Elemental Bosses Add-on

This addon brings five amazing bosses to Minecraft PE and each of them have their unique attack ability. One cool feature is that most of them can be spawned by a summoning ritual which consists of killing a specific type of mob. You can of course also use spawn eggs to summon them but the killing ritual definitely adds to the experience!

Creator: GentaMCPE, Twitter Account

How to summon a boss?

There are five different bosses and most of them are spawned by killing a specific type of mob (except for one boss which requires building a specific structure to spawn).

All of the bosses are hostile so make sure to bring your best gear and weapons because you will need them.

Important Note: A few of the features have been specifically designed for 0.17.0. Such features will not work on 0.16 but it’s mostly just related to drops and loot. It’s perfectly playable both in 0.16 and 0.17.

Earth Boss (Wither Skeleton):

  • Summon by killing a mule
  • 150 full hearts
  • Shoots poison arrows
  • Dislikes players, villagers and cows
  • Drops an ender eye and a golden apple


Air Boss (Bat):

  • Summon by killing an ocelot
  • 90 full hearts
  • Shoots shulker projectiles
  • Dislikes players, villagers and sheep
  • Drops elytra


Fire Boss (Husk):

  • Summon by killing a ghast
  • 220 full hearts
  • Inflicts wither effect, his pet fires fireballs
  • Dislikes players, villagers and witches
  • Drops a nether star


Dark Boss (Iron Golem):

  • Summon similar to an iron golem. Four iron blocks and a pumpkin.
  • 325 full hearts
  • Inflicts damage and blindness effect
  • Dislikes players, villagers and all monsters
  • Drops eye of ender, ender pearl, nether star, diamond


Ice Boss (Stray):

  • Summon by killing a polar bear (summoning is limited to just 0.17.0 users, 0.16 users will have to use a spawn egg to spawn it)
  • 225 full hearts
  • Inflicts slowness
  • Dislikes players, villagers and rabbits
  • Drops dragon’s breath



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Apply packs in-game for a world

Click here to download a .ZIP file for this addon!

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46 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-6726045355 says:

    The bosses work in Minecraft Education Edition and they did what they’re supposed to do.

  2. nothing says:

    with warnings?

  3. SonicStephen says:

    Please replace the dark boss not with iron golem plz bc I was hoping that we can have mob battle with iron golems vs the bosses

  4. Ink Bendy says:

    And the addon successfully loaded

  5. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    Wouldnt this mean that any village that has an iron golem in it will be the villagers’ worst nightmare?

  6. Dylan says:

    The frost needs more heath because it is easy to kill

  7. Imabowlertoo says:

    The frost needs buff
    I kill it with a sword in range only in iron gear maybe it can throw snowball
    If ti hit with no gear 4 damage? What about that

  8. Mario says:

    Can u make it so that they are hostile to each other PLEASE???????

  9. Paul says:

    Soooooooooo COOL! the air boss should have a private update only for 0.17.0/1.0.

  10. Mario McKenzie says:

    For some reason the air boss doesn’t shoot arrows for me. Please help.

  11. I'm not a person says:

    I thank that it’s a good idea to

  12. yoooo says:

    oh and please name it (with caps) EVOKAAAH please xD

  13. yoooo says:

    i have a suggestion *please read this* :make a shullker look like the evoker from pc 1.11 update and remove the levitation effect from the shulker bullet json hopefully you see this :]

  14. Epic swallow says:

    Can you please make a Star Wars add on or texture pack please. If you want to see my ideas go to the comments of the lama updated add on at the bottom.

  15. fireballcatgirlz says:

    Hey u should make a doctor who addon w/ daleks and the phone box (working if possible)

  16. mg152 says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, I have 0.16.0 and the earth boss shot poison arrows

  17. Hey i heard you leik Mudkips! says:

    Best Addon ever…

  18. RomanG says:

    how do you model the bosses?
    Do you model all your mobs by hand or with an program?

  19. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Cool add-on I very like fire boss and air boss, pls make more boss, maybe you can add end boss and make it can teleport.

  20. Hello says:

    Its a very cool add on best for multiplayer! or maybe you can make a more swords addon i think that will be pretty cool!

  21. Corbenader 22 says:

    Really good add on?Plz make a backpack add on if possible though,that would be awesome.

  22. Endermancol346 says:

    Hey dude I like your addon plus when I battle those bosses or I could say when they hit me
    It’s like they said I BIELIVE I COULD FLY!!! I am like what?but my amour has 32767 of enchantments plus my amour got all the enchantments in MCPE that’s just CRAZY!!!!

  23. Crazy_dude_3 says:

    Super cool dude. One of the coolest addons I’ve yet to see

  24. Enderkeenan says:

    WOW this is amazing I’m gonna make a video on this on my YouTube channel

  25. Vernzl says:

    And make a Star Wars addon

  26. Vernzl says:

    Please someone make a Harry Potter add-on with wands dragons brooms and more Harry Potter stuff

  27. Daniel says:

    Can you make a pet Add-on with pets please like different dogs cats mouse chipmunk and make a dino addon please chet the other Add-on makers chat you will see my chat there please

  28. Mcpe player says:

    Awesome! Love this new add on it’s so handy to make adventure maps!

  29. captainfour4 says:

    Does the Air Boss work for 0.16.0? It shoots shucker projectiles, which are in 0.17.0, and it drops the elytra, also in 0.17.0.

  30. BuggyPig says:

    Wow villager bosses

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