EasyEggs V1.0.1 – Minor Update

You play in creative mode? Confused with spawn eggs? Don’t worry, I’ve made a resource pack for that! With this pack you can easily find specific spawn egg in creative inventory.

Pack Details

Name: EasyEggs

Creator: Rahee07

Version: 1.0.1 

Size: 2.75 Megabytes (I have included thumbnail in the archive)

Resolution: 32x

Type: Vanilla enhancement [Resource pack]

Supported game version: 1.16.x+ [RECOMMENDED]

Supported platforms: Should work fine on popular bedrock platforms. Such as Android, iOS, Windows 10…

Affects in-world achievements?: No.

Note: This pack won’t work properly on future game versions, if Mojang uses texture_index 60-65 for upcoming mob spawn eggs. I’ll update the pack as soon as possible after game update.


WinEpicFin for helping me to fix subpack mechanism. Check out his/her pack Rainbow XP to support him/her!


Videos (Promoted)

Thanks to Fool Ice for making a video for this pack!

If you’re a YouTuber, then you can make a short review or trailer for this pack with #MadeForRahee07 tag. So I can find your video easily and include it here. It’s free of course.

You may need this image if you review this pack. (Included in ZIP too)

Why I didn’t included my own video for this pack?

I was a YouTuber. It became boring because of my potato smart phone. I left YouTube and decided to let people make videos for me. So I can promote them for free. 😀

Please don’t make misleading videos of this pack. I’ll only promote good videos. 😉

How to change variant (in-game)


  • Do not redistribute this pack any where. (Not even on MCPE DL)
  • Do not claim this pack as yours.
  • Do not provide direct download link to others.
  • You can make YouTube videos for this pack. (Provide credit in description)
  • You can modify this pack for personal use ONLY.
  • You can send suggestions/reports to me. (Check Contact Details)

Contact info 

Send emails to [email protected]

Follow me on Facebook Rahee07

Send DMs on Discord Rahee#6789

Follow me on Twitter @Rahee07_

Send messages on Telegram @Rahee07 (

Subscribe here and stay updated about my upcoming packs.

Check out all my other packs here

Previously on MCPE DL

@JaxOrSomething on EasyEggs

@Commander0977 on EasyEggs

Reply: I’m not an Indian. But thanks for your valuable support

@Delta Wave on Cirsquare UI
Reply: Dark variant coming soon. 😉
Reply: Ok, I’ll try…

I used the following applications to make this pack

  • Pixly ( to edit textures.
  • Acode ( to do code stuff.
  • MiXplorer ( to manage files.
  • PixelLab ( to make thumbnail.
  • PaintDotNet ( to edit textures.

About me (who cares?)

Hey there, my name is Rahee. Also known as Rahee07. I’m 15 y/o and from Bangladesh. 🇧🇩 I am playing Minecraft since 2018. I love to experiment with advanced stuffs like Minecraft resource packs, add-ons, code etc.

I don’t speak English. So please ignore my grammatical and spelling mistakes. :3

What I did with 300$ that I got from MCPE DL competition 2020?

I bought a cheap Mini PC (Asus PN40) for $236. (almost) and donated the rest ($64) to the poor. I could buy a better desktop. But I prefer portability.

I use it for online classes and Minecraft related stuff and so on.

Intel Celeron J4005 @2 Ghz | 4 GB DDR4 RAM | 120 GB M.2 SSD (it’s enough for my daily tasks)

My dream is complete 😀

I always wanted to buy a cheap computer from my savings. I’m still saving money so I can donate money to the poor.

THANK YOU SO MUCH MCPE DL for hosting such a nice competition

Thanks for visiting! Have a nice day. 😀

Changelog View more

Updated article

Updated links

Updated social links

Removed poll (MCPE DL don't allow bitly links... Please suggest any other direct short link.)

Date: 3, Mar, 2021 | V1.0.1

  1. Added heads only variant. (default) You can still switch to mini icon variant using the gear icon.
  2. Added thumbnails in ZIP.
  3. Tweaked texture.
  4. Removed egg_npc.png (it's useless)
  5. Updated notes.
  6. Updated article.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)



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38 Responses

5 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. KcTec90 says:

    Really useful when I’m in creative or on anarchy servers! Best pack ever!

  2. Kahfiar says:

    i hope i can vote 10/10, cuz this is very cool

  3. Commander0977 says:

    I want to see The New 1.17 Mobs pls!!!

  4. G RIFQI says:

    impian yg sederhana, orang baik semoga rezekimu di perbanyak.
    dan saya sangat suka teksture yg anda buat

  5. Fatur-Kun says:

    Jujur Sumpah mantep banget, btw Koleb ayuk gak ada temen aku nya tuch

  6. The Rogue says:

    Thanks man

  7. Commander0977 says:

    Pls. Make a Version for 1.17 mobs!

  8. Ahmaster says:

    Good but I can’t find the download button 😅 and can you make nit a zip cuz I don’t know how to unzip it

  9. The pack has surpassed 1k+ downloads!!!
    Thanks <3

  10. This is very useful! I don’t know why anyone made this before!

    Thanks for this!

  11. Silver Claw YT says:

    Really nice and useful!

  12. can you make a slider on the pack that makes the whole egg the face instead of a icon near the egg?

  13. ASAP says:

    Ugh.. So much usefull. Thank you for this, actually i am planning to make my own version of this for my personal use only but since someone already create no need to work for that. Thank you so much for this.

  14. Usefull for people who started to play recently

  15. Jaystley says:

    I already had this idea for a long time but I did not know how to apply it, thanks

  16. HanTAN says:

    wow…. greatest idea!

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