Elemental Battle (New Update) [Beta]

Hello MCPEDL! I’m creating a new map named Elemental Battle. This map is still beta so I would like to read feedback from other people who have tried this map. This map is PvP map with 5 elements powers. Each players can choose one of the elements to battle with other player(s). Example, when you choose fire element then you will get fire resistance effect, fire armor (it has no special effect), and you will get 3 abilities that you can use to battle with other player(s). To play this map required minimum 2 players.

To play this map you will need minimum 2 players and maximum 5 players. This map has 4 kits, kits in here is named elements. There are 5 elements that you can use to battle with other player(s). Those elements are earth, air, fire, water, and lightning.

For example this image is the earth element. You can use the ability to create structure like shield. This earth element is good for defense than attacking.

The next example is fire element. You can use the ability to burn down your enemies. This fire element is good for attacking than defense, or it has no defense ability.

The other element water and air you can try it for yourself πŸ™‚

New Update Added NEW Lightning Element!

Now you can strike with your NEW lightning element! 

So that’s it! I hope you like and enjoy my map πŸ™‚

Changelog View more

Replacing the download link with the correct link.Β 

Note: Sorry Editor last update I put the wrong link. Please make it version 1.0.3 if it's possible, if not then it's ok.Β 

Fixing few element ability effects and replacing world file with new Minecraft 1.16 world file.Β 

-New map for lobby and PvP area.

-Added NEW Lightning element.

-PvP area is now UNBREAKABLE, so it won't getting griefed when using your element abilities :)

-Added particle effects for Fire element and Earth element.

-And more!

Replace the old world file with the new world file to fix error.Β 


-Download the map in the link down below.

-Open your downloaded map ZIP file.

-Extract the ZIP file.

-Open the file after you extract it.

-Move the file to your minecraftWorlds file.

-Paste it and enjoy!


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32 Responses

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  1. Guest-8231541808 says:

    i will like a ice element, and more abilities


    ability 1: icecicle: the player throws a icecicle that knockback a little bit enemies and does 4 or 3 hearts of damage, it moves till touching a wall

    ability 2: cold air: the player breaths cold air that has 5 block range and freezes anyone who touches it for 3 or 2 seconds, giving time to do a strong hit.

    ability 3: water freeze: freezes water and blocks water attacks, but takes 10 or 15 seconds to recharge

    also, it will be great if you add special attacks and more abilities to all elements so here are my ideas for special abilities that take lots of time to recharge, also you decide the 4th ability to all abilities what to be.

    my ideas for special abilities:

    fire: magma dispertion: lava disperses to rivals where they were when the attack was used, the lava becomes longer during time, it turns down when attacked 20 times by a water attack or its duration (30, 25, or 20 seconds) finishes.

    water: tsunami: makes a tsunami that goes in line, its 9 blocks long and 7 blocks tall, whoever touches it will get stuck and get damage, it finishes when all its body touches a wall till vanishing (water freeze dont affect this attack).

    earth: mega earth walls: adds a ability called mega dirt wall, this dirt is unbreakable and damages players when touching it, at the end, it will go to the direction of the nearest enemy, if it hits him, it will do 5 or 6 hearts of damage, its duration is 20 or 30 seconds.

    air: tornado: makes a tornado that can be summoned 1 time, this tornado follows the nearest player and atracts any enemy that is 2 block near, it dures 25 seconds.

    ice: hail or avalanche:

    note: here i wasnt sure so i put too my ideas.

    hail: makes hail rain in diferrent places, making a 1 heart damage, but, in most of the map hail will rain, also, it damages constantly.

    avalanche: makes mmountain that is half of the map long and half of the map tall,after generating it,snow will fall, lots of snow, damaging 3 hearts and acting as a slime block in speed, adds blindness till you get out of the snow area.

    well, thats all of it, i hope you read and liked, also, can you added?

    • Ice is currently mixed with water element, but I don’t know if I’m gonna separate it in the future updates. Also I liked the idea but due to commands limitations in minecraft bedrock, maybe some abilities don’t work

  2. Guest-8703188138 says:

    Can you add a destruction and rebirth
    Skill 1 (dont knke how to cal just came in my mind) you teleport the enemy up and suffocate it with cobblestone for 3 secs

    Skill 2: “poison gas” it produces particles that make ur enemy poison for 10 secs

    Skill 3: “destruction” it rains tnt to destroy enemy and protect ur self with bedrock

    Skill:4 “change skill” change destruction skill with rebirth skill

    Skill 5: (when on rebirth mode) heal summons a heal pool to heal urself

    Skill 6: (u get the idea) summons trees to protect ur self

    Skill 7:lol ran out of ideas you csn ad it ur self

    • Guest-2515948220 says:

      Really apreciate if you add it
      I cant rate idk how and also can you clear the items when u go back to lobby

      • You can choose rating by clicking rating stars in the comment section. Also if you want to clear items away from ur inventory, you can put them inside a chest and then remove the chest (turn off element) and your items gone πŸ˜€ and that was a great idea for new powers but I’m still confuse about it xD

  3. TheEmeraldSloth says:

    Can I make a resource pack for this map? I will credit you.

  4. Guest-8140841322 says:

    can you also remodel the eggs to not look like eggs?

  5. Guest-9648250889 says:

    awesome! hope you add more elements and abilities soon. πŸ™‚

  6. Guest-2030363724 says:

    Please update this! It looks amazing and it won’t download for the newer versions of Minecraft.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t download if you do it on 1.13.

  8. Pop says:

    Does it work on fire

  9. sans says:

    1. Do you have xbox, i wanna play with you 2. Add more elements like acid, gravity, lightning or grass 3. Some attacks break the walls and roof

  10. Nkmm says:

    Cool! Keep up good work

  11. Sorry if there is something wrong with description or map, this is my first map and got accepted. Thanks MCPEDL:)

  12. Pop says:

    It no work in 1.12

  13. Anonymous says:

    It no work in 1.12

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