Eightby is an 8×8 Texture pack that modifies most blocks and items in the game. I did make sure to have it have the same “feel” as the Vanilla textures. All the textures should be easily recognizable from the vanilla ones and should share the same color pallet and general shape.

Modifies most blocks and items. Does not change mobs! Videos/Images of the pack:

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  • I apologize for having two updates right next to each other, as I know this bumps it to the top, but I had forgotten to change the file for the bug fixes last time.
  • This adds everything that the last update was supposed to add
  • Additionally adds a bunch more block textures, mostly foliage
  • Replaced two videos with a better video
  • Fixed grass texture
  • Added a lot of block textures
  • Added a few item textures


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