Eclipse 2k (2048×2048) (Mobile Support Update) Texture Pack

Minecraft Java Edition always had extremely high res texture packs. Only a few were made for Bedrock Edition. I decided to start a texture pack that uses 2048 x 2048 pixel textures. The extremely high res makes it nearly impossible to see even pixels. Although at this high Memory and RAM cost. This makes it only supported for Windows 10 edition. Even higher-end mobile devices don’t work.

  •   This is a MAJOR WIP Windows 10 edition high-res texture pack. You should also check out Ascension HD and Fuse Realism! Both are great texturepacks that are better and more complete overall

      This texture pack is a MAJOR WORK IN PROGRESS  And i suggest you please don’t complain about this in the comments. Arranging and finding these textures take some amount of work.

      Before. It used to include 4 textures (V. 1.0.0), Now it has 5!

  • Grass Block (All sides)
  • Dirt
  • Oak Log
  • Stone

—————-=Version 1.0.2=——————–

  • Leaves

—————-=Version 1.0.3 (Coming Soon)=——————–

  • Oak Planks
  • Coal Ore
  • Birch Log? (Maybe)
  • Skin to go with this

This makes up for most of the basic elements you will see in the plains/forest biome (leaves are in the files but i somehow can’t get them to render ingame)

If you wanna see the texture pack in-action, here are some pictures featuring the majority of the blocks (Once again, i forgot the stone :

[I used grass for the leaves…)

–=(Edit v 1.0.3)           (Read this please!)

I didnt include a picture of the leaves ingame cause Minecraft wasnt working properly at the time. So i directly uploaded the texture of the leaves AND stone because both couldn’t be properly photographed =–

Grass, (All of the sides look the same, except the bottom. Similar to Optifine

Dirt texture with a angled camera.

The ugliest texture that i hate but had to put it 🙁          Oak logs… (At least they are seamless)

The grass texture. I took a photo while pushing my face into the grass texture.

Pushing my face into dirt to see the pixels was a good decision…

For some reason this specific shot shows how seamless the dirt can be.

(Please don’t mind the slime who is trying to get a look at this…)

Progress of Eclipse- 8%?

Changelog View more

Version 1.02

- Added mobile support! :)

- Added a single texture


Just download the MCPACK. Its pretty simple...


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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  1. TGT_zLord says:

    Does that say 8% or -8%?

  2. Guest-8617275085 says:

    Well lucky for me I should be able to use this cuz I can use 2k textures on java

  3. Guest-1134903894 says:

    Bruh why are you showing me real life pictures this isn’t Minecraft

  4. Guest-9607979092 says:

    ah yes my favorite game, craftmine

  5. Fasya says:

    I know the problem, you know, this texture is in RAR format and you replace .rar to .mcpack, that’s your mistake, you should compress this texture with zip instead of rar, so for now change .mcpack to .rar because this is rar

  6. Arda says:

    I can’t download it is saying “not a valid zip archive” please solve it 🙂

  7. Screen Patch says:

    Does not work for my iPad it says failed to archive file something

    • Support says:

      You do not have the right version. This is for a certain version and cannot be used for both Beta and the Current alike. Please update your game, if you are in the beta, leave the beta, and if you aren’t in the beta please join it. This should resolve the problem as this means that your Minecraft version is incompatible with the current, so the system will attempt to archive it but fail in response to your client having the incorrect / outdated. This should help. If this doesnt work your client has a problem, as this is UNSUPPORTED by certain platforms, such as some ipads.

  8. AYY you featured my resource pack in the description 🙂

  9. Steve25 says:

    Is this texture pack completed?

  10. Captain0202 says:

    The download doesn’t work on my iPhone X and I’m playing on 1.12

  11. DRAGON says:

    Cool Texture pack

  12. Love The Resourse Pack. But Ive Tried It On Xbox And it Crashed And Went Onto Windows 10 And It Worked
    If Anyone Wants A Good Looing Resource Pack I Highly Recommend Fuserealism OR Ascension HD

  13. Andrew says:

    I am trying to use this on Note 9 but when I try to open it I get an error:(( running I tried to change file type to zip still not working. Hope you can fix this ;D

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love the effort you put into this

  15. DirtyXan says:

    The inside of the logs look like slices of bread

  16. Mr. Human says:

    If this works on Mobile let me know! Also. No modifications of this, If the textures themselves are modified in any way then released to the public i will take action.

  17. Lolo says:

    Invalid zip arcive

  18. Alesscreeper says:

    Amazing thx

  19. AuquixYT says:

    Oh wow, holy shit.

  20. brayan says:

    you can do the same texture but for mobile in 64×64

  21. ictoan_ says:

    I’m not gonna listen to the warning. I’m still gonna install this on my pho. And there is nothing you can do to stop me.

  22. Creator says:

    If you request mobile support (xbox “”may work if you have a brand new one that has nothing except for mc”” , then i will just say no. No mobile support will be added.

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