Published on November 16, 2021 (Updated on November 15, 2021)


This is a Texture Pack made by me to play pvp, bedwars, Skywars and survival if you want, it is compatible with recent versions of Minecraft bedrock and Minecraft java 1.8.

This texture pack modifies most of the things you normally use like swords, tools, and objects like ender's pearl, snowballs and other things.

For example, here you can see how it modifies the sky and some items

I created this texture pack myself from 0, for Minecraft bedrock, but I ported it for Minecraft java, this texture pack in 16 x 16 since it is the most used quality in texture packs.

I am also quite active in discord improving the texture and creating new ones, I accept some recommendations to improve, if you do not have Discord you can comment Here, then I will see the comments and see what I can add :)

by the way sorry if some of the text is wrong, I am using only a translator :v

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I added more text to the description of the texture pack.


If you are from bedrock, just click on the .mcpack file to import it automatically, if you are from java, install it in the corresponding folder and if the texture is not shown, try to extract the files

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Bro i saw the no effects potions are like empty bottle can you put a water texture init because its kinsa confuzing
nice, definitely could use this texture pack for survival
just one question, what do you use for creating the texture pack?