Project Xelium Alpha-v2

This add-on adds a new material to Minecraft, named Xelium. Xelium can be used in a variety of ways, from powering sentries to creating blocks, tools and bite sized power-ups! 

Note: This is an early preview of the add-on, so things (especially survival mechanics) may change, especially as Mojang unlocks more areas for custom features.

Xelium is a new material that can be crafted into many forms and serve many purposes. These forms have been nicknamed fragments, and each fragment has an area of specialty. Xelium can’t be found naturally yet, but can be crafted:


To use Xelium to its fullest potential, you’ll need to shape it into one of the several types of fragments.

Speed Fragment

Speed fragments are used to enhance the speed and efficiency of things.

Power Fragment

Power fragments specialize in supplying raw power.

Shield Fragment

Shield fragments can increase the durability and sturdiness of items and structures.

Void Fragment

Void fragments are unstable clusters of Xelium that may provide significant boosts, with the potential for major drawbacks.

It’s also possible to create blocks of Xelium and fragments, with the current (temporary) exception of the void fragment.

Xelium Block

Speed Fragment Block

Power Fragment Block

Shield Fragment Block

Aside from compactly storing the fragments, these blocks can exhibit some of the traits of the fragments they’re made of! Try blowing up a Shield Fragment block. 🙂


One of the things fragments can be crafted into is a Core. These items can be used to provide specialized energy to things.

Speed Core

Power Core

Shield Core

Void Core

What can you use the cores in? Let’s take a look at an example!


Also included in this add-on is the new Sentry mob. Sentries are upgraded armor stands that can help defend an area, similar to how an iron golem works.

To spawn one, you’ll need a Sentry Kit.

To spawn a Sentry, sneak while holding the a Sentry Kit. A Sentry will be spawned at your position. When they are spawned, they won’t move – that’s because you need a Core to power them!

Depending on the core you use, the sentry could be faster, stronger, more durable, or so powerful that it short-circuits and attacks literally everything it sees. Want to change the core? No problem! Just use shears and the core will come right out. (Unless you used a Void Core, in which case it’s permanently fried onto the sentry!)


Motes are small, consumable bits of power that can provide stat boosts for a short time. They provide no nutrition, and can also be consumed at any time.

Xelium Mote

Provides Regeneration 2 for 4 seconds. This will allow you to regenerate about 2 hearts.

Speed Mote

Provides Jump Boost II and Speed II for 15 seconds

Power Mote

Provides Strength II and Haste II for 15 seconds

Shield Mote

Provides Resistance II for 15 seconds

Void Mote

This little guy provides a healthy dose of Strength V, Resistance III, Speed IV, and Haste IV for 15 seconds, while also providing an unhealthy dose of Hunger 50, Fatal Poison 30, and Nausea I for 30 seconds. In case you’re wondering, yes, this alone will kill you after the 15 seconds of beneficial effects if you are not prepared properly. Use at your own risk!

Tools and Gadgets

These are some other things you can make with Xelium. More is coming!

Accelerator Block

Accelerator blocks can provide a HUGE speed boost to entities that walk across them. You can use them to catapult over gaps that would usually be impossible to cross without a bridge.

Warp Pad

Warp Pads are a great way to get around quickly. Once you assign them a color, they can teleport you to the nearest warp pad of the same color. Warp Pads can be re-assigned, and there is no distance limit – except that the Warp Pad must be in an active chunk. To place a Warp Pad, sneak while holding the item. A Warp Pad will be placed at your position.

Mini Power Bomb

Mini Power Bombs produce a small explosion that can damage nearby mobs. Once a Mini Power Bomb is placed, it will detonate after a set time and can be pushed by direct attacks or other explosions. To defuse an active Mini Power Bomb, press the Use button on is and it will stop ticking down. Defusing a Mini Power Bomb destroys the bomb entirely. To place a Mini Power Bomb, sneak while holding the item and one will be placed at your position. (You probably shouldn’t keep standing there.)

