Elemental Armor Mod

The Elemental Armor Mod lets you craft an infusion table which can be used to obtain three different types of elemental armor sets. Each set of armor includes special abilities when worn and you can combine multiple parts from different armors to get all abilities. The abilities range from walking on water to being immune to lava.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

How to get the elemental armors?

The first block you will need is the Fusion Table (find crafting recipes further down). Place it down somewhere on the ground.


Next you will need to craft at least one full iron armor set. Then tap on the Fusion Table with Water to infuse the table. Now you can tap with any item of the iron armor set, such as an iron helmet, on the Fusion Table and it will turn into a Water Helmet.

Do the same but with Lava to get the lava elemental armor and quartz to get the air elemental armor.

Water Armor: Allows you to breath underwater for an unlimited amount of time – you won’t drown. If you come in contact with lava the lava will turn into cobblestone which you can walk on.

Lava Armor: Allows you to walk on water as it will be turned into cobblestone. Besides that you will be immune to fire and lava.

Air Armor: If you hit a mob while wearing this armor the mob will be pushed away several blocks from where you are standing.

To get any of the elemental abilities you must only wear one armor item. This means that you can use one item from each set to get the powers of all the armors.

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Fusion Table (181) – 2 lava + 2 water + 4 iron ingots + 1 iron block
  • Water Helmet (455)
  • Water Chestplate (456)
  • Water Leggings (457)
  • Water Boots (458)
  • Lava Helmet (459)
  • Lava Chestplate (460)
  • Lava Leggings (461)
  • Lava Boots (462)
  • Air Helmet (463)
  • Air Chestplate (464)
  • Air Leggings (465)
  • Air Boots (466)
  • Water (8) – 2 water buckets
  • Lava (10) – 2 lava buckets

Important Install Note

Download and install the latest BlockLauncher BETA for the mod to work:


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10 Responses

  1. Annoynamous says:

    how do i install the mod?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the best

  3. chandler says:

    Where do I craft the fusion table at?

    • Editor says:

      Fusion Table (181) – 2 lava + 2 water + 4 iron ingots + 1 iron block – try it both in a crafting table and stonecutter, don’t remember which.

  4. Fabian says:

    It is super

  5. Pros wag says:

    How do you download mods

  6. Mia says:

    Can I get the armor mod

  7. Lyward says:

    How to fix that

    • Editor says:

      I think the error is related to the fact that you got the wrong BlockLauncher version. Go and read the “Important Install Note” in the bottom of the post to know more.

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