Eatable Swords Add-ons

Are you bored of original Minecraft sword? Then download this add on. this add on adds new swords to minecraft,and its all can eat all the sword and each swords have a different effect.(like minecraft potion),Total of all the sword are 15 swords.what are you waiting for just download this add on.


This is all the item and swords


steak sword:

pork sword:

melon sword:

fish sword:

Potato sword:

chicken sword:

sugar sword:

diamond apple:

It’s not all the recipes if you wanna see all the recipes go to the download link.

And if you wanna make video about this add on you have to add the original download link(my download link),do not make it with your own download link.

Don’t forget to turn on experimental gameplay! 

Changelog View more

-fixed bug

-fixed image on mcpe dl bug

-thats all

-bug fixes, 

-added more swords

-added more effect

-buffed all the swords

-Fixes bug

-added more swords

-added more items

-added more effect

-bug fixes

-added more sword

-added more effect to sword

-fixes bugs

-add more swords

-added effect when you eat the sword



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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20 Responses

4.13 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-3311573347 says:


  2. Skyrkazm says:

    Why can I literally hear the addon before downloading it? I just hear really wet meat slapping ppl in the face.

  3. Guest-8291312124 says:

    Does the swords deal damage?

  4. Guest-7400438474 says:


  5. xDeckadesYT says:

    U put the wrong recipe dude, btw NICE ADDON

  6. kingofdrago123 says:

    i cant get it… and bred is made out of grain and wheat not potato

  7. Guest-2198268441 says:

    Can’t craft on IOS 1.14.30

  8. Guest-4460814788 says:

    Bruh the bread sword is a potato sword

  9. Guest-8952505970 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Chinese Minecraft.What I need is business authorization.

  10. Guest-9319855307 says:

    Can’t crafting on iOS 1.14.30

  11. Kodomo says:

    Yes, what’s wrong with the bread sword?

  12. FrostGamerYT says:

    Bread sword?

  13. Kodomo says:

    Thanks for downloading my add on

  14. Guest-5715363857 says:


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