make coronation street

  11. Chaz_666_ says:

    Could you make a little Britain map?

  12. Chaz Macleod says:

    Could you make a little Britain map as well

  13. Em says:

    I have not downloaded it but looks great hope it downloads

  14. Sam says:

    Looks good! I love seeing British based maps, never see them. I think a little more practice and you could make an even better version! Keep up the good work.

  15. Catriel says:

    So cool mean

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