Elemental 2 [Parkour]

Elemental 2 is a new and better upgrade of the original Elemental parkour map  stick1435 created. Every parkour level in the map is a little bit larger which causes it to be a greater challenge for the player.

The map is split up in seven different rooms. Each room got its own specific theme. E.g. a nether world in one room and  an ice spikes biome in another.

Creator: stick1435

elemental elemental2download

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9 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    At @tossenburger123 or discord me at NinjaBoogersTheThird#5963

  2. Michael says:

    Can you move the download to MediaFire? Much easier.

  3. TheMiner2163 says:

    Hey, do you know the download links still die. Can you fix it?

  4. mad3434 says:

    Dead link 🙁

  5. Michael says:

    Looks great! Only problem is the download link is broken:/ please fix. If you fix it please tweet me @Mrbestapps1234 thx 🙂

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