Elemental Friends Add-on

This add-on is based on the Ender Archer Friend Add-on but this one adds a few different mobs and features. The new mobs included are the Air Girl, Ice Girl, Flame Boy and Ice Spider. Each of the new mobs have a unique set of skills and can be tamed and used as your loyal protector. They are certainly very useful if you like to go on great adventures but need some extra protection.

How does it work?

You can tame any of the new mobs by either feeding them some snowballs, coal or sweet berries (depending on the mob). The Ice Girl, Flame Boy and Air Girl act as guards when tamed and will protect you to their best ability. The Ice Spider is also tameable but that mob can be used as a rideable mount. You can find a list further down on this page which goes into more detail about each mob and their features.

Mob Features

  • Fire Boy
    • 80/100 HP
    • Melee attack with an enchanted gold sword
    • Pet: Mini Blaze
    • Tameable with coal
    • Feedable with coal
    • Immune to fire
    • Spawn in nether and desert
  • Ice Girl
    • 80/100 HP
    • Melee attack with a diamond sword
    • Pet: Ice Spider
    • Tameable with snowballs
    • Feedable with snowballs
    • Spawn in snow biomes
  • Ice Spider
    • 50-69 HP
    • Throws snowballs and uses melee attack
    • Tameable with snowballs
    • Rideable if tamed
    • Spawn in snow biomes
  • Mini Blaze


                     Throws smallfireballs and uses melee attack

  • Air Girl

                    80/100 HP

                    Ranged attack with bow

                    Pet: Parrot white

                    Tameable with sweet berries

                    Feedable with cookie and sweet berries

                    Spawn in taiga biome

  • Parrot white

                    20/40 HP

                    Ranged attack with mini shulker bullet

        See my others add-on here!

Changelog View more
  • Added new video showing how to pass the ad
  • Added parrot animations
  • Updated compatibility
  • New look for Ice Girl and Fire Boy
  • New texture for Fire Boy eggspawn
  • Fixed uncontrolled attack for Ice Girl and Fire Boy
  • Now you can feed Ice Girl with cookie and sweet berries

Added New Mobs:

  • Air Girl
  • Parrot white

Diminished loot

Ice girl and fire boy eggspawns texture improvements

  • Fixed attack animation error
  • Added one-hand attack animation
  • Removed the ability to summon mobs to get more hardcore
  • Finned Ice Girl Overlay
  • Now the ice girl leaves a snow trail
  • Ice girl spawns in snow biome
  • Fire boy spawns in desert biome and nether
  • Added compatibility with new versions
  • You can now tame the mini blaze, added sound for the mini blaze and ice spider
  • No longer replace the skeleton, stray and cave spider
  • Compatiblewith the latest version of the game


Supported Minecraft versions


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44 Responses

4.39 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Guest-5940045293 says:

    ya no se usa la 1.14 hazlo para la 1.16

  2. Guest-4646509805 says:

    You could’ve made them both mcaddon’s and mcpack’s im not sure but who care’s and put the into a new ZIP archive rename the .zip to .mcaddon

  3. Guest-7126984519 says:

    If anyone is having a problem because od the update. Simply change the file to a zip file and then change it to mcpack not MCPACK.
    NOTE:must change to zip file first for some reason

  4. KingLeo000 says:

    Really love this add-on. Hope you add more elements.

  5. Hostel says:

    Hola sirve para la 1.14 ?

  6. Infernis11 says:

    5 Stars awesome addon Are you planning on adding more Elementals later on in the future if you are I APPROVE IT

  7. Edwynn says:

    Can you make pet blaze attack follows the fire boy,so if fire boy targets non hostile mobs,the pet blaze will also follow fire boy

  8. BlazerFire78 says:

    Nice work! Also pls add earth element and lightning element

    • Edwynn says:

      Can you make pet blaze attack follows the fire boy,so if fire boy targets non hostile mobs,the pet blaze will also follow fire boy

  9. Zanderman513 says:

    i like this addon but they are two thing you much change first the skin for flame boy and ice girl second take off the stray.armor stray_clothes

  10. EnderQuake says:

    Can you add light, dark, earth, and lightning please. People often think light and dark aren’t elements but they are.

  11. Zack Taylor says:

    This addon addon sucks

  12. Arshil says:

    This addon is a bit funky when it does work, but it makes life in game too easy when you do get it, please remove the factor that makes it drop enchanted apples, otherwise the addon works amazingly, although it literally never tolerated other addons if it isn’t at the top

  13. Arshil says:

    Warning to all players seeing this you can NOT delete this if you get it, do NOT GET IT it does not work and still replaces skeletons and such

    • NoJoTo says:

      You can remove Addon from a world, and you can also delete Addons. To remove the Addon from a world, go into the worlds settings. (The pencil icon next to the world.) From there you can go to the resource pack and behavior pack tabs, where you can remove the Addon from your world. To delete the Addon, go to the main menu, go to settings, then scroll down to the storage tab. Go into that. In there, you can go into the behavior and resource pack tabs, and in there you can tap/click the resource pack and the behavior pack, which will show a teach can icon which you can tap/click to delete it. Sorry if this explanation was overly complicated.

  14. Nick says:

    I love it but make the blaze tamable and add earth replaces zombie and lightning with replaces vindicate please also comet

  15. ThatRandomPerson says:

    This addon is really cool

  16. Alexis says:

    Thanks I love this mod I’m very protected I love it thanksssss

  17. Heeeeeelp says:

    I can’t feed or tame them.

  18. Higor Daniel says:

    Awesome, so now there are more mob variety for those who spends more time out of the nether.

    There is one problem: the flame boy wears an bow (and shoots arrows, perhaps it haven’t been truly changed in behavior?) and can’t be tames by using coal. It also is hostile(intended?)

    • Guest-3615725535 says:

      I dont know why but MCPACK and mcpack are 2 different things to minecraft. Rename it to mcpack to work guys to anyone having problems…

  19. Me says:

    This addon sounds awesome!

  20. RyletXela says:

    Hi Editor, there is another spike to one of my comments previously. I had an idea for breeding. Add water girl and you will see what I’m talking about because you know what happens when ice collides with fire.

  21. Kittencraft says:

    None of this is needed now

  22. RyletXela says:

    Oh and I think you left out 2 more elemental friends, Earth man and wind women

    • RyletXela says:

      But the problem is that adds two more relatives of friends, and there is currently only three types of skeletons (Wither Skeleton,Skeleton,stray). So that’s probably why you did two types of elements

      • RyletXela says:

        So if you ever think about it, try a Zombie for the Earth Man

        • RyletXela says:

          Wait, did you……………. forget to add breeding friends? Really now because that’s happened to the Ender Archer Addon. REALLY!!!!! THATS NOT RIGHT.

          • RyletXela says:

            There could be tons of stuff to add in this Addon. I literally spot them EVERY DAY!!!!!!

  23. RyletXela says:

    Hmm, let’s see I think you should change the look of the ice lady and also get it to where before you tame it, it will look like and ordinary skeleton and stray, that way you won’t have so many fire boys and ice lady’s attacking stuff for you untamed

  24. Mictav says:

    The greatest add-on ever!

  25. bloody Chicken nugget says:

    This is a mix of a load of addons

  26. WalkedRanger277 says:

    Please update this!I
    So good

  27. FlashCraft Z says:

    I guess this Add-on is okay. But I think you should change the look of “Ice Lady.”

  28. BaconSpy says:

    Awesome mod! I love it (first comment) THANK YOU 😊

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s not working

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