elbows: Three Tightly Combined Villages & A Stronghold

You will spawn on a shore of an ocean. Turn your gaze around and start walking through the forest or fly over it if you are in creative mode. After a while you will finally reach the first village.

The first village got a lot of farms and animals like sheeps and pigs. It also got a blacksmith with some nice resources you can use for starter tools.

Chest Content

  • 3 gold ingots
  • 2 iron bars
  • 2 saplings


Once you get past  the first village and to the second one you will see a nice river running alongside of the villages.


The third village is really close to the second one. It is almost as if they were connected but no. All three villages are separate but very close one another.

In the third village is where you will find the stronghold. Go to where the red arrow is pointing in the image below. Basically walk to the furthest end of the gravel path and then walk to the large tree in front of you and start dig down.


After a while you’ll fall straight down into the stronghold.


Seed: elbows

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11 Responses

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  1. khanak690 says:

    When you explore stronghold, there is also mineshaft and skeleton dungeon mashed with it.

  2. Exotardian says:

    I was looking for the stronghold in other random generated maps but now I don’t have to thanks

  3. Junkyard says:

    How do you get all these seeds

  4. Anonymous says:

    I didnt try it yet but looks cool

  5. EchoOfDawn266 says:

    You could probably just mine out the well and fall into the stronghold

  6. minerle says:

    There is also a spider dungeon in the stronghold

  7. Cryztal says:

    Wow, very nice seed! Although I couldn’t find the stonghold, I found tons of caves that held riches.


    i know where the stronghold is did you know where its is in the third image the red arrow is pointing in a little cave but the answer to find the stronghold is the second path becauce is full of granite the 3rd line of it has two granite only dig down in any number of granite you see some can fall you to lava

  9. noah darrow says:

    There is also a skeleton dungeon in the stronghold

  10. Emily says:

    When I fell down I fell into a mine. And I got the update 0.10.0. Is it like all the way down? Do I dig more? Not certainly sure…

    • Editor says:

      Then you probably didn’t dig at the exact same spot as displayed on the image in the post here. Try again and make sure are digging at the same block where the arrow is pointing at.

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