eggSplegg [Minigame] [Modded] (Add-on)

eggSplegg is similar to the popular spleef minigame in Minecraft. The only difference is that you will be using an add-on which makes eggs explode when you throw them on the ground. The add-on will only work for version 0.16.0+ (iOS, Windows 10 Edition, Android etc). The objective is to be the last man or woman standing.

Creator: BaselSNS, Twitter Account

How to play?

This map works similar to spleef maps. The difference is that you will be throwing explosive eggs to destroy the blocks below other players. If a player falls down through a hole in the ground then he’s out and is not allowed to enter until the current round has finished.


Before entering the arena select find an egg in your inventory and select it as your primary slot. (All players are supposed to play this map in creative mode.)

The last man or woman standing is the winner.



  • No flying
  • Once you have fell down you are not allowed to enter the arena until a round has finished
  • Play in creative mode


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Installation Guides

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  1. Phantomb6000 says:


  2. SparkLazyGuy says:

    Nice Map But…….

  3. Martin Vera says:

    Gotta say props to you for making this, mean it’s amazing

  4. not notch says:

    You can’t play multi with add-ons.
    Ever thought about it?

    No, you only think about yourself.

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