Element Shifters

The Element Shifters mod adds two craftable gems to the world which can be used to give your character super useful abilities with cool special effects. Currently there are two gems to choose from: FireBolt and AquaLightning. The gems can be turned on and off simply be tapping with them on the ground.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • FireBolt (492) – 8 lava buckets + 1 diamond
  • AquaLightning (493) – 8 water buckets + 1 diamond

FireBolt Gem

When using the FireBolt gem fire particles will spawn around you and anything you hit will be set on fire. You are immune to taking fire damage too.


AquaLightning Gem

When you have used an AquaLightning gem you will have ice particles spawning around you. You will be able to walk on water because the water underneath you will freeze to ice.



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  1. spyderbear10 says:

    umm have you heard of frostwalker boots?

  2. Anonymous says:

    plz mack this for wendos 10

  3. Arisite~Chan says:

    It still has the “too much traffic” thing

  4. Kira Exconde says:

    Why does it say error 406 causing too much traffic

  5. mad3434 says:

    There is a misplaced redstone particle :/

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