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The easyBuilding Mod is aimed at making building in Minecraft Pocket Edition a much more effecient process. There are features such as a region selecting, overlays, undo/redo and more which if used correctly can enable you to customize the terrain much and build structures much faster.

Creator: Clagdriff, Twitter Account

Getting Started

To get started and learn how to properly use all the features I highly recommend to begin by creating a flat world.

Once entering the world there will be a couple of new buttons available on the screen. Begin by pressing the eB button to turn easyBuilding on.



Tap on the menu button to select among the different options. Some of the options are self-explanatory in-game. But we’ll walk you through how some of the more important features work.

Terrain Editor

I’d say this is the most essential feature of the mod. Before being able to use the Terrain Editor a region has to be selected. Tap on the “Select Region” button.


To select the first region position tap on the bottom-left red button. A popup window will appear. Press the ON/OFF button underneath “Select your own Position” to get your current coordinations and then press SELECT POSITION.


Walk somewhere else and then tap on the same red button again to select your second position.



Alright, now it’s time to edit the selected region. Menu > Terrain Editor > Then use one of the options, in this example we’ll add add a simple overlay.

Insert the ID and if possible the block data (block data = e.g. if you want birch wood planks, then use block data 2, otherwise you’d get ordinary oak wood planks). Here’s a website where you can find all IDs:


I’ll use ID 12 which equals sand. Then press START. The area will start being filled by the selected block, in this case sand blocks.



You can replace the selected region blocks with any other blocks. Simply insert the current block ID with the one which you want it replaced with. In this case, I selected block ID 4 which equals cobblestone.


Here’s a list of all options which the Terrain Editor include:

  • Reset Region
  • Move Region
  • Save Region
  • Show
  • Overlay
  • Clear
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Replace All…
  • Change Grass Color


This menu offers options which allow for changing the active environment you are working in, such as changing the time of day, deleting mobs, give items IDs, set spawn, teleporting and more.

Quick Menu

Use the quick menu to access some of the more basic features.

  • Blocks: This option allow you to change the amount of blocks which are placed. By default it’s set to 16. For example, if you no longer want to this feature active simply select “1”
  • Random Blocks: Decide a min. and max. number of the height of blocks you randomly want to place.
  • Undo/Redo
  • Replace
  • Minebot
  • Reset Undos
  • Save Template
  • Reset easyBuilding
  • Quit easyBuilding

Random Blocks in action.


If you enjoyed this mod make sure to check out the World Edit Terra Mod.


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17 Responses

4 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Angel Kern says:

    No longer working with mcpe

  2. Lois Peralta says:

    I can’t download it? Why is it not available…. In need of this very much right now….

  3. R23 says:

    How do I download this on iOS?

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do I copy it

  5. Zeus says:

    This mod loads on the world stored ony device, bit when I go to my Realms world it will not load. Anything I can do to fix that?

  6. Angel says:

    It stop working. i can no longer see the menu. Tried disable and enable. Tried delete and add back. Try reinstalling blockluncher pro, still no good. Please help.

    • Angel says:

      I saw the note on the on the easyBuildingUp.txt on the Update folder and found that this is compatible for MCPE 0.14, if its true, i hope you have an update soon for my MCPE 1.0.7

  7. Beanjaymeen says:

    Can u make this so i can down,oad it on IOS? Thanks!

  8. M. Daffa Asyam Mumtaz says:

    Are this mod can copy a building from a world and paste it in another world?

    • GhastHunterz88 says:

      Yes,you need to copy your build by selecting region,then paste your build anywhere by selecting region again,even in another world.

  9. MinecraftLover933 says:

    can you please change the Onedrive download link to a mediafire download link.

  10. GhastHunterz88 says:

    Please reply to my question, I really love this mod :'(

  11. GhastHunterz88 says:

    This mod is really useful,but can u make some explanation about how to copy and paste the block and how to use minebot?Btw sorry for my bad grammar 🙂

    • Clagdriff says:

      What do you mean with “how to copy and paste”? Do you mean the Terrain-Editor or something else?
      Minebot is an app from the Google Play Store. You can build faster with it. You communicate with minebot through the chat. The minebot-buttons of this mod help you to at this, you can press the buttons instead of using the chat.

      • GhastHunterz88 says:

        Now i know how to use the Minebot,and to copy the block,I also know how to paste the block, but i don’t know how to choose the right place to paste the block.For example,I’ve copied my building and wanna paste it somewhere near a river,so I walked to the desired position and paste the block,but nothing happened.Sometimes,if I trying to paste the copied block,it will be pasted far away from the position I want.So,the problem here is I don’t know how to pick the exact location to paste the copied block.Hope you can help me because ur mod is awesome 🙂

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