EGG Wars (Map)

EGG wars LP (beta) is a map for MC (bedrock) based on mini games of the MC version (java), with similar mechanics and playability.

A 4-player game with automatic start and selection of teams, in which you must destroy the egg of the opposing team.

* More than 30 items to buy and dominate the game.

* Possibility of raising the generators to the third level (23 minerals).

* Enchanted objects, emeralds and many explosions.

Egg still intact ?, ATTACK !.

Win the last player alive!

Considerations to take before the game

• The game will only start when there are 4 players in the game (you are working to implement a game with only two players).

• To obtain all the features of the game it is advisable to play it in Spanish (English language will be supported shortly).

• It is not advisable to manipulate the “World Options” and the “Tricks” of the settings menu, which could cause errors in the game performance.

• Due to the amount of trade, the player may experience a momentary drop in performance during purchases (work for a better system implementation).

• For a better gaming experience, accept the texture pack by joining the games.

• Supported in: MC bedrock (1.14.1), and tested on Android / Win10 operating systems.



Team Cubitos MC



How to install the map?

 • Download and install Mcworld

 • Click on the file and it will be exported automatically in your minecraft.

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Supported Minecraft versions


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2 Responses

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  1. LP says:

    Play in Spanish language, English is not supported yet.

  2. Noxzify says:

    Can’t place blocks when games starts and upgrading generators doesn’t work

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