Aaaand, that’s it!

Well, mostly. You may notice that there is a Xelium Ore block. This will naturally spawn in a future update. For now, I must sincerely apologize to my fellow Redstone enthusiasts.

This add-on should work on any client running update 1.13 or higher. Also, be sure to activate Experimental Gameplay to be able to see everything in the add-on! More is planned for the future!

Changelog View more

Completely updated practically everything in the add-on, adding new features in the process. (New featured image, too!)


Supported Minecraft versions


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20 Responses

4.31 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-5841081420 says:

    I love the addon

  2. David says:

    Minor issue. I’m playing on iOS 1.14 and it seems that whenever the sentries put up their shield, literally every mob puts up their hands, including other sentries and the player. Other than that, great mod and I can’t wait to see what you do

  3. Shadow says:

    Great, but i have a few ideas: 1st, add Aquatic fragments, which can be craftet with four xelium in each cornor of the crafting tabel, when crafted to motes they give you water breathing/conduit power and all breath back(if possibile), also you can create the water booster, by combining them with blue ice. if you sneak holding the water booster, it will spawn, only under water. if you step on it, you get boosted to the surface of the water if nothing blocks the path(no blocks, mobs are fine). Also add armor for each color,
    Shield Chestplate = Permanent resistance 2, fills 3 armor
    Speed Boots = permanent jump boost 2 and speed 3, fills 2 armor
    Power leggins(sorry if its written wrong im from germany) = permanent strength 2 and haste 3, fills 3 armor
    Xelium Helmet = permanent regeneration 1, fills 2 armor, gives night vision
    Aquatic helmet = permanent water breathing and conduit power plus removes mining fatigue.

    I hope you concider my ideas, and sorry for my bad english, like i said, im from germany!

  4. ThisJobYT says:

    Yeah, I just noticed that this Addon can only spawn the Sentry, the Power Bombs and Warp Pads through mob spawn eggs powered by command blocks. If you try to spawn the three mobs mentioned above, you would either not be able to spawn them at all, or you would crash out of the game.

  5. ThisJobYT says:

    The Addon crashed my game, both on 1.13.1 world and on 1.14 world! Why??

  6. DragoFlame86 says:

    How do you change the color of a warp pad?

    • ThisJobYT says:

      If on Windows 10, right click on the warp pad with a dye (any dye) to change the colour. Note that there must be two pads with the same colour to warp between pads. A warp pad without colours will not work.

    • ThisJobYT says:

      If on Android or iOS however, just long press on the warp pads with your selected dye to dye it (or hover your crosshair or your cursor until it shows a button called “Set” to dye.).

  7. Anonymous says:

    The sentry kit doesn’t spawn when I crouch
    Am i doing it right?

  8. Dj says:

    Make this for beta PLESSSS unless you have a good reason on why you cant get this on beta. Just to let xbox 1 players know that file explorer was removed from Xbox 1. Theres is other ways to get addons but they cost money and they might not be the right app to get addons on minecraft bedrock. :(.

  9. Dj says:

    I wish this add-on would work for beta on Xbox 1 s and that’s OK because file explorer was removed so I can’t get any more addons on my world which is sad because I need add-on and addons update for my z game. This add-on could be uesfull

  10. Chrono3142 says:

    The sentry wont place when I sneak

  11. me says:

    The P Block does Nothing! Please fix this

  12. Art says:

    Add King Kong and mechani kong

  13. osama says:

    I downloaded but i’cant find it

  14. XabsoliteX says:

    Good but dont add a script consol players like me wont be able to use it

  15. MrBatPerson says:

    Whats the point of the add-on, the red block and yellow block are almost completely useless. The blue block and the green block also both only do the same thing at different paces.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be updated MrBatPerson ,the creator did write it .

    • Anonymous says:

      sounds like hes gonna try and make a competitor for the redstone mech system and that the affect of the blocks are just ancillary. so yeah, right now this mod is just a curiosity. but you can bet im gonna keep an eye on it.

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