Easter Bunny Add-on

My favorite event of life after Christmas of course, haha!

Turn On Experimental Gameplay To Play

There’s something about the Easter bunny that I adore so much so I added a twise that I adore as well.

For our first mob we have the Easter Bunny.

The fluffy guy that I love and he’s also cool as he’ll be your fighting partner, haha.

Here’s the twist part:

Name: Evil Easter Bunny

The most dangerous bunny in the world. Stronger than the bunny!

Also, there’s a Pet Evil Bunny. It’s friendlier, smaller and tameable.


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7 Responses

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  1. Guest-7943586193 says:

    Can you do this like it can lay mob eggs…. that would be awesome

  2. Guest-8183156459 says:

    They keep saying that the zips aren’t valid archives 🙁 I’ve tried this many ways and it doesn’t work. I with all these addons on here were posted onto the addons app :C

  3. Guest-7852745641 says:

    How to tame it?

  4. Plushtrap159 says:

    I Think It Should Be Like The Easter Bunny From Orespawn That Has A Chance Of Laying Any Mob Egg In The Game. Think About It 😉

  5. THE_BLUE says:

    Nice addon i like it

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