EckoSoldier Let’s Play World – Soldier Adventures Season 1 [Creation]

Soldier Adventures Season 1 is one of the first Let’s Play series EckoSoldier started for Minecraft. The first episode of the series was released back in 2014 and the series ran for a total of 100 episodes. There are lots of awesome things to explore in the world and is really a must-try for all you Ecko fans out there. The world for Season 2 is coming as soon as Minecraft has solved the syncing issues when transferring the worlds.

Creator: EckoSoldierTwitter AccountYouTube

Let’s Play Series

Here you can watch the first episode of Soldier Adventures Season 1.


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5 Responses

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  1. Herobrine says:

    Cool World……… 😎

  2. akinyele says:

    If you people have watched kwebblecraft you see his massive house and creationcould u create and post in mcworld and zip.Plz may you do this Thanks so much if u do

  3. Koito says:

    I would go ahead and watch the Lets Plays first before i download this.

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