EckoSoldier’s Let’s Play World [Creation]

EckoSoldier is one of the top YouTubers in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community. More than half a million people are subscribed to his channel and there are of plenty reasons why. His videos showcase things such as news, add-ons and servers.

But maybe most noticeable is his survival series which attracts thousands of loyal viewers per episode. This map is the world which EckoSoldier uses in his latest Let’s Play series. If you’re a fan then you definitely have to check it out!

Creator: EckoSoldier, Twitter Account, YouTube
Updated: 19 October, 2017 (read changelog)

Let’s Play Minecraft Series


  • New chest area, removed it from under my (Eckosoldier’s) house and built a huge structure to hold all the goodies.
  • Built the highest level beacon you can build (tier 4).
  • Built a treasure room. Represents the Minecraft Story Mode teasure room from Telltale Games.


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45 Responses

4.72 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Guest-1681685747 says:

    You can’t earn achievements…

  2. Fainted Squid says:

    I downloaded this world but did you even notice there was a stronghold in the water on the right corner of your home : I

  3. MSBlocksworth says:

    i swear im going to quit mine craft every fregging down load uses adfly … even doing safe way i get bug and viruses …Find another way this on planetmine craft too … i dont think i should have to buy another comp just to safe guard my main comp

  4. cooldude45 says:

    Whats with the notch in the wheat field. I don’t think notch joined echo in his lets play do you?

  5. Bryce Vaillancourt says:

    I am a big fan of EckoSodlier.
    I haven’t tried out the map yet but I will.

  6. Creeperdude6654 says:

    Biggest fan

  7. I hate says:

    Awesome I’m a big fan of ecko I got no lag wich I like

  8. IICOOLDUDE5001 says:

    I wish someone could make a .mcworld download of jackfrostminer’s let’s play world
    By the way, this Map is Gggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fire_Master12 says:

    I really like the map but it crashes and I lose everything I did and it was super laggy:'(

  10. Rakichi says:

    When I import the world into my Minecraft PE app, The world gets stuck at “Building World” and it takes a long time to load the world. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this.

    BTW I use an iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 11.0 (The developer beta one) with 256 GB. Thanks!

  11. Crazy Minecraft girl says:

    Can you fix something because my Minecraft crashes when I try to download it to my worl

  12. FireBoy says:

    Really cool map. Editor I was wondering if you could make a map of Ethos let’s play’s world (search) Etho Plays Minecraft EP 400

  13. Brian Dickson says:

    This is a awesome roller coaster map 😀

  14. OPOLO says:

    Wow this is so hard to build a world in everyblock! Wow ? Iam impressed

  15. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday ecko

    I subscribed like a year or half year ago

  16. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday ecko and im a sub

  17. Anonymous says:

    I love this world! Anyone who wants download it beware it 55 MB.

  18. Zeyad Khalifa says:

    Man This World Is Epic

  19. Brilliant says:

    Brilliant world

  20. The flip says:

    The flip iz diz itz so cool!!

  21. DeerCool16 says:

    I Love It

  22. Master101 says:

    I love this house and the map

  23. UnspeakableGamingFan says:


  24. MalaysiaGamer69 says:


  25. rahim says:

    I am the biggest fam of u 😀

  26. Chichi Evans says:

    Subscribe to him

  27. Chichi Evans says:

    Nice map ecko

  28. Osian says:

    No f!,&,)ing way love him and his map

  29. Frostbyte3YT says:

    you are the best youtuber!

  30. Seakitten3084 says:

    First comment!! Anyway, how do you upload worlds. I have a great survival world that I made, and it’s really nice. Achievements are still on and I want to upload. It turned out great and has tons of redstone in the mesa. Please tell me how.

  31. bPANASLAPd says:

    I know this guy!

  32. Dead_slasher says:

    I am 1st btw this is awesome

  33. Mr. Meeno says:

    Not really a fan of ecko previously, but I’ve heard of him. This world is completely full of inspiration and after playing it I think now I will watch him for continued inspiration. Thanks.

  34. MattH43 says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to play!

  35. The Golden Pickaxe AAR says:

    Hey ecko. You are awesome youtuber. I will try to download this map. You know it’s 55 megabytes. It will take hrs for me to even load so I will download it with pc. Anyways bye and be awesome.

